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35 Painted Coffee Table Ideas To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

No living room is complete without a painted coffee table, often considered a statement piece that sets off the rest of your decor. Coffee tables range from sleek glass tops to simple modern pieces or classic varnished wood. But these days, DIY furniture is in — and it’s the best way to make your living space completely unique. 

Aqua Painted Coffee Table

People are pushing the envelope when it comes to making their own furniture. You’ll see coffee tables made from boat parts or decorated with wallpaper. But making a great coffee table can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Sometimes it just requires a bright coat of paint. 

35 Painted Coffee Tables To Help Inspire You:

1. Poured-Paint Resin Top Table

First on our list of painted coffee tables is a unique poured resin table.

Sometimes painting your coffee table doesn’t even require you to break out a brush. All you need to do is grab a few colors of paint and get pouring. It takes a bit of practice, but the finished product will be worth it — because it’s one-of-a-kind.

2. Refurbished Boho Coffee Table

Not all of us have the artistic talent to achieve a design like this. But if you can, it’s a stunning way to add interest and color to your living room. This version uses an unfinished black background as the setting for a lovely oversized sunflower.

3. Multicolor Farmhouse Coffee Table

A fun striped design is a great way to add a pop of color and interest to your coffee table. You don’t need any artistic talent to make this table look great — just a simple table with wooden slats and a variety of colors to achieve that coastal palette.

4. Floral Transfer Coffee Table

Floral transfers on top of a painted coffee table are one of my favorite designs.

There are so many materials available these days. This design uses a simple furniture transfer to layer an eye-catching floral design on top of a DIY orange and peach paint job. There are tons of ways to customize this idea with your own colors and designs — and it’s done in just a short time. 

5. Upcycled Multicolor Coffee Table

Upcycling is a hot new trend that uses old materials in new ways. You can make a unique coffee table with a wooden pallet painted in a fun pattern. It doesn’t have to look highly polished to be a point of interest and comfort in your living room. 

6. Painted Bohemian Coffee Table

This coffee table uses chalk paint to create a vivid design in bright colors. The upcycled coffee table is painted in streaks to combine jewel tones and metallic tones. However, it’s easy to make this design entirely your own by changing the colors you use. It’s a dramatic statement piece for any living room. 

7. Rustic Coastal Coffee Table

Believe it or not, you can brighten up an old coffee table with a single color. A monochromatic paint job can create a statement piece, especially painting it in a style that pairs with the rest of your room — like a distressed coastal style. 

8. Abstract Mosaic Coffee Table

Want a coffee table that combines gorgeous abstract art with eye-catching mosaics? You can combine the two almost effortlessly with a design like this. Use regular paint to add abstract patterns, then cover with epoxy to make it shine and a furniture transfer as the main focus. 

9. Accented Mid Century Coffee Table

Sometimes making a gorgeous painted coffee table is all about the accents. A simple mid century table like this one keeps the traditional wooden tabletop but adds a burst of color with painted legs and a border. It’s a quick and easy way to make a coffee table that is one-of-a-kind. 

10. White And Gold Glass Top Coffee Table

Do you love glass top coffee tables but also love the idea of adding color? Focus on the accents. This version uses simple white to brighten the edges of the table with some metallic gold accents and a beautiful floral furniture transfer. 

11. Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table

What’s not to love about a coffee table that combines natural wood with deep color accents, like this rustic farmhouse table? The warm wood offset by the striking blue legs is homey and unique. What’s more, it is easy to put this project together in less than an hour. 

12. Distressed Bohemian Coffee Table

If you can’t decide between a natural or painted coffee table, why not choose both? This distressed Bohemian design adds a bright pop of color to the legs of the table while leaving the top natural and shining. Thanks to the distressed design, you can add a quick paint job in just a few minutes. 

13. Fun Multicolored Coffee Table

An abstract multicolored table top is the perfect way to pull your guest’s eyes the moment they walk through your door. It’s easy to make this coffee table totally unique by using whatever colors and designs suit your fancy. This version uses resin as a top layer to add shine and reduce the risk of scratching or chipping.

14. Stenciled Flower Coffee Table

Using a stencil can be a simple way to make a coffee table pop. Stencils make it simple to make elaborate designs, even if art isn’t your forte. This design uses a deep blue background and a rose design on the top and legs, but you can choose any variation you want.

15. Upcycled Modern Coffee Table

Painting your own coffee table can be simple, sleek, and modern. This example used a basic pattern of lines and coffee beans with a top layer of resin to make it shine. The whole thing comes together in no time at all. It’s striking without being ostentatious and has a homey feel.

16. Shiny Nature Scene Coffee Table

There are so many ways to turn a coffee table into a unique fixture in your living room. Try using an unfinished table as the base for a simple nature scene. You don’t even have to be an expert to make it look great. Cover it with a top layer of resin to make it shine. 

17. Upcycled Distressed Coffee Table

It’s fun to use bright colors, but you can make a coffee table look just as unique with a muted style. An upcycled dresser or crate painted white and gray gives it an aged look that is subtle but striking. Feel free to set it off with a stamp or stencil to make it unique.

18. Stained Top Painted Coffee Table

Using a dresser or other piece gives you more storage space and a one-of-a-kind coffee table. But you don’t have to paint the surface. This style adds a pop of color to the legs and a layer of shiny varnish to the top. It’s a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles. 

19. Simple Reclaimed Coffee Table

Distressed wood is in, so there’s almost no way to go wrong with painting your own furniture. A coffee table like this uses reclaimed wood and a quick, colorful paint job to add a visual pop. Finish it off with resin to make it look finished and avoid scratching or chipping. 

20. Chalk Paint Flower Border Coffee Table

Who said a painted coffee table had to be complicated? This gorgeous version uses a simple acrylic base with an eye-catching multicolor chalk paint border. If you’re not an artist, grab a stencil and cut out the guesswork. This border features birds and flowers, but you can use any pattern you want. 

21. Gold Accent Coffee Table

You can find simple coffee tables like this one at any secondhand store or garage sale. On their own, they are usually unremarkable. But sprucing them up with some new paint, gold accents, and a floral design and border can turn them from boring to fascinating. 

22. Shabby Chic Coffee Table

There is nothing like the natural shine of dark wood. But just because you love it doesn’t mean you can’t have a painted coffee table. Keep the table top as is and add a soft pastel design to the body and legs. Try a rustic tone and style to offset the sleekness of the dark wood.

23. Chalk Paint Table With Furniture Transfer

This hefty coffee table has chalk paint around the border of the table top as well as the body and legs. The central part of the top features a furniture transfer as the part that draws your eye. Who would have thought you could make an elegant table like this at home?

24. Abstract Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

We never said you could only paint wooden coffee tables. Try using a metal one instead and customize it with some poured paint sealed with epoxy. It’s the perfect way to customize your table with some one-of-a-kind abstract art.

25. Painted Unicorn Coffee Table

Are you someone who absolutely loves color? This “unicorn” coffee table style is an explosion of every color of the rainbow. It uses gel paint, which is a fun alternative to regular wood paint or chalk paint. There is no way your guests will ever forget a coffee table like this. 

26. Jewel Toned Coffee Table

Forget needing a centerpiece when you have a painted coffee table that looks like this. It features bright pops of paint in jewel tones to make a truly breathtaking table top. It is finished with a layer of resin to really make it shine, which makes it even more beautiful. 

27. Rustic Gradient Coffee Table

Here’s another fascinating way to make and use a glass top coffee table. Instead of painting the table itself, try painting a variety of wooden blocks on a gradient. This can be all one shade or a variety. Either way, it is bound to be a striking sight! 

28. Boat Wood Sea Shades Coffee Table

A couple of paintbrushes and paint in sea shades are all you need to make a stunning “ocean” coffee table. It is unfinished, which makes it even easier to pull together in a short time. You can use shades like teal, deep green, blue, and white to get that ocean feel. 

29. Farmhouse Coffee Table

A coffee table like this is easy to assemble with an upcycled piece of furniture and a bit of paint. The result is simple but unique, with a charmingly clean feel that will set off your living room to perfection. You can add stamps, appliques, and other designs as they strike your fancy. 

30. Bright Victorian Coffee Table

You probably don’t associate the Victorian Era with bright colors, but that’s the great thing about DIY furniture — you get to make it entirely your own! This vintage painted coffee table combines turn-of-the-century style with royal blue and gold to make it unique. It’s a reimagining that automatically draws the eye. 

31. Vintage Stamped Coffee Table

Sometimes, making a unique coffee table is as simple as a layer of bright paint and a few furniture transfers. This one has a vintage feel that contrasts with the sunny yellow background. It’s bound to be a statement piece in any living room. 

32. Distressed Upcycled Coffee Table

Painting a coffee table can be as complicated and elegant or as simple as you want it to be. If you love that distressed look, grab an upcycled piece of wood and lean into it. Some bright streaks of paint make it look like the latest in understated trends. 

33. Dark Wood And River Blue Coffee Table

Natural wood and deep color are a beautiful contrast in furniture. Just take this coffee table, which is set off with a single deep blue stripe. It is incredibly understated but just as eye-catching. 

34. Chalk Paint Boho Table

Have you ever wanted a piece of furniture that looked like a sunset? This chalk paint Boho table uses abstract streaks of red, orange, yellow, and blue to make it look like the evening sky is right there on the table. It’s unique but subtle enough to go with your other decor. 

35. Mid Century Coffee Table

Do you love the bold and out-there styles of the Mid Century? Just because they’re from a bygone era doesn’t mean they can’t be your style. This vivid paint job is the perfect way to add a retro feel to your living room. 

Wrapping Up Painted Coffee Table Inspiration

We hope that you found some inspiration for your next painted coffee table project in this list. If you have a great project that you would like to add, let us know in the comments below.

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