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Meet the Team

Welcome to Our Creative Family

At That Sweet Tea Life, every brush stroke, every recipe, and every DIY tip comes from a place of passion and expertise. But what truly brings our blog to life is our remarkable team of authors – the creative minds and skilled hands behind the content you love. On this page, you’ll get to meet each member of our diverse and talented team.

Diverse Expertise, United by Creativity

Our authors are more than just writers; they are craftsmen, artists, culinary geniuses, and decor aficionados. Each one brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table. From professional painters to home decor specialists, from woodworking wizards to culinary artists, our team represents a wide spectrum of creativity. Their biographies are not just lists of accomplishments, but stories of passion, learning, and a continuous journey of creativity.

As you explore our team’s profiles, you’ll discover the faces behind our articles, the stories behind their expertise, and the inspirations behind their projects. They are the heartbeat of That Sweet Tea Life, and it’s their dedication and creativity that make our blog a rich, engaging, and informative place for our readers.

So, take a moment to meet the team. We hope their stories inspire you as much as their content does.

Ryan Cunningham

I’ve been a professional painter for the last 20 years. That Sweet Tea Life is a place where I get to slow down and visit the craftier side of painting.

I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned painting hundreds of pieces of furniture and sets of kitchen cabinets.

Stephanie Lamberth

Stephanie Lamberth is a writer who loves crafting, playing board games with family and friends, and cozying up in a warm blanket to get lost in good fiction books.

Crafting has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. She comes by it naturally, with her mom encouraging it from a young age with a craft bin always busting from the seams with goodies to experiment with and explore. Her favorite things to craft these days are gifts to give family and friends because it’s an opportunity to express creativity and love at the same time!

She currently lives with her husband and three kids in Tennessee. They all work and school from home and love spending time together!

Cassidy Eubanks

Cassidy Eubanks is a proud Michigander, an avid reader, and a writer for That Sweet Tea Life.

Her bachelor’s in Creative Writing isn’t where her passion for creative pursuits stops – she grew up crafting, scrapbooking, and finding ways to make the most out of every space in her home. She loves sharing her favorite ideas for decorating and DIYing on That Sweet Tea Life to help you create the living space of your dreams!

Sadie Teh

Sadie Teh is a DIY enthusiast, teacher, and writer with an eye for finding beauty in unexpected places. She believes that almost anything can be made beautiful with a fresh coat of paint and a bit of elbow grease.

Sadie has written for numerous blogs, websites, and newsletters. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in education, Sadie likes using her educational skills to teach others how to create beautiful projects of their own.

When she’s not writing or working in the craft room, Sadie enjoys spending time outside with her family, working in the garden, or reading a good book.

Laura Zimmerman

Laura L. Zimmerman is an author of both indie and traditionally published books. She lives in a tiny rural town in south-central Pennsylvania with her husband, daughters, four adorable kitties, and one energetic puppy!

After earning a BMUS with a Certification in Music Therapy, she decided to homeschool her children. Here she discovered a passion for learning and teaching, which led her to make writing a priority. She currently enjoys reading and writing YA sci-fi and fantasy, as well as middle-grade mysteries.

Her hobbies include sewing, crafting, jewelry making, learning languages, and doing yoga. You can find her drinking coffee, singing loudly, or consuming another Jane Austen novel.

Lauren Juarez

Lauren loves a good crafting project. Whether refinishing a coffee table or playing around with cutting machines or macrame, she isn’t afraid to give it a go!

As a mom and wife, Lauren knows time management when crafting projects is a must! That’s why you can count on her for her easy-to-follow guides and pro tips for making your projects flow flawlessly.

No matter what creative aspect Lauren has dabbled in most, that’s why we love her advice!

Alanna Singletary

Alanna Singletary is a passionate DIY crafting and interior decorating enthusiast, whose roots in the Hudson Valley region of New York have deeply influenced her creative endeavors.

From childhood experiences of tending to lush gardens and making homemade tomato sauce, to her current pursuits in North Carolina, Alanna’s early exposure to nature’s bounty has fueled a lifelong passion for learning and exploring.

A graduate of a college in the Appalachian Mountains, she’s an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying activities like hammocking and kayaking.Alanna blends her love for the outdoors with a keen eye for budget-friendly bedroom decorating and furniture painting, offering unique insights and ideas to her readers. Her work demonstrates that elegance and style in home decor can be achieved with creativity and resourcefulness, making her a go-to source for those seeking to enhance their living spaces.

Ashley Masiello

Ashley Masiello is a crafting fanatic, video editor, artist, general freelance writer, and a writer for That Sweet Tea Life. She has a bachelor’s degree in film/media and two minors in writing and art.

She loves to try out crafts, projects, and recipes in her free time. And she enjoys sharing fun and interesting artistic knowledge with others. Whether you like scrapbooking or cooking, there’s a fun learning process for everything!

Ashley Morales

With a bachelor’s degree in history and several years of professional writing experience, Ashley Morales believes there’s a story in everything. It’s her passion to tell each one that she can.

For Ashley, the home is a sanctuary. It’s where she works, rests, and spends time with her family. She believes that everybody should feel the same about their own homes, which is why she loves contributing to That Sweet Tea Life!

Ellen Smith

As a novelist, special educator, and freelance writer, Ellen enjoys unwinding with a variety of crafts. Whether it’s a quick sewing project or a long-term dollhouse remodel, Ellen loves to be creative whenever she has down time.

Ellen holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and psychology and a master’s in early childhood education.  She enjoys learning new things, which is why she dabbles in many types of needlework and yarn crafts. With so many new techniques to try, Ellen rarely makes the same thing twice!

Originally from Virginia, Ellen can often be found with a glass of homemade sweet tea while she ponders her next project.

Leah Wingenroth

Leah is a writer for That Sweet Tea Life and is passionate about learning and trying new things.

She has a master’s degree in English and loves to write about and share her colorful & crafty DIY experiences!

Renee Dugan

Renee Dugan is a lifelong writer, professional editor, and work-from-home-mom.

A Midwest girl born and raised, Renee has a passion for hands-on work, a self-made environment, crafting, and creating seasonal aesthetics (especially at Christmastime).

Now that she’s added motherhood to her repertoire alongside a lifetime of writing and editing, Renee continues to grow and expand her love for creating spaces that feel like home. That’s why she’s so excited to share ideas for how to make your space feel magical on That Sweet Tea Life!

Ronda Lindsay

Ronda Lindsay is an avid crafter who developed a love for all things DIY as a little girl with an extremely resourceful mother. When she’s not using her writing skills in her daily work in government communications, she’s busy dreaming up her next crafty creation, whether that’s in the kitchen, behind a camera lens, or among her vast scrapbooking supplies.

With a bachelor’s in English and a master’s in professional writing, Ronda enjoys learning about new DIY tips and tricks and sharing them with readers of That Sweet Tea Life! She hopes to one day be as creative as her big sister.

Thea Osborne

Thea Osborne

Thea Osborne is a celebrated blogger renowned for her expertise in DIY and paint techniques.  With a keen understanding of Southern culture, Thea’s commitment to producing engaging and informative content, coupled with her detailed tutorials, inspire her readers to embrace their own creative pursuits.

Thea’s passion and creativity have left a lasting impact in the DIY community, transforming “That Sweet Tea Life” into a thriving and cherished resource.