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    DIY Wood Signs-Do you Wanna Paint a Snowman?

    Learn how to Paint Wooden Christmas signs for Outdoors DIY Wood Signs are PERFECT for Christmas Decorations!  Now, this DIY Snowman sign painting is a bit more involved than the DIY Nativity Sign or the Wooden Door Tags,but if you liked the Wooden Christmas Sign created with Blended Paint and my Cricut, then you really. may love this! Each being DIY Wood Signs that you can totally create!  Most of them if protected properly could be homemade outdoor Christmas decorations.  DIY pallet signs have taken over Pinterest!  But we dont have to be restricted to just pallets for sign painting.  Instead we can just head to the home improvement store to grab wooden sign material.  This adds a little more variety in your home decor when we add in various rustic wood signs. Where…

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    DIY,  Wood Signs

    Some of the Best Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

    Homemade Christmas decoration ideas can be found all over the web!  There is just something so satisfying about finding Christmas decorations to make at home with loved ones or just finding Christmas decorations to make yourself! But while we can find homemade Christmas decoration ideas on Pinterest sometimes it’s nice to have the shortlist!  This way we don’t get lost going down the rabbit hole…  Lost in the homemade outdoor Christmas decorations, the homemade Christmas tree decorations, the Christmas ornament ideas or of course there are the Christmas pallet ideas! The list is endless honestly.. So how about I give you some of the BEST Christmas home decor ideas I could find you! Of course…