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Learn How to Paint Furniture

“Up Close and Painting with Thea” is a Members only group where you will learn how to paint furniture!  This is a group of genuinely engaged artists that are willing and ready to learn and I am there teaching step by step!  We began with this Rustic Glam Look!  The entire how to series is available and broken into small easy to understand chunks.  Artists are already putting the knowledge they have gained to work!  Once inside the group you will see there are other units that will cover distressing, decoupage, image transfer, liquid leafing, blending, layering,… gosh and so much more!  As I work you are right beside me each step of the way learning from every technique I put to work!  I provide you with business tips and guidance on how to grow your craft!  Read on to see how you can get in on the fun!

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Just a few things we will cover as you learn how to paint furniture: How to paint furniture white. What kind of paint to use on furniture. How to paint furniture with chalk paint. How to paint wood furniture without sanding. (and when you shouldn’t) How to paint furniture black. Painting wood furniture ideas. Best paint brand for furniture. How to paint over painted furniture. 

Here you can see the inspiration piece for our latest class “Rustic Glam”

defined by Bold, Gold, and made to look a little Old!

As we learn how to paint furniture we will continuously add new techniques to achieve different looks you can incorporate into your work time and time again!

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Once in the group members and I walked through each and every step it took to achieve this look.  I took this end table and lesson by lesson walked them through how to recreate it in their own way!

As we learn how to paint furniture my goal is to help you understand how to achieve the looks you want and create timeless finishes and techniques that will go far beyond any trends!

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We just wrapped up working through Blending, adding a CUSTOM image transfer in less than five minutes, and applying a white wash to over come the least desirable paint surface!

Sometimes as we learn how to paint furniture the information can get so confusing and even conflicting.  We will focus in this group on making it all cohesive and take the questions out of the process.

AND we are spraying using the Homeright Finish Max which has proven to be my very favorite sprayer! Just look at a FEW of the many pieces I have sprayed,.. look ma! No Brush Marks!

Everything you learn can be used over in different styles.  I’m not teaching you trends, I’m teaching you timeless techniques!

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With this membership you will also receive a discount in my shop for you paint products should you choose to use those!  All tutorials will remain in the group and available to you as long as you are there!

Please note: Attending during lives will not be necessary… everything is available and categorized into very convenient units for you to refer to time and time again. 




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