The Shiplap Wall Hack that can save you Thousands!

Today I get to share with you how I tackled a Faux Shiplap Wall in one afternoon!  Whats even better is you don't have to have a saw, wood, or any artistic skills at all to create the shiplap paneled cladding LOOK you love!
The Shiplap Wall Hack that can save you Thousands!

How to Create the Perfect Media Center (from an Old Dresser)

I love a challenge! ...well sometimes,.. So when I had a client ask about finding the perfect (read cheap) dresser to convert into a media stand I was SO excited! (after I got over my complete fear and dread) I went out in search of something with enough storage and a center area to create media shelves for.
Dresser to Media Stand Conversion

Over 20 Of the Most Lovely Yellow Painted Furniture I Could Find for You

Yellow Chest
Yellow.  Its like that cousin you don't see all that often. but when you do you are happy you did.  It pops out at you unexpectedly,.. then when the initial shock dies down a tad you find yourself drawn to its cheerful warmth.  I feel like us furniture artists don't realize just how much fun we can have painting with it!

My Basic Guide to Refinishing Furniture Well!

So many people ask me how to get started.  "How do I paint furniture?" "Where do I begin?"

I decided to do two things.

First I created a very Basic Guide to Refinish Furniture.  You can read it, Pin it, download it, or even print it!

New Years Champagne Glitter Printable!

Hand drawn and ready for your New Years get together!

Print It! | Frame It! | Hang It!

How to Create Simple Christmas Plank Art

How to create a pretty decoration for your home using paint and wood and a little creativity

Over 20 of the Best Blue Painted Furniture Pieces I Could Gather for You

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