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25 Farmhouse Towel Hooks and Towel Racks for Your Home Decor

Farmhouse style is all the rage these days. There are plenty of flashy items you can get, such as doors, walls, etc. But the little details matter just as much, if not more so, than the big additions.

Then comes the problem of towels. You’ve tried hanging them on the door or putting them in baskets, but those solutions bring up a new set of issues, such as them falling from the door or humidity, respectively.

The best thing about having farmhouse towel hooks or racks in your home is the fact that they make your home feel so much more organized, stylish, and clean! They keep towels off the floor and out of the way.

It’s better to visualize something rather than to just take someone’s word for it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 25 farmhouse towel hooks and racks to keep your towels up off the floor.

Farmhouse Towel Hooks and Racks

15 Farmhouse Towel Hooks

1. LLPJS Rustic Style Towel Hanger

These LLPJS farmhouse towel hooks are the quintessential, simple farmhouse towel hooks. They have the perfect rustic style, and you can get six or 12 in a set.

2. His and Hers Towel Hook

There are few things that look cuter than his and her item sets. These his and hers towel hooks bring this style to the farmhouse theme.

3. Bathroom Decor for Kids’ Towels

These personalized farmhouse towel hooks are a great way to incorporate the kids’ rooms into the farmhouse theme. And, because they’re personalized, there’s no fighting over which towel belongs to whom or who left their towel on the floor.

4. Rustic Style Industrial Iron Pipe Coat Towel Holder

These iron pipe towel hooks are a simple option that goes really well with the farmhouse theme. You can even pair them with one of the black iron pipe towel racks below.

5. Dry Your Hands Rustic Bathroom Wall Decor

Nothing fits your clean farmhouse bathroom better than a farmhouse towel hook reminding whoever’s occupying the bathroom to dry their hands.

6. Traditional Bathroom Towel Hook

Amazon Basics Traditional Bathroom Towel and Robe Hook

If you want a more traditional farmhouse hook style in your home, then these rubbed bronze towel hooks are the ideal option for you.

7. Bussdis Wooden Rustic Farmhouse Heavy-Duty Towel Hooks

These beautiful heavy-duty hooks are a great farmhouse item. Each oversized hook can hold up to 25 pounds, making them large and sturdy enough to hold multiple towels on one hook.

8. Cast Iron Tree Branch Hook

A different take on the farmhouse towel hook, these cast-iron hooks are shaped like actual tree branches! You can choose from 18 colors, so they can be customized to fit your farmhouse theme perfectly.

9. Vintage Cast Iron Wall Hooks

These shabby-chic, white, antique-looking towel hooks are an absolutely amazing and subtle item to fit into your farmhouse-themed home.

10. Bird Wall Hook

Birds are beautiful creatures. These bird towel hooks are a great nature piece that goes well with the farmhouse theme. This is another item that you can customize with your favorite color.

11. Vintage Inspired Wall Mounted Two Hook Rack Hanger

CTW 840059T Vintage Inspired Wall Mounted 2 Hook Rack Hanger for Entryway Mudroom Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen Coats Towels Garden Gloves Hats Caps Bags Purses Clothes Garments Wood Metal Brown and Gray

This wood and wire two-hook rack hanger is a versatile option that can be used to hang towels. It would even look great holding your keys if you want to get a couple.

12. Personalized Towel Hooks

Another take on the personalized style, these personalized wooden towel hooks are just perfect for any farmhouse bathroom. They’re even made out of upcycled Kentucky fence board. It doesn’t get much farmhouse than that.

13. Rustic State Billow Cast Iron Hooks

With the railroad spike hook on a cast iron base, these gorgeous billow cast iron towel hooks are a great fit for the farmhouse theme.

14. Jumbo Clothespin Bathroom Towel Holder

Perhaps the most unique choice on this list, it’s pretty self-explanatory why these clothespin towel hooks are fantastic. You can order them in several finishes, including distressed white.

15. Hot Bath Sign Farmhouse Towel Hook

Hot Bath Sign Farmhouse Towel Hook | Rustic Hooks Farmhouse Style Towel Hooks | Rustic Towel Hanger in Brown Bronze Patina | Includes Matching Screws

Conjuring up visions of an old bathhouse with troughs for tubs, these cast iron hot bath towel hooks are a must-buy for any farmhouse decor.

10 Farmhouse Towel Racks

1. Industrial Pipe Towel Holder Set

Industrial pipes and the farmhouse theme are a match made in heaven. This set comes with both a hook and a rack, so you don’t have to choose!

2. Farmhouse Floating Towel Shelf and Rack

This farmhouse floating towel rack blends seamlessly into any farmhouse bathroom. You can choose from a hand towel rack, a regular towel rack, or a combination of both.

3. Autumn Alley Farmhouse Rustic Towel Rack Holder

Autumn Alley Farmhouse Rustic Towel Rack Holder - Wood Towel Rack - Farmhouse Towel Holder for Rustic Bathroom and Farmhouse Kitchen Style Décor - 24

With its galvanized metal back, weathered wood, and black pipe towel holder, this rustic towel rack gives us the perfect autumnal farmhouse vibe.

4. Farmhouse Towel Rack

This wrought iron towel rack is a savvy-looking, low-key, yet perfect addition to your home.

5. Industrial Pipe Towel Ring

When you don’t have the space for a towel rack, consider this industrial pipe towel ring. You can also use this in addition to the other pipe towel rack and hook options.

6. Metal Towel Bar Shelf

If you need extra storage, this metal towel rack is topped with a shelf, which is quite handy!

7. Twisted Iron Towel Bar

This handmade twisted iron towel rack is simple and low-key, with just enough style to not be boring.

8. Industrial Pipe Shelf Bathroom Shelves

Here is another option if you need more storage. This industrial pipe shelf option features two shelves on top of the rack itself, which allows for more farmhouse decor!

9. Farm House Towel Rack

You’ll find cubbies and a shelf for storage in this stunning farmhouse towel rack. This towel rack comes in several finishes and even an unfinished version, so you can customize it to your farmhouse decor.

10. Free-Standing Towel Rack

Free Standing Towel Rack, 2 Tier Stainless Steel Towel Racks for Hand Towel Drying Holder Stand, Bathroom Storage, Laundry Room, Blanket Rack, Oil Rubbed Bronze, ALHAKIN

A bit different from the rest of the towel racks here, this free-standing option can be moved around the house with ease. This towel rack is a great option if you don’t want to add screws or nails to your walls.

Wrapping Up Farmhouse Towel Hooks

Farmhouse towel hooks and racks are a great way to keep your towels out of the way and your home stylish! Any of these options on the list will be sure to make a great addition to your home.

Now that you’ve decided on which farmhouse towel rack or hook works best for your home, take a look at our farmhouse bathroom signs to help complete your decor.

Lois Christensen

Friday 31st of January 2020

We did something just like this but only because our old towel bar came out of the wall and as much as my husband tried to patch the wall, it was not holding anything. So he got a plank of wood painted it real nice and then created a towel bar out of plumbing pipes. Looks really nice.

Love your hooks though!!!