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Your Complete Guide to Off-The-Cuff Classic Modern Style

Classic modern style is all about combining traditional décor with a fresh, edgy look. This unique style is a ton of fun because you’re allowed to break the rules. In fact, there really are no hard and fast rules.

That’s why I’m referring to it as off-the-cuff classic modern style. It’s all about combining old with new in a way that inspires you. It’s a look that never goes out of style.

Step out of the box, and try out some of these off-the-cuff classic modern style ideas. Keep reading for more!

Simple Color Palette

Simple options for off-the-cuff classic modern decor

Start with a simple color palette to lay the foundation for off-the-cuff classic modern style. This doesn’t mean that your furniture and home accents all have to match. That’s actually not the case at all!

A simple color palette refers to your home’s main canvas: the ceiling, walls, and flooring. By making these main three match, you’re allowing the attention to go to your decorative accents.

This means you can change your furniture and knick-knacks to reflect what’s trending as often as you like. The possibilities are endless if you have a neutral palette to coordinate with.

What constitutes a simple color? Look for neutrals and calming colors such as beige, white, gray, and navy. These colors will work with whatever statement pieces speak to you.

Stylish Statement Rugs

Statement rug

Rugs allow you to dress up the floors without committing to a permanent change. Classic modern style often employs an elegant statement rug to elevate the space.

Rugs can speak through color, pattern, or texture. For example, a dark purple rug is going to make a statement regardless if it has a pattern on it or not. That would constitute color.

Patterns could include a distressed abstract design or simple geometric patterns. If you go with a loud pattern, stick with simpler furniture and embellishments.

A textured rug is another great way to add excitement to a space. A faux animal hide rug will make your space look expensive and interesting.

Implementing Marble and Stone

Marble modern style

If you’re already familiar with modern style, you know that using natural materials brightens a space. The off-the-cuff classic modern style also benefits from this concept.

Marble and stone add a layer of elegance to a room. Whether you get a marble coffee table or a stone accent wall, rest assured you’re adding a timeless piece to your home.

Some may consider marble to be cold and uninviting. But, when used in the correct proportions, marble is sleek and stylish. It pairs well with plush furniture and adds balance.

Using Wainscoting to Dress Up Your Walls


Wainscoting adds traditional flare to a room. It’s the process of attaching paneling or trim to a wall to add an extra layer of design.

What was once a blank wall will become a textured backdrop to off-the-cuff classic modern style. Good wainscoting can often take the place of wall art.

It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. For example, you could just install a chair rail. Or, you could create a rectangular pattern around the entire room.

To keep the wall from becoming too busy, paint the wall and installed trim the same color.

Wow Factor Chandelier


Here’s your chance to let your creativity shine! Choose a statement chandelier to transform your dining room or living space.

Since off-the-cuff classic modern style is a combination of traditional and modern, the possibilities are endless.

Choose a gorgeous crystal chandelier with gold accents. Or, go with an edgy mid-century Sputnik chandelier that will have all your friends talking.

The goal is to choose a light fixture that draws attention. Let it be a piece of art in the room.

Abstract Seating

Accent chairs

Off-the-cuff classic modern style often features modern, abstract seating. It gives balance to other ornate details in the room.

Abstract furniture is often simple in shape, such as this tufted accent chair. Look for seating with fabric such as velvet or suede. This will add softness and comfort to your space.

Abstract furniture can also be fun and off the wall! If you’ve always wanted an excuse to buy a chair shaped like a hand, now is your chance.

Don’t be shy about using fun colors, either. This is why your floors and walls are neutral. Liven up the room with a bright orange or soft pink couch.

Skip the Curtains

Open windows

Add light to your room with off-the-cuff classic modern style. Skip the blinds and curtains.

This isn’t possible for everyone, especially if you live in a high-traffic, high-visibility area. But, if your windows face the backyard, let them be bare.

Not only do curtains add heaviness to a room, but they also block out a lot of natural light. Natural light will brighten any dark colors used and add movement.

Also, who doesn’t love to hang out in a brightly lit room? It’ll improve your mood and creativity! If you have to have curtains, opt for a classy pull-down shade or solid-color curtain.

High-Quality Furniture

Good quality furniture

Having high-quality furniture doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money on everything. If that were the case, who could afford to keep up with off-the-cuff classic modern style?

Focus on investing in a couple of nice pieces of furniture, such as a timeless coffee table or buffet table.

Cheap, trendy furniture can tend to date a room quickly. Trends are constantly changing. In response, stores are always putting out low-quality furniture that you can access for a great price.

While it’s totally okay to have trendy furniture, having timeless pieces will save you money in the long run. If you don’t want to fork over hundreds of dollars for new furniture, check out antique stores or Facebook Marketplace.

Gold Accents

Gold accents

Gold accents are the backbone of off-the-cuff classic modern style. It’s a great way to keep your home modern and fresh. Gold pairs well with a neutral palette as well as jewel tones and navy.

When shopping for light fixtures, opt for gold hardware. In the same way, furniture with gold legs also works great.

There are so many ways you can implement gold into a room, even in the smallest details. If you have any tufted furniture, use gold embellishments and trim.

You could also use a gold-frame mirror or picture frame on the wall. For dining rooms and kitchens, use gold flatware and serveware.

Stunning Wall Art

Wall art

Instead of using a gallery wall or several small frames, choose a large piece of art for your room. This will establish where the focus of the room needs to be.

A large piece of wall art will make a statement much easier than smaller art. It also keeps the room simple. Gallery walls can become too cluttered for off-the-cuff classic modern style.

The art should cover a large majority of your focus wall. This is usually behind the couch or the wall you see when you first walk into the room.

Look for art that reflects your personality. This is your home, not a waiting room. Have fun with it!

Victorian-Inspired Décor

Victorian decor

Off-the-cuff classic modern style keeps simple color palettes and structural furniture. Set those off with ornate, Victorian-inspired décor accents.

This will add the signature traditional feel to your space. Think fancy vintage.

For example, this Victorian bust is the perfect way to display your favorite houseplant. Or, dress up your room with ornate gold frames and Hollywood Regency candlesticks.

You don’t have to go overboard. Choose two or three items, and evenly disburse your décor throughout the room.

High Contrast Accent Wall

Accent wall

All of your walls don’t have to match with off-the-cuff classic modern style. You could employ a high-contrast accent wall instead. This will substitute for fancy art and wainscoting.

An accent wall can be accomplished in one of two ways: a contrasting color or wallpaper.

Painting the wall a different color is the easiest route. Choose a coordinating color that jives well with your furniture and surrounding walls. For example, if the majority of your home is grey, paint your accent wall in dark navy.

You can also use wallpaper to dress up your wall. In the same respect that you choose art, look for a wallpaper that inspires you. Fun Art Deco patterns are always a win!

Wrapping Up Off-the-Cuff Classic Modern Style

Using off-the-cuff classic modern style is a great way to keep your home enduring and trendy. With the combination of timeless accents and modern décor, you’ll have a home that never goes out of style. Get creative, and try out some of these ideas today!

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