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Furniture Color Trends 2024: Your Home Decor Color Trend Guide

Have you been feeling stagnant in your home? Are you ready for a fresh, new space to call your own? Well, you’re in the right place because we’ve got you covered with a list of furniture color trends that will bring something special to your home!

Some are bright, some are subdued, some are bold, and all are simple to incorporate into your space, no matter your budget or style.

Read on to learn more!

Living room with a rose colored sofa, 2023 furniture color trends

A Brief Look to the Past

Before we jump in and look at the color trends of this year, we thought it would be fun to go back in time briefly and look at furniture color trends of history.

Mark Twain said, “The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

As you’re looking at these color trends of the past, think about how they’ve impacted the color trends of today.

Furniture Color Trends of 2013

In 2013, the louder, the bolder, and the brighter, the better! Emerald green and deep blue were some of the colors of the year, and it showed in the furniture color trends.

It was honestly a bit like a nod to the bright primaries of 1993, with an updated twist.

Patterns were less geometric and more floral. Bright florals on white fabric were a very common sight in homes in the early 2010s.

Furniture Color Trends of 2003

The early 2000s were full of earth tones, and 2003 was no exception. Rooms were full of chocolate brown, deep crimson, and hunter-green furniture. If people chose to take a different route, it was khaki, champagne, and sage green.

White accented wingback chair with grey damask material against a white block wall

Damask patterns of all colors also jumped on the scene in a big way! You could find damask fabric furniture that was bright, neutral, bold, and any combination in between.

Furniture Color Trends of 1993

Primary colors were all the rage in the early 1990s. Red, royal blue, and canary yellow were everywhere you turned, especially in kids’ rooms.

Just think of Stephanie and DJ Tanner’s room in the early seasons of Full House. DJ slept in a bright red metal bed every single night!

Pea Green also had a moment in 1993. That’s probably because it went well with the orange-y-toned wood that took over homes across the country in the 90s!

Now that we know where we’ve been, let’s take a look at where we’re going this year!

Keep It Rosey

Rose gold, or blush, is still a hit as a furniture color trend this year. There are a plethora of reasons you should consider adding some blush furniture to your home!

First, blush is timeless! While it’s come on the scene in a big way since the late 2010s, rosey colors can blend into almost any design style. They can seamlessly flow into both modern rooms and vintage-inspired spaces, depending on the design of the furniture.

Rose is also a fantastic color to bring into a room for a touch of femininity without overpowering the rest of the room.

This is also a great “neutral” without being considered boring. It can bring a pop of color to other typical neutrals like beige or cream, but can also blend in and act as a neutral with more intense colors like emerald green or navy blue.

How to Add the Rose Furniture Color Trend to Your Home

If you’re not ready to make a big commitment, space or finance-wise, a small storage stool or floor poof is a great first way to incorporate this furniture color trend.

An accent chair or office chair can add a nice pop of rose, too.

Jennifer Taylor Home Jack Collection Modern Hand Tufted Upholstered Sofa With 2 Bolster Pillows and Hand Finish Legs, Ash Rose

Ready to jump in the deep end? Pick up a rose-colored couch or a beautiful upholstered headboard! Those pieces would be eye-catching and a beautiful visual anchor to the room.

Precious Jewels

Emerald, amethyst, and sapphire, oh my! Jewel tones are shining bright as a furniture color trend this year.

These tones are deep and rich and can bring a sense of opulence to any space.

When using this furniture color trend, it can either be a pop of color in an otherwise neutral or minimal room… or you can dive into the world of maximalism and have these vibrant colors everywhere you turn!

And don’t buy into the idea that jewel tones are only cool colors. Ruby red and citrine yellow are both delightful colors to add this trend to your space.

How to Add the Jewel Tone Furniture Color Trend to Your Home

For a fully immersive jewel-tone space, go all out! Get a yellow couch, put an emerald green coffee table in front of it, and flank it with two deep purple accent chairs. Add some accessories like teal throw pillows and a ruby blanket, and you’ll have a rich and vibrant space in your home!

Velvet Accent Chair, Comfy Tufted Upholstered Armchair with Bolster Pillows, Golden Metal Legs, Modern Single Sofa Chair for Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Reading Room (Purple)

For more subtle jewel tones, stick to tones that feel “safer” like navy or deep orange. Those will still give you the richness of jewel tones, and be much easier to incorporate into more neutral homes with an organic feel.

Soft, But Bold

This may sound like an oxymoron, but this year’s huge furniture color trend is using a softer tint of very bold colors.

To fully understand this, let’s do a very, very brief color theory lesson.

There are three main words to think about when talking about color: hue, shade, and tint.

“Hue” refers to the main color, like “red,” “blue,” or “green.”

“Shade” is simply the color made when you add black, or another dark color, to a hue. If you added black to blue, you’d end up with navy blue.

“Tint” is when you add white, or another lighter color, to a hue. So if you added white to red, you’ll end up with pink.

So for this furniture color trend, look for pieces of furniture that are a lighter tint of big, bold colors. This is different than pastel, like you may find in a baby’s nursery. We’re not taking the colors that light.

Keep reading for a few examples.

How to Add the Soft, But Bold Furniture Color Trend to Your Home

When working this furniture color trend into your spaces, here are a few colors to search for:

IOTXY Wooden Open Shelf Bookcase - 3-Tier Floor Standing Display Cabinet Rack with Legs, 8 Cubes Bookshelf, Tiffany-Green

  • Blush Pink— Look at that! You can add two trends to your home with a single piece of furniture!
  • Mint Green— Don’t be scared away by “mint” because you think it’s going to look like mint chocolate chip ice cream. For example, this bookcase is sleek, modern, and sophisticated. It’s the furthest you can be from a sticky, sweet treat.
  • Lilac— Lilac furniture, like this chair, feels sweet and feminine. It’s a great alternative to the typical “baby pink” in a young girl’s bedroom.
  • Sky Blue— This has just a bit more “oomph” to it than your typical baby blue. It’s a naturally soothing color and a great addition to a space with loads of natural light to keep the room feeling light and airy.
  • Peach— This is a personal favorite because it’s not done very often, but it’s beautiful. This peach couch in a room full of soft greens and creams would be a dream come true.

Beige Is Anything But Boring

While we’ve been focusing so far on a lot of bright, bold, fun colors, that doesn’t mean there’s no space for old faithfuls like beige, tan, and cream. These colors are still among the biggest furniture color trends of the year!

If you’re on social media at all, I’m sure you’ve noticed that a completely neutral palette has become all the rage in interior decorating. Honestly, it’s for good reasons!

Light neutrals are naturally calming and bring a lot of fresh and bright energy to a space. If you’ve got all cream furniture in a room filled with natural light and loads of plants, you’ve got your own little oasis of peace.

Beige furniture in simple styles is also a great financial investment because it can change and adapt to almost endless decorating styles.

For example, this couch by Stone & Beam could easily fit in a modern living room, a space that looks like it belongs at a glamorous farm, or even a bright and eclectic bungalow depending on how it’s styled and what it’s surrounded by.

One of the very best things about neutral-colored furniture is that the simple color gives plenty of visual space for really unique details. A bright blue dresser with a lot of extras may feel a little chaotic, but the same dresser in a cream color feels sophisticated.

How to Add the Beige Is Anything But Boring Furniture Color Trend to Your Home

The great thing about neutral furniture is how versatile it can be. Whether you want to invest in a classic piece that will fit into any style, or find pieces that are surprising and unique, there are pieces you can add to your home today to try out this furniture color trend.

Madison Park Augustine Swivel Glider Chair - Solid Wood, Plywood, Metal Base Accent Armchair Modern Classic Style Family Room Sofa Furniture, Cream

Here are a few timeless pieces that may work for your home.

If you’re wanting more visually interesting pieces to try out this furniture color trend, check these out.

  • cloud-shaped coffee table is unique and eye-catching. One extra positive for parents—this is completely toddler friendly! There are zero sharp corners for little ones toddling around the house.
  • This upholstered bed by Meridian Furniture would make the perfect addition to a chic bedroom by the ocean or a lake. The gentle curves of the headboard and footboard remind me of waves and would anchor a light and airy room nicely.
  • A set of modern accent chairs from Homtique on either side of a fireplace would be a perfect spot for a day of cozy reading or relaxing.

Bright Nature

Last, but not least, bringing the outside in, in a big way, is a furniture color trend of the year you may love. Bright, vibrant colors in nature like the green of a rainforest, the blue of the Caribbean Ocean, or the orange of the rock formations in the desert invigorate and energize the spaces they’re in.

These bright colors help make a space feel bigger because they naturally reflect more light, making spaces feel brighter and airier.

This color trend can also bring a sense of joy and playfulness to your home. Even the simplest sideboard is exciting when it’s turquoise blue!

How to Add the Bright Nature Furniture Color Trend to Your Home

This trend works best when two or more colors that complement each other are in the same space. A jungle green couch and these accent chairs that remind you of actual flames of fire in a living room with some ochre pillows will make you feel like you’re on an adventure in the Amazonian jungle.

Harper & Bright Designs Upholstered Daybed with Trundle, Velvet Sofa Bed Twin Bed with Trundle and Wood Slat, No Box Spring Needed, Furniture for Bedroom Living Room Guest Room (Twin Size, Blue)

If you want a more coastal feel in your bedroom, a simple coral side table next to a Caribbean blue trundle bed would be beautiful. Add in a driftwood-inspired dresser, and you can practically feel the salty ocean breeze, no matter where you live!

How To Add Furniture Color Trends To Your Home

Ready to dive into these furniture color trends? Here’s how!

Buy It

There are a couple of places we recommend to look for new furniture from the comfort of your couch.

Amazon is our go-to because of the variety available as well as the ability to look at reviews and see what the furniture looks like in other people’s homes.

Etsy is also a great place to look for furniture, especially if you want something one of a kind. Shopping there also means you’re supporting small businesses! On Etsy, there are funky tablesornate dressers, and even curvy bookshelves that will seem to transport you to Wonderland.

Paint It

If you’re on a tighter budget or you are feeling creative, you can add these furniture color trends to your house by painting furniture you’ve already got!

We’ve got a beginner’s guide to painting wooden furniture and a complete guide to painting upholstery!

Wrapping Up Furniture Color Trends

Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your home decor or simply add a few trendy pieces, there’s a furniture color trend of the year that will fit in your space. And remember, your home should be what you love. These are trends, not requirements. Use them as inspiration to create a space that is wonderfully and uniquely yours!

For more inspiration, check out our page on all things decor related!