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The Best Paint Colors for Living Rooms: Our Top 10 Picks

Are you looking to give your living room a complete makeover? Check out our top ten picks for the best paint colors for living rooms before you get started.

These carefully selected hues will completely transform your space. One of these colors will do the trick if you’re hoping to infuse your living room with warmth, zest, or brightness.

From bold and vibrant to soft and soothing, our list has something for every taste, style, and vision. 

So if you think it’s time to give your living room a facelift, check out this list of the best paint colors for living rooms to discover your new favorite hue. 

Paint swatches showing the best paint colors for living rooms

1. Jolie Chalk Paint – Spa

Paint swatch Jolie Paint Spa

When you purchase a gallon of Spa by Jolie Paint, you’re buying a one-way ticket to blissed-out tranquility. 

The delightful, soft-muted aqua hue is perfect for creating an atmosphere of bliss. If you want to be whisked away to a soothing oasis every time you enter your home, this is one of the best living room paint colors for you.

This paint is more than just a pretty color. Jolie created this hue using an eco-friendly, low-VOC formula that simultaneously provides exceptional durability in high-traffic areas such as living room walls. 

If you’re ready to elevate your sanctuary with this soothing color, give Spa by Jolie Paint a try. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more blissed-out hue. 

2. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Paint – Colonial Red

Paint swatch Rustoleum Colonial Red

If you want to add warmth to your living room without breaking the bank, check out Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Paint in Colonial Red

There’s a lot to love about this paint. First up, let’s gush about the incredible zeal of this hue. If you find yourself drawn to rustic artifacts and bold colors, you’re going to love painting your living room Colonial Red. 

It creates a rich warmth that immediately pulls you into the space, creating an unparalleled coziness that makes it hard to leave.

Despite the small price tag, this best paint color for living rooms was crafted with quality in mind. The water-based acrylic formula is low-odor and designed to resist chipping for long-lasting protection. Each quart covers up to 120 square feet and dries in just half an hour, ensuring your project’s seamless completion.

The stunning gloss finish enhances surfaces and offers excellent vibrancy. If you want to be wowed every time you come home, this is one of the best living room paint colors for you.

3. Benjamin Moore Ben Matte Paint – Pink Powderpuff

Paint swatch Benjamin Moore Pink Powderpuff

Benjamin Moore Ben Matte Paint in Pink Powderpuff is a must-have shade for transforming your living room into a pastel paradise! 

This light color adds a sense of brightness to your space and creates a lovely compromise between bland beige shades and vibrant colors. 

Aside from offering one of the prettiest hues on this list of best living room paint colors, Benjamin Moore created this formula with durability in mind. 

In a high-traffic area like a living room, you want paint that’s resistant to scuffs and spills, especially if you’re using a light hue. 

Luckily, Pink Powderpuff is designed with scuff-resistant properties, ensuring your walls stay pristine and picture-perfect for years to come.

The acrylic-blended latex formula promises smooth application, exceptional hiding capabilities, and extended open time, giving you the flexibility to perfect your space with ease. Plus, the spatter-resistant formula makes touch-ups and clean-ups a breeze. 

So if you value durable paint that’s easy to apply and want to lounge in a pastel pink haven, Benjamin Moore’s Pink Powderpuff might be the best living room paint in your book.

4. Jolie Chalk Paint – Linen

Paint swatch Jolie Paint Linen

Jolie Paint’s Linen adds unparalleled sophistication to your living room. This luxurious hue creates a sleek base for your oasis that complements color accents, warm leathers, and natural woods with equal ease. 

If you want your living room to make a statement without drowning out the space with bright color, Linen will definitely accomplish this. It’s the perfect moody color that draws you in while still creating a relaxing atmosphere. 

Not only does Linen look fantastic, but it’s also low VOC and environmentally friendly, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your home’s atmosphere. 

This paint color for living rooms dries to the touch in half an hour and offers superior coverage of 350-400 square feet per gallon, making it a worthwhile investment.

We also have to spotlight the durability of this hue; it’s washable and scrubbable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. If you accidentally spill a drink or scuff up the wall, you can easily clean it off without worrying about chipping the paint. 

Linen by Jolie Paint is a high-quality color that helps create a bold, blissed-out atmosphere in your space. 

5. Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Chalk Paint – Aged Gray

Paint swatch Rust Oleum Aged Gray

Are you drawn to living rooms that are full of mix-matched beige shades? Try painting your walls with Rust-Oleum’s Aged Gray.

It’s creamy, bright, and the perfect compromise between grey and beige. It transforms your living room into a blank canvas ready for pops of color and other accents. 

If that’s not good enough, Rust-Oleum created a user-friendly paint that even the most amateur DIY-ers can use. It boasts a one-coat coverage that dries to the touch in only 30 minutes. 

But the excellent adhesion and effortless application of this paint color for living rooms only come second to the ultra-matte, velvety finish that creates a uniquely smooth texture. 

Overall, Aged Gray is an excellent shade that will make you fall in love with your living room all over again.

6. Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint – Almost Dusk

Paint swatch Montage Almost Dusk

Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint offers a captivating color called Almost Dusk. This rich, reddish-brown hue effortlessly transforms your living space into a rustic, moody sanctuary.

The best part about this paint color for living rooms is that it’s formulated to guarantee smooth, even brush strokes and maximum coverage. 

The enhanced sealing technology ensures easy cleaning and robust protection against water and scuff marks, making it perfect for your living room. 

Montage only sources environmentally-friendly, and pollutant-free materials for their paint, so you can have extra peace of mind if you choose this color.

Plus, with the 10-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing your living room is covered for a decade. 

Imagine how well this paint would look mixed with wood, leather, plants, and other natural materials. If you’re inspired to create an earthy sanctuary, try Almost Dusk. 

7. Benjamin Moore Ben Eggshell Paint – Sunny Days

Paint swatch Benjamin Moore Sunny Days

Do you want to feel instantly uplifted every time you enter your living room? Check out Sunny Days by Benjamin Moore.

Experience unmatched brightness and positivity as this stunning paint color for living rooms transforms your space into a blissful haven. This radiant color basically doubles as a breath of fresh air.

Crafted with an acrylic blended latex formula, Sunny Days ensures a smooth and effortless application for a professional finish every time. 

Plus, with its extended open time, you’ll have the flexibility to perfect your paint job without the stress of premature drying.

The incredible scuff resistance ensures that your yellow walls stay yellow, with a vibrancy that boasts incredible longevity.

So if you want to make your living room extra sunny, this might be the best living room paint color for you.

8. PRESTIGE Paints Interior Paint and Primer – Coastal Jetty

Paint Swatch of Prestige Coastal Jetty

Coastal Jetty by Prestige Paints offers a captivating blue shade that will remind you of taking an oceanside stroll. The color is lighter than navy, with subtle green undertones that give it the appearance of the deep sea. 

This 100% acrylic latex paint color for living rooms delivers a smooth application process with a professional finish. It’s crafted with a low-VOC formula that offers peace of mind that’s further enhanced by the serene color. 

If you want to immerse yourself in a sea of blue, this moody color will add unparalleled elegance and richness to your space. It also pairs wonderfully with pops of white and beige to offset the deep hue.

9. Benjamin Moore Regal Select Semi-Gloss Paint – Forest Floor

Paint swatch Benjamin Moore Forest Floor

Bring the outdoors inside with Benjamin Moore’s Forest Floor. This captivating deep green hue has enchanting yellow undertones and is designed to bring a natural elegance to your living room. It’s one of the best paints for living rooms if you’re a nature lover at heart.

This premium-quality paint offers exceptional durability that will hold up for years. Plus, the superior flow and leveling ensure a smooth, flawless finish every time.

And the best part? The low-odor feature keeps your space fresh and inviting. 

Forest Floor blends beautifully with natural materials such as wood and leather but will also welcome pops of gold metallic for extra elegance. 

10. THE ONE Paint & Primer – White Satin

Paint Swatch of THE ONE - White Satin

We wanted to end this list of the best living room paints with a simple yet effective shade: white!

You can’t go wrong with creating a bright, blank canvas in your living room, and White Satin by The One is the ultimate solution for a flawless finish with minimal effort.

This light shade gives you a lot to play with as far as designing the rest of your living room, making it a safe investment if you’re unsure about the final picture. 

As the name suggests, you really only need one coat of this paint, thanks to the thick, 2-in-1 paint and primer formula.

Plus, the non-toxic, water-based, low odor, and ultra-low VOC composition gives you extra peace of mind.

For a one-stop paint that offers a sleek, clean finish, you can’t beat White Satin by The One. 

Best Paint Colors for Living Rooms: Summed Up

The best living room deserves the perfect paint, and hopefully, you found your next go-to hue in our guide.

Whether you wish to coat your personal oasis in a relaxing Forest Green or a bold Coastal Jetty, you can’t go wrong with choosing one of these best paint colors for living rooms. 

Now that you found the best paint color for living rooms, check out our DIY Page for more creative inspiration.