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21 DIY Wood Wall Art Ideas to Inspire Your Creative Side

Looking to spice up your home? DIY wood wall art is one of the best ways to do so. It’s gorgeous, simplistic, and you’re able to do it all yourself. Here are some of my favorite DIY wood wall art ideas that you can tackle any day of the week.

21. DIY Wood Antler Mount

We’ve all seen houses with antlers mounted on the wall. But, how cool would it be to have one that you’ve made yourself? It’s actually easier than you think to create a DIY wood antler mount. 

We’ll let Megan Brooke explain the details, but as long as you have some pallet wood, stain, and a vintage frame to put your antlers in, you’re pretty much set. Just don’t forget some screws! (And antlers, of course.)

20. Silhouette Wood Wall Art

There’s nothing more breath-taking than the juxtaposition of a silhouette against a gorgeous background. In this case, the background will be a beautifully stained wood that you put together yourself. 

These DIY silhouette pieces are made by tracing the silhouette of either a person, animal, or anything else that floats your boat, and filling it in with a color that contrasts with wood. 

19. String Wood Wall Art

DIY string wood wall art is another creative wall piece that’s exploding in popularity. These pieces of art are made by hammering nails into your wood and then wrapping strings around them, connecting them into the shape of a design. Typically, you’ll see them being made into letters, basic shapes, or even more elaborate designs like flowers. 

18. Calligraphy Wood Wall Art 

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing handcrafted calligraphy. When it is paired with a wood background, though, it’s even more eye-catching. 

To make these, you can either choose to rely on stencils or you can hand-draw a quote or a few words using the calligraphy style. You can also choose to either paint directly on the wood, or paint your quote on a separate piece of paper and then place that paper on the wood. 

17. White-Washed Wood Wall Art

One of the best ways to give your home an old, rustic look is through the use of white-washed wood wall art pieces. 

To do this, many recommend mixing white latex paint with water and brushing the mixture along the grain of the wood. It’s important not to roll the paint on, or it won’t look aged. By using long brush strokes along the grain, you’ll create the classic, rustic look you’re going for. 

Wooden Map of Earth

16. World Map Wood Wall Art

DIY world map wood wall art pieces are some of the most sought-after decorations you’ll find today. With gorgeous stained wood as the background, all you need to do is hand-paint the outline of the world map in any color you want. 

You can choose to color it in or leave it as an outline. Regardless, you’ll be left with a beautiful piece to hang in any room, and you’ve done it all yourself. For more detailed instructions, you can check out this link.

15. Home State Wood Wall Art

Similar to the DIY world map above, you can do pretty much the same process but, instead, highlight your home state or where you’re from. 

Again, you can do this by simply painting the outline of your state or coloring it in with cool designs depending on what you want your art to look like–it is DIY, after all! These pieces can also be as big or as small as you’d like. No matter what, their homemade look is going to look gorgeous inside any room. 

14. DIY Paint-by-Number

As a kid, there was nothing better than a paint-by-number kit. Now, you can step it up just a bit and try a DIY paint-by-number kit right on a gorgeous piece of wood. 

This way, not only are you creating art through paint, but the wood accent behind it creates a comprehensive look that’s totally unique and totally your own. Plus, they’re so easy to make.

13. Wood Window Wall Art

One of the most popular pieces of wood art in modern and rustic houses is that of wood window wall art. 

These old-school looking pieces of art can be expensive to buy on their own, but making your own is cheap, fun, and super easy to do. 

All you’ll need are some pieces of pallet wood, a drill, and glue. Then, cut your boards into sizes that you like and form them into the shape of a window. After you attach them, you’re welcome to paint your wood window wall art any color you want. 

12. Wood Arrow Wall Art

Wood arrow wall art is becoming a staple in any modern home. These gorgeous, unique pieces of wood are cut into shapes resembling the tops of arrows to decorate your walls in whatever color you see fit. 

To do this for yourself, you’ll need wood, something to cut the wood (we recommend a lathe, though a hand saw will work as well), and paint if you so choose. To help you cut out the perfect design, here’s a great link

11. Wood Shadow Box Wall Art

Maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting to show off on your walls, but you haven’t been sure how. Wood shadow boxes are the best way of doing so, and it creates the most beautiful look when paired altogether. 

Shadow boxes are essentially wood display cases that help showcase an object. You can put practically anything you want in your shadow box, and when you’ve made it yourself, it becomes even more special. 

10. Geometric Wood Wall Art

Not early as complicated as it sounds, geometric wood art is simply the act of either making geometric designs on your pieces of wood, or you can physically make your wood into these designs if you have the right tools

For this, having geometric stencils is crucial in getting your designs sharp and crisp. It might take some practice, but this DIY wood wall art piece will have heads turning once you perfect it. 

9. Wood Picture Frame

Nothing says homey and rustic like homemade wood picture frames. Constructed just like your typical picture frame, DIY wood picture frames make great gifts or decorations for your own home, and they allow you to construct practically any shaped frame you need. How easy that? For this, you’ll need a few more tools than others, so we’ll let this blog handle it from here. 

8. Mosaic Wood Wall Art

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, try your hand at making a DIY mosaic wood wall art piece. 

These rustic looking pieces are essentially varying pieces of wood glued together to resemble a mosaic. To do so, though, you’re going to need either different colors of wood stain or different colored woodblocks, as well as picture hanging materials and secure wood glue. 

7. Scrap Wood Wall Art

Have some pieces of wood that you simply don’t know what to do with? Making a DIY scrap wood wall art piece may be the best route to go. 

These types of wall art ideas are crafted from all the leftover pieces of wood you may have laying around. You simply assemble them in ways that either look cohesive–or abstract, it’s up to you–and then glue them together and hang them as such. 

6. Log Wood Wall Art

Another super-popular piece of DIY wood wall art is that of log wall art. That’s right: round logs sightly sticking out of your wall to create rustic, down-to-earth vibes. 

The length of your wall logs totally depends on you, too. All you have to do is cut your logs accordingly and rely on some sturdy adhesive wall strips. Then, voilà! You have stunning, DIY log wood wall art that’s unlike anyone else’s. 

Wooden Wall Art: Wood Letters

5. Wooden Alphabet Pieces

Just because you’re working with wood doesn’t mean you have to keep it in the shape it’s in. Try your hand at carving your wood and creating wall art pieces like wooden letters of the alphabet. 

Whether they’re your family’s initials or your children’s, this a great way to show off your creativity and skills. 

Wooden Wall Frames

4. DIY Wood Wall Clock

Once again, this one takes a little bit more skill, but it’s more than worth it to show your creative side. DIY wood wall clocks require all of your typical clock assembly pieces like large hands and a rotor to get the hands to spin. 

Then, you can follow these instructions in helping you actually assemble the clock within the wood. With these, you can make them as big or small as you’d like, any color of the rainbow.

3. DIY Wood Shelves

While they might not be your classic wood wall art, DIY wood shelves are a great way to demonstrate your handiness along with uniqueness. You can build your shelves in whatever color, style, and size you want, helping you create something that reflects your home and your personality to a T. 

2. Wood Framed Mirror

Mirrors can change or enhance the look of any house–especially when you’ve made it yourself. With this, you’ll want to have your own mirror on hand, and then purchase the wood frames or wood pallets on your own. 

Then, you can work to decorate the wood carefully around the mirror, making whatever design or shape you’re hoping for. Not only will it be pretty, but it’ll be homemade, too. 

1. DIY Wood Wall Art Sign

Whether you want to let the world know who lives in your house by boasting your last name, a word that represents you, or whatever else you might want to showcase, a DIY wood wall art sign is the best way to do so. 

All you need is your basic wood pallet, wood stain, and some paint to have you write whatever floats your boat. It’s a simple yet creative way of showing your DIY side. 

Get Creative!

Now that you have all the ideas in the world to start your wood wall art journey, it’s time to get creative! Have fun with your projects, decorate them how you’d want, and give your home the DIY-vibe you’ve been looking for.