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21 Welcome To Our Home Signs That Will Make You Smile

How do you welcome family and friends to your dwelling? The first thing that visitors and guests notice when coming to any home are the Welcome to Our home Signs.

Welcome To Our Home Signs
Welcome to Our Home Wooden Wall Decor.

Depending on your personal style and tastes, these signs are often part of the home décor, and as such, say a little something about the people that live there. Leave a lasting impression and make someone’s day with your own distinctive Welcome sign to greet those that come to call.

21 Welcome to Our Home Signs and ideas that will make you smile are:

1.Team Spirit

You are sure to bring a smile to your visitor’s face when you show your own team spirit with a recognizable and flashy sign with some sports flair. From pennants and flags to simple wooden signs in team colors, show your team loyalty in a tasteful and fun way.

Follow different sports? Change it up from one season to the next. Use the team logos, colors, or player names in fun, festive ways.

2.Cool Americana

You really can’t go wrong when you show your patriotism with some intriguing signs that give an Americana vibe in the red, white, and blue colorway.

Having pride in our country is bipartisan; anyone can do it with pride- and should! Wave, hang, or display an American flag in some way, and greet guests with a bold and patriotic Welcome to Our Home Signs that will instill pride and inspire allegiance.

3.Welcome Wreaths

Welcome wreath
Welcome Home Wreath

There is something so homey and inviting about flowers- how about incorporating some in warm welcome wreaths to hang on your front door?

These can be made with dried or silk flowers and foliage- but if you use dried, make sure to give them a spritz of hairspray first to help them hold up against the elements. A simple grapevine wreath costs little to buy and is easy to adorn with wooden letters, faux foliage, or other trinkets to suit the season.

4. Pallet Flags

Along the line of Americana Welcome to Our Home signs are pallet flags. Crafting your own pallet flag is simple and very satisfying; all you need is an unwanted or discarded pallet, some acrylic paints, and a brush.

There are numerous tutorials online for detailed instruction on crafting your own pallet flag, but know that these are attention-grabbers when you place them near your front door. Also, take some tips for cleaning paintbrushes, when you plan to design and paint your own Welcome to Our Home signs.

5. Vintage Metal

There is something very familiar about the old vintage metal signage and the Welcome to Our Home Signs are no exception. The wear and patina give you the impression that these have invited many guests and visitors over the years, which is an intriguing and delightful thought.

Some styles are replicas- but still whimsical and welcoming, all the same. Choose old advertising signage and update or use in your own Welcome to Our home sign idea that is unlike anyone else’s. These signs are great accents for a farmhouse themed home; group them on an exterior wall of your house, garage, or outbuilding.

6. Marquis Style

Make a grand gesture with a welcome that is displayed marquis style, with the family name in lights. These are found widely with remotes for ease in illuminating your signage as desired. Who wouldn’t smile at the cool cinematic signage that blinks at them from your door or window? Illuminate your message or family name with flair.

7. Simple Planks

If you have any experience or interest in flipping furniture, save a few simple wood planks if you come across some. These make the most rustic and revered Welcome to Our Home signs that you have ever seen.

The unique feature is their simplicity, and you can just prop them up on a porch or by the door with the welcome message written vertically down the plank. These are charming and very customizable- you just need paint and a brush to change the message. Try painting your plank signs with chalk paint for a weathered and worn look that is trendy and chic right now.

8. Slate Tile

Another great material to recycle and re-purpose into a Welcome to Our home sign is slate tile. Slate is often used on roofs or floors, but it is a heavy and often pricey material.

If you come across thin tiles of dark-colored slate, use chalk paint to write your welcome message. With a drill bit, drill holes to hang the tile sign and leather cord or shoestring works perfectly for this. Be careful: slate is brittle and can break quite easily. These have a vintage vibe that is very distinctive, inviting, and high end.

9. Gingham Signage

Okay, if you are going to create and customize your own Welcome to Our home signs, go gingham. That is, use a gingham check motif and pattern for your signage, accents, and home décor. The results are cozy and comfortable, a new look on farmhouse style interiors. Extend the theme outside with your welcome sign and other porch or patio accent items. Keep an eye out for charming checks to keep up your gingham theme all year long!

10. State Pride

Where are you from? Show some state pride with the Welcome to Our Home sign that you choose. Some are crafted to be shaped like your home state, while others may be simple with the state’s abbreviation highlighted in some way.

You know what your home state is known for- feature these items on your welcome sign, too. You may be surprised by who notices and also hails from your state! These signs can be an excellent icebreaker and conversation starter at get-togethers or parties, too.

11. Garden Totems

Guests will feel right at home when you welcome them with garden totems. Totems are constructed out of a variety of materials, and sometimes these can be intricate creations that beg visitors and passers-by to take a closer look. From recycled dishware and ceramic pottery to old tools and toys, secure and build your totem to be a sturdy vertical structure that can be stabilized and positioned to greet your visitors. For special effect, try stringing a strand of twinkle lights around your garden totem to illuminate it after dark- beautiful!

12. Custom Banners & Garlands

Got a laser die cutting machine? These can be used to make custom paper or fabric banners and garlands to adorn your porch or front door to welcome guests.

These are particularly useful when you use them for a special event or occasion- such as a celebratory sign for a holiday or gathering. You can make any message so you might make your guests laugh out loud with your greeting! Plus, they are super inexpensive to create.

13. LED Signs

Have you heard all the advantages of making the switch to LED? LED is the most energy efficient way to light and illuminate your home- including your Welcome to Our Home sign! You can create quite the light show with the color options and variations available in some of these LED fixtures. Look for LED signage to light up a window or porch… these will bring a smile, especially at holiday time.

14. Custom Doormats

Another way to greet your guests is with a customized doormat that tells them exactly what you are thinking. Some of these doormats are hilarious- and you can customize them to say practically anything from online vendors.

Show some snark- but then welcome your guests with a doormat that is unlike any other. Another advantage of welcoming guests with a doormat is the subtlety of it; no signs needed!

15. Picket Fences

Another cute and crafty Welcome to Our Home sign ideas is with segments of a picket fence. These are given a fresh coat of white paint and then customized with wood letters to spell out the message of your choosing.

These can be propped or supported, like plank signs, on porches or by your front door for a warm and welcoming touch. What a wonderful way to give an old fence a second life, too!

16. Old Shutters

Save those old shutters that you have out in the garage and use them for a clever and crafty Welcome to Our home Sign that features the weathered look of the shutter with some simple painted script or stenciled letters. Be concise and clear; use contrasting paint for your message.

Prop them like a plank sign or a dressing screen near your home’s entry for a charming touch that looks like an architectural feature of your home.  

17. Welcome Bench

Guests will smile and take a load off when you greet them with a handcrafted welcome bench. These are typically seats that have been customized, painted, and stenciled to look whimsical and kitschy.

Choose whatever colors, messages, and motifs you like; perhaps it will coordinate with your home’s color or not. Give your guests a paintbrush or marker and get them to sign your bench! It could become the focal point of your home’s exteriors.

18. Holiday Inspiration

You can never go wrong with holiday inspired décor, like fun Welcome to Our Home signs and accents to make visitors feel wanted and welcomed.

From traditional evergreen wreaths to Santa Claus kitsch, holiday signage and décor make us all feel like kids again- and will definitely bring a smile! Don’t skimp on the holiday lights, too!

19. A Gong

What better way to greet guests than with a gong! These bring a warm vibe and good chi to your home, which will rub off on your visitors. Most gongs are made of metals, like brass, so protect them from the elements by putting them under a porch or shelter.

If you do use your gong, the sound is rich and inviting; your guests will love experiencing this for the first time!

20. Welcome Post

Have you ever seen a welcome post? These are a unique spin on the Welcome to Our Home signs- and a great way to recycle and reuse materials that you probably already have on-hand. These posts are simply that: a post, which you then can adorn or hang items from. Check out the online ideas and then come up with your own unique welcome post!

21. An Arbor

Who won’t smile at the sight of a vine or foliage-covered arbor? These features are charming and whimsical, and they will make your guests feel like they are stepping into a garden when they visit.

While not technically a sign, you can customize your arbor to welcome visitors, or hang a simple Welcome to Our home sign on the arbor directly. Either way, these are a feature that invite and beckon people to come closer and visit.

Greet guests and visitors with a smile, even a laugh; consider these Welcome to Our Home Signs for your own house, dwelling, or abode. Check out the unique signage and home décor ideas available online with convenient delivery to your door. Use these ideas to inspire your own clever way of greeting and inviting guests to your home!

Use these signs to welcome your friends and family into your home. They set the perfect tone to open your home before you even have to open the front door.

19 Welcome to Our Home Signs