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What Kind of Paint to use on Wood Furniture

A question I get asked often is what kind of paint to use on wood furniture. To simplify things and continue to grow our database of brand knowledge Ive decided to put together for you the Ultimate Guide to Furniture Paint! Here we are going to explore types of paint, what to expect from each type of paint as well as each brand of paint, where to buy the paint you want to use, and really find out what type of paint and brand are right for you!

Full disclosure, this is a serious work in progress! Want me to review a brand for you send me a message!

What Kind of Paint to use on Wood Furniture

Before we get into furniture paint brands, lets take a look first at what makes chalk paints different from your run of the mill latex acrylic paints! Let gets a deeper understanding of what we are working with when we choose a chalk style paint vs a latex paint. Who knows, maybe latex is the way to go for you!

Where to purchase furniture refinishing products and tools

Its scary looking for trustworthy products and shops. Find my favorite sander, favorite paints, and even my favorite Amazon products and tools!

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

Jolie Paint Review

Jolie Furniture Paint was completely new to me! See what I learned about the brand and their products in my Jolie Paint Review then you can check out how I used it in my Jolie Paint Makeover!

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