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DIY Wood Signs You will LOVE! (And want to make!)

DIY Wood Signs have lately become my JAM! I love learning how to just grab my paint brush,plus my favorite chalk paint (or favorite non oil based paint) and in no time whipping up a new custom piece ofhome decor! Tackle this by using some scrap wood, some oldpallet wood, oryou can always head over to your home improvement storefor thislittleDIY Project.

(You can see all my favorite DIY Signs here)DIY Wood Signs

Click on any of the images to check them out! Here is a great hand painted wooden signwith painted letters (you wont believe how easy they are to perfect!) Plus check out the article for 25 other awesome ideas at DIY Door Decor for Christmas!
DIY Wood signs for home decor

Your going to love this super sweet but very simple DIY Wooden Nativity Sign I walk you through start to finish and take all the guess work out! This is a LOVELY idea for Christmas Party Gifts!

wooden nativity sign

This Christmas DIY Wood Sign is one of my favorite signs in the living room! And what is even more awesome? The backside is the patriotic wood sign below!
DIY Wood signs from scrap wood

This patriotic plank DIY Wood sign was so simple and fun to create! We even used the design in a DIY Workshop!

DIY Wood Signs using a paint brush

I absolutely LOVE this Vertical Leaning DIY Wood Sign, it was completely intimidating and I didn’t think I could do it! But, I show you how I did it and how you can too in DIY Wood Signs – Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Hand Painted DIY Wood Signs

I just love this Wash and Dry Sign! I think I’d love it more in my laundry room!

DIY Wood Signs from scrap wood

What a sweet rustic DIY Sign to inspire us everyday! We all still color, no matter our past or how broken we may feel…

DIY wood signs with chalk paint

I would love to be able to create this personalized sign for a friend on their special day… One day I hope to dabble more in woodworking!

DIY Wood Signs from Scrap Wood

What a sweet way to commemorate your families mile stones! And its unbelievably simple to make! Use this idea for birthdays, anniversaries, special events,.. whatever you can think of!

DIY Wood Signs - farmhouse signs

Its as if it were carved directly into a tree then chiseled away! I love the rustic flow of colors.

DIY Wood Signs - DIY Project

What a great way to start your day! A sign that encourages you and the pep in your step! Coffee and Gratitude are a PERFECT pairing!

DIY Wood signs - fall sign

This is SUCH an adorable sign to have and to keep or to gift away! (Think Christmas Gifts!)
DIY Wood signs for the living room

A sign that is light and fresh and so perfect to welcome spring! Who DOESNT want to find the fresh air and sunshine?!
DIY Wood sign free printable

What better way to DIY a sign than with salvaged pieces you have collected! Can you guess what that used to be? (I was so surprised!)
DIY Wood Signs from scrap wood

You can’t get much more craft room perfect than this colorful and inspiring sign! Put it up in your craft room to inspire you daily!DIY Wood Signs with painted letters

Here are so many more DIY Wood Signs to check out!

Adorable Patriotic Plank Art

DIY Pallet Art

Coffee Bar Sign

DIY Address Sign

How to Recycle an Old Sign

Easy Farmhouse Sign

Fresh Flowers Sign

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Farmhouse Coffee Sign

Coffee Bar Sign

Fall Y’all Sign

How to Frame a Metal Sign

DIY Nautical Pallet Sign

DIY Happy Fall Sign

How to Turn a Vintage Vent into a Farmhouse Sign

Signs from Vintage Ironstone Platters

Upcycled Tool Becomes a Garden Sign

“DIY with Style” Garage Workshop Sign

Home Sweet Home Wood Signs

Colorful ‘Creativity Takes Courage’ Sign

Colorful ‘Grandkids Make Life Grand’ Sign Photo Display

DIY Farmhouse Sign: Personalized ‘Love & Shenanigans’

Rustic Farmhouse Family Birthday Sign

DIY Black & White State Sign with Colorful Paper Flowers

Farmhouse Style Wood Sign DIY

Repurposed DIY Chalkboard Sign

Repurposed Hutch Halloween Sign

No Sweat Driftwood Sea Sign

Dont quite have your DIY Fix satisfied!? Well you are in luck! Just check out ALL the awesome DIY Inspiration my crafty friends have gathered for you! And,.. until next time, thanks for stopping by That Sweet Tea Life!

1. China Hutch Makeovers by Thirty Eighth Street
2. Upholstery Projects by 58 Water Street

3. DIY Builds by Just the Woods
4. Black Painted Furniture by The Purple Hydrangea

5. Farm Tables by Lynn Fern
6. Adorable DIY Signs (shown above)

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Michelle Leslie

Thursday 7th of September 2017

Such an awesome collection of different signs, now if only I had the wall space for them ;-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.