Farmhouse Towel Hanger

DIY Farmhouse Towel Rack

DIY Farmhouse Decor Have you ever looked around and thought,.. we have a problem. We need better organization and flow around here,… I have! And it makes me cringe! The best thing to do though is to see it as an opportunity! For me, it has become my chance to DIY Farmhouse decor I love! …

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How to Make a Photo Studio

Having a Photo Studio may seem completely impossible to create, especially for someone just beginning a home based business. Im here to tell you though its not as difficult as you may think! Two key factors you have to keep in mind are having great lighting as well as a backdrop that is versatile. Im going to show you how I used some creativity to make my small space perfect for furniture and website staging.

How to Paint Furniture

How to paint furniture: Would you really like to know? Have you decided you are over an old piece of furniture and need to revamp it?  Have you been eyeballing that kitchen table? Are you overwhelmed with trying to understand the difference between latex paint, other water based paint, or even oil based paint? Are …

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