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Rustic Gold Paint Finish: Rustic Glam!

Rustic Glam, What is it?

Rustic Paint finishes have to be my favorite now. And Rustic Glam the best of all with its Rustic Gold Paint! This one is a little bit of gold, a whole lotta bold, made to look kinda old. Its a look that is fun but is easy to incorporate into your home decor.

This unit will cover the all the techniques needed to pull off this look-even in the colors of your choice! Whether you love chalk style paints like my beloved Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint or if you prefer latex paint, you can absolutely pull off this look! I will give you options to purchase the goods you need whether from a local stockist or by linking to were you can buy online!

Rustic Glam Paint Side Getting the Look *Video Series* Take something Bold, add a little Gold and make it look a little old.. you've got Rustic Glam. Its gorgeous and you can create it too.. #GoldLeaf #GoldGilding #Gildingwax #Glazing #ColorWash #BlendingPaint #AntiqueWax

Liquid Gold Leaf
Antiquing Color Wash
Hardware Look

Each step will be on video and will include all materials needed.

lightly sand finished piecepaint color piece of furniture paint techniquedistressing furniture

Rustic Glam: What Do You Need?

Here you will find photos of all the materials used as well as links to each of them for reference or to purchase. While you will not necessarily need to get the exact same products this will provide reference. Of course troubleshooting and guidance is easier however, with the same products in use.

Paints. I am going blue! however you may opt for a different scheme, You will want a Deep tone, a Med-Light tone and possibly a lighter tone (I used the lighter tone for highlighting although you can likely mix white with either color to create your own highlighter) and likely black or a very deep grey for the antiquing color wash.

Links provided are affiliate links as well as links to my personal store.

Paint {Deep, Medium/Light, Light, Antiquing)HERE
Liquid Gold Leaf HERE
Varnish HERE
Furniture Salve HERE
Paint Brush HERE
Leafing Brush HERE
Varnish Brush HERE
Salve Brush HERE

Hardware Tip

I typically don`t like my hardware to look one dimensional. So when there`s an opportunity to take advantage of the antiqued crevices i usually do. For this hardware I chose to use flexible sandpaper to remove the patina from the high points. Then to clean and shine I took a brush and worked in some furniture salve. I then buffed that away with a soft cloth.

rustic paint look

Now enjoy the entire video series talk through! Comment below if you have questions!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.