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Rustic Glam Decor: What Is It and how to Achieve This Style in Your Own Home

If you have ever been inside a Restoration Hardware store and felt the pressing need to purchase every single item you lay your eyes on, chances are good that you love Rustic Glam design, even if you did not know what to name it.

Rustic Glam has taken the design world by storm over the last few years, but it is not too late to jump in and incorporate some of the elements into your own space.

Read on to learn more about Rustic Glam design and how you can bring it into your home.

Rustic Glam Dining Room

What Is Rustic Glam?

A Rustic Glam space looks like you took a classic farmhouse and plopped it down in the middle of classic Hollywood.

It may feel impossible to combine the simple charm of a farm and the sparkle and shine of Hollywood glamour, but you know the old adage “opposites attract”? That is certainly the case here!

By mixing and matching soft neutrals and shiny metallics or natural textures and sparkly crystals, you can bring the best of both worlds into your home and achieve the much-desired Rustic Glam style.

Elements of Rustic Glam Decor

There are certainly unique elements of Rustic Glam decor, but many fall into a few main elements.


Vintage means a wide range of things. In general, items need to be over 20 years old to be considered true vintage. That means anything older than 2002 can be considered vintage, which is especially hard to believe if you are a Millennial like me!

Vintage pieces are a great way to incorporate items that hold a special place in your heart or your family’s heritage.

Here are some ideas of vintage pieces you could use in a home full of Rustic Glam decor:

  • An old painting from a grandparent’s house, especially if it is softer, more neutral colors
  • A framed family recipe that has been passed down for generations
  • Black and white photos of family members
  • Heirloom pieces of furniture like tables or chair


Natural decor is all about bringing the outdoors inside.

Natural decor evokes a sense of peace and calm. It’s all about colors found in nature: browns, whites, creams, greens, etc.

Textures found in nature are also a staple of this decor style. All different kinds of wood, like birch, cedar, and oak, are mixed with fresh, green plants. Wicker furniture is also often used.

Accessories are usually made out of something like clay, wood, or glass.


Elegant decor is a little harder to pin down than previous ones talked about. Honestly, elegance is easier experienced than described, but we’re going to give it a shot anyway!

Elegant decor is usually sleek, clean, warm, and effortless looking. It’s a cozier feeling than Modern decor but not as glitzy as Hollywood Glam.

An excellent example of Elegant decor in movies would be the Editor in Chief’s office in The Devil Wears Prada. It just feels sophisticated while still being simple.


In Opulent design, more is more. Opulent spaces feel luxurious. They’re full of plush and soft fabrics, rich colors, and layers upon layers of things to experience visually.

Silk, jewel tones, gold, and crystals are all regularly found in Opulent designs.

How to Combine the Elements of Rustic Glam

If you read those four main concepts that come together to make Rustic Glam decor, you may be thinking to yourself, “There’s no way that all goes together.” In reality, it absolutely does! Here are some ways all of those elements can be mixed and matched to make something different and beautiful.

Wood and Metal

Natural wood and metal pieces can be mixed together to make some amazing rustic glam pieces.

For tabletop decor or an extra bit of storage, a wood and metal tiered tray will add some Rustic Glam pizazz to your space.

JONATHAN Y JYL9060A Rustica 6-Light 27

If you’re looking for a great statement chandelier, get one made of metal with wooden beads all over it. Nothing says “glam” quite like a chandelier, but the wooden beads give it a rustic touch.

Vintage and Crystal

Vintage and crystal go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, sometimes vintage pieces naturally include crystals—like an old lamp or light fixture.

But even if your vintage pieces don’t already include crystals, they can still go together!

A rustic, vintage farmhouse sign flanked by gold and crystal sconces would look amazing.

How to Fill Your Home with Rustic Glam Decor

Rustic Glam decor can easily be brought into every room of your house. If you’re not ready to commit to the entire style with furniture and permanent fixtures, there are plenty of decor pieces you can place around to still get the feel without diving into the deep end of the style.



Lighting fixtures in bedrooms are a really low-risk way to try out a new design style. The reality is mainly just your immediate family will see your bedroom. That means you can try something new without the risk of being judged by guests.

This Jonathan Y antler chandelier screams rustic decor. It’s natural and glamorous all at once!


Bedding in a Rustic Glam room should be plush and cozy and make you want to jump into the bed and snuggle up with a good book.

Lush Decor has an ivory bedding set that is full of flowers made from ruching. It brings the feel of florals while still staying soft and neutral.

HYPREST Linen Duvet Cover,100% Pure French Linen Duvet Cover Queen Size Soft Breathable Luxury, Moisture-Absorbing & Durable

Linen bedding is another good choice to get a natural feel while still maintaining elegance. This Hyprest linen duvet set is soft and luxurious.

Dining Room

Table and Chairs

The table and chairs in your dining room are really what the whole space revolves around. It’s a fantastic opportunity to mix some styles to make your space Rustic Glam chic!

A solid and elegant wooden table mixed with plush, upholstered chairs is a classic Rustic Glam look.

This Signature Design reclaimed wood table would look amazing, surrounded by these Roundhill Furniture tufted parson chairs.

Storage Furniture

No dining room is complete without a sideboard or credenza to store all the china or other serving dishes you only pull out for special occasions.

Hooker Furniture sells a credenza that blends metal and wood in a fabulous way.

Creative Co-op has a vintage-looking metal cabinet that combines Rustic Glam and function. Fill it with all of your vintage farmhouse serving ware! The glass doors mean it would always be visible and add to your Rustic Glam look.

Living Room

Coffee Tables

This style leans hard into woods and metals for the foundation of furniture pieces. It’s seen in living rooms through heavy wooden coffee tables most often.

Signature Design has a gorgeous wooden coffee table that would look stunning, topped with a bright green fern in a rustic clay pot next to some crystal candle holders.

The Urban Port 36-Inch Round Mango Wood Coffee Table, Subtle Grains, Distressed White

For a real statement piece, check out this mango wood coffee table from The Urban Pot.

Accent Chair

Accent chairs are a great way to bring in a unique piece to give a taste of Rustic Glam decor if you’re not ready to commit fully.

The first place to check should be your local thrift store. That way, you can find a genuine vintage piece that’s unique to only your home.

If you can’t find a secondhand one, Homelegance has a plush and opulent chair, while DHP has a striped, vintage wingback that would look incredible in almost any space.


If you’re leaning more towards the glam side of this style, these velvet grey tufted bar stools from Meiboall will look amazing nestled under a granite island counter.

If you’re looking for more of a rustic feel, look no further than these French country barstools from Christopher Knight Home Store. They’re sleek and elegant, but the wicker backing brings in the rustic charm you’re looking for.


Shower Curtains

Shower curtains really showcase the style of your bathroom. Few things take up as much visual space, especially in a smaller bathroom. Use it as a tool to turn your bathroom into a Rustic Glam oasis!

For this style shower curtain, think natural, neutral, and textured.

Lush Decor Store has a beautiful tiered ruffle shower curtain that comes in five different colors, including lilac and grey.

They also have a beautiful ruffle flower shower curtain that would look incredible in ivory.

Countertop Storage

An easy way to bring this style to your space on a budget is with your countertop storage. Glass and metal mix to make quintessential Rustic Glam pieces.

Premium Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set (6PCS) - Lotion Soap Dispenser,Toothbrush Holder,2 Apothecary Jars, Soap Dish Tray,Storage Organizer Basket Bin - Rustic Farmhouse Home Decor (Gold)

You could mix and match your own pieces, but there are also entire sets available to buy. SheeChung has a six-piece bathroom accessory set that is made up of mason jars and gold pieces that would take your bathroom to the next farmhouse chic level.

Make Your Own Rustic Decor

If you really enjoy getting your hands dirty and doing things yourself, Rustic Glam is an awesome style to embrace because it’s a piece of cake to customize pieces to look exactly how you want them to look.

The key to making your own decor in this style is finding the balance between lived-in and chic. You want your space to look elegant but not posh and modern.

Painting furniture you already own or can find cheap at garage sales or thrift stores is one way to bring this style into your home on a tight budget.

Choosing a Color

We’ve got an entire Guide to Rustic Glam Paint Colors for you to read through and pick some that you really love.

Remember, you want to find something natural and elegant at the same time. Natural doesn’t have to mean boring, though! A rich green would look incredible on a side table in your glamorous farmhouse!

Chalk Paint

To make it unbelievably simple to transform furniture with some paint, try using chalk paint. This specific type of paint is amazing because it requires very little work at the front. You don’t have to worry about sanding anything down.

There are a lot of great brands of chalk paint available for furniture. If you want to be even thriftier or want a very specific color you can’t find on the market, you can even make your own with our handy guide!

How to Paint Furniture

Painting furniture is something that can look deceptively challenging. Chipping, bubbling, peeling, and other issues seem to pop up all over the internet when you look at others’ experiences.

We have good news! It doesn’t have to be that way! If you just take all the proper steps to prepare, paint, and finish your pieces, you can have professional-level quality paint jobs on a DIY budget.

We’ve got an entire Guide to Painting Furniture to help get you started.

Wrapping up Rustic Glam Decor

It’s safe to say Rustic Glam decor is here to stay, so it’s time to start adding pieces to your home today! Whether you’re ready to commit to an entire bedroom set or just want to dip your toes in the farmhouse-chic water with a coffee table and decor, there’s something out there that can add some vintage luxury to your home.

Remember, home decor and style are all about having fun and adding what YOU love!

And guess what? Rustic glam doesn’t have to be stiff and boring. Check out these farmhouse-style signs that will add some humor to your chic room!