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Blending the Moody Blues Video Series!

I promised going through the entire process and here it is! Thank you so much for stopping in!  I will break down what each video covers, the products and tools used and where you can buy them! Remember if you shop through my amazon links I get a kick back from Amazon! So I appreciate you using them when and if you do!

The traditional article with all the beautiful photos and reading pleasures can be found HERE!

Products and Tools
Each item is a clickable link for you to either purchase through OR use for informational purposes. 

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint in: 

Deep Teal
Mermaid Kiss
Snow Owl
Bees Wax

Wise Owl Varnish in Satin & Matte

ClingOn S50 Brush

Clear Shellac Spray

FIFO Squeeze Bottle (16oz)

Furniture Leg Dollies

Homeright Finish Max Sprayer

Please note these videos were initially a Facebook Live Talk through! Please pardon the awkward conversations 🙂

 I hope you enjoyed tuning in for the video series!! It was great interacting and answering questions! I hope YOU Enjoyed it too!!

Be sure to come hang out with me on Facebook where I will be working live and continuing to bring you on my painted adventures.



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