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12 Rustic Paint Colors For That Rustic Glam Look

If you’re looking to make some changes to your home, repainting a room or two is the easiest way to bring a whole new energy into your environment.

You can’t go wrong with rustic paint colors that create a rustic glam look. It’s a timeless style that still allows you to be creative and make it your own.

Rustic Paint Colors For That Rustic Glam Look

Take your pick from neutral and clean, traditional and colorful, or rich and glamorous. Combine any of these categories to give you lots of color variety without making your home feel messy and overwhelming.

It’s a great way to use lots of different colors that you love while maintaining a unified aesthetic from one room to another.

Check out this list of beautiful rustic paint colors that will refresh any room in your house.


Neutrals go with everything and give your home a softer feel. They’re easy to match with other rustic paint colors and can take your aesthetic in any direction.

You can stick to neutrals only to keep a more mellow feel or use them to create contrast for a dynamic style.

1. Oat Milk by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin William’s Oat Milk is a soft grey beige with just enough color to distinguish it from your average whites and beiges.

This rustic paint looks great in any room, from bathrooms to living rooms. If you have parts of your house that feel closed and cramped, Oat Milk can help open them up and make them feel much roomier than they really are.

Even better, it can easily match almost any other colors throughout your home.

2. Wild Truffle by Behr

Behr’s Wild Truffle is a beautiful deeper medium taupe that adds dimension to your decor, especially if you’ve chosen lighter colors for other rooms.

It’s cozy and chic, perfect for open spaces. Wild Truffle would also make a great accent wall paired with Oat Milk. Imagine your fireplace mantel surrounded by a few coats of Wild Truffle against the lighter tone in the rest of the room.

This is a great rustic paint color that will never go out of style.

3. Greyish by Valspar

Valspar Signature Satin Grayish: Hgsw2447

Greyish from Valspar is the perfect cool grey.

It’s soft and comfortable, but also makes your space feel fresh and open at the same time. If you feel like grey is more fashionable than beige, Greyish definitely fits the bill.

This is a great way to add contrast and variation with other rustic paint colors.

4. Featherstone by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Featherstone: 1002

Featherstone from Benjamin Moore is a beautiful timeless beige.

This hue matches nicely with other classic rustic paint colors. It can really open up a room that doesn’t get much natural light while offering a soothing and clean look.

Featherstone is also the perfect color choice if you want your more colorful decor to really pop.

green paint colors for rustic glam style

Classic Rustic Paint Colors

These colors are classics for a reason: they never go out of style, and they instantly give a rustic feel to your space.

Classic, more traditional colors are always a winning choice. They really complement natural wood to create either a farm or nautical chic style, too.

5. Fire Cracker by Behr

Behr Fire Cracker: PPU2-16

Nothing says rustic better than a farmhouse red!

Behr’s Fire Cracker is warm and inviting, bringing the ultimate rustic farmhouse aesthetic into your home.

It matches especially well with beiges and other neutral rustic paint colors. To really go with the farmhouse vibe, it also pairs perfectly with crisp white.

6. Stargazer by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Stargazer: SW 9635

Stargazer from Sherwin Williams is a blue you can’t go wrong with.

It’s soothing and looks great with a variety of other rustic paint colors. It can also give a more nautical rustic feel.

7. Oak Grove by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Oak Grove: 489

Benjamin Moore’s Oak Grove is a comforting green that brings the outdoors into your home.

Easy to match with a variety of colors and styles, it works just as well in your kitchen as it does in the bedroom.

8. Essential Gold by Valspar

Valspar Essential Gold: HGSW2132

Valspar’s Essential Gold is a stunning, warm gold that can easily brighten up any space.

It’s a little bit different from more traditional rustic paint colors, but it still gives a classic feel.

Even though it’s brighter than other colors, it remains versatile and stylish.

Bright and Bold rustic glam paint colors

Bright and Bold

Rustic paint doesn’t have to mean the colors that first come to mind. Deep colors and jewel tones can instantly elevate the rustic look or create a beautiful accent space.

9. Deep Sea Green by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Deep Sea Green: 735

Deep Sea Green by Benjamin Moore is a rich, striking oceanic teal.

Bright but still inviting, it would look perfect in a bathroom, family room, or bedroom.

10. Ancient Burgundy by Valspar

Valspar Ancient Burgundy: 1011-6

Ancient Burgundy from Valspar is a deep, luxurious purple rustic paint color.

It looks great with grey or beige and lends a velvety soft look. This rustic paint color also brings out the more glamorous side of the rustic aesthetic.

11. Acapulco Sun by Behr

Behr Acapulco Sun: P230-7

Go for something different with Behr’s Acapulco Sun.

This bold, fiery orange is a color only for the brave, but you might be surprised at how well it goes with other rustic paint colors. Think Southwestern desert chic.

It would work nicely on an accent wall paired with another color, especially if you’re hesitant about letting it overwhelm an entire room.

12. Paradise by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Paradise: SW 6720

Paradise from Sherwin Williams is a bright, friendly green that will make you smile every day.

It looks great with so many other rustic paint colors and will definitely help lift the mood of your decor.

Use Rustic Paint Colors to Transform Your Home

The rustic look can mean whatever you want, so make it your own with any of these rustic paint colors.

It’s fun to take it in different directions for variety with a unifying style. With a single aesthetic, you have so many colors to play with for plenty of variety.

Get more rustic decorating ideas to finish the look!

Cheryl Atkinson

Friday 13th of December 2019

Thea, these are gorgeous! When you say a clay based paint i think of DIY from Debi's Design Diary. I know you usually use Dixie Belle so how do the 2 compare? I keep seeing these beautiful pieces painted with Wise Owl and I am tempted to try. I use Dixie and DIY. Well again, these are gorgeous!

Thea Osborne

Wednesday 18th of December 2019

Hey Cheryl! I feel like a good way to explain is that Wise Owl is a mixture between Dixie and DIY. It has the clay paint feel, but it isnt super heavy! application and use is much more similar to Dixie Belle, but you keep a lot of the neat qualities that you find in DIY. I hope that helps!


Friday 30th of March 2018

Love how they were transformed! Stunning! And the color gosh, it's lovely.

Gail Jennings

Monday 5th of February 2018

I love your technique with the night tables. You are very talented and creative! Thank you for the tips!

Brenda Young

Thursday 18th of May 2017

Wow Thea, Love this new color from Wise Owl and your overall design on this pair just yummy. I love your creativity girl, they came out fabulous and stand out from the crowd. Once again your the feature spot this week at Friday's Furniture Fix!

Clockwork Interiors

Friday 12th of May 2017

It's all in the details, and you do them so well, Thea!! Very thoughtful makeover. Keep them ... or at least use them for a bit and then take them to the shop! ;) Thanks for sharing, Cynthia