My Basic Guide to Refinishing Furniture Well!

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So many people ask me how to begin painting furniture.

How do I paint furniture? • What do I use to clean with? • Do I really have to prime? • How do I prevent brush marks? • What kind of brush do I need to paint furniture? • What is a good top coat? • Should I use wax on my painted furniture?

I decided to do two things.
First I created a very Basic Guide to Refinish Furniture.  You can read it, Pin it, download it, or even print it!

I created a downloadable, printable, savable guide you can have emailed to you!

This is just one small piece of my ULTIMATE GUIDE to painting Furniture which you can find here ~> CLICK HERE FOR THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PAINTING FURNITURE

Learn everything you need to know about painting furniture, #furniturepainting #painttutorials #painttechniques #howtopaint #howtochalkpaint #howtomilkpaint #whatischalkpaint

And just in case you have any questions and need a little one on one help, I also created a Facebook Group where we help and encourage each other!  Come check it out!

I just cant WAIT to see what you are up to!  So, I hope to see you there.  


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9 thoughts on “My Basic Guide to Refinishing Furniture Well!”

  1. Please send me the guidelines, I filled in the thingy but it disappeared before I could type my name in, thank you xx

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