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My New Toy-The Cricut Explore Air2

Today I get to introduce to you my new Cricut Explore Air 2 machine.  I had taken such a long hiatus from using any vinyl cutting machines and had basically sworn them off when I was presented an opportunity to try out this pretty lady.  I felt like it was only fair that I give her a shot.I’m sure you have seen the Cricut around and I had too! However, this isn’t the machine I had locked in my brain.  If you are like me, instead you may just remember the Cricut as this little guy.

Antique Cricut Machine :-P

Some people had these massive yet limiting collections of Cricut cartridges!   I wasn’t sure how I felt about the phenomenon but I never dabbled.. Over time though opportunities came up here and there where the option of having one may have been very helpful!  And so at some point in time I finally bit the bullet and bought what at the time was the latest and greatest-and not a Cricut. 😢 It would be that machine that would cause me to swear off ever using them again!  First, I ruined SO MUCH MATERIAL! For the life of me I could never make it stay in the machine straight and so it would twist and begin cutting wrong! EVEN MY STENCIL MATERIAL.  And you guys that stuff is expensive!  I came to a point where I just set it aside and walked away to collect and retain my sanity.  Then Baseball season came and I really wanted to make some mom tees!  There was no time to send off an order so, I got the tees, material, and pulled back out my machine.  Long story short, this is what I found, on the inside, under a cover that was secured by many screws. 


Of course there was absolutely nothing they could do to help me.  I ended up just giving the machine to a friend with a tech savvy hubby.  

Fast forward to becoming a blogger and getting to know and work with amazing brands-I was offered an opportunity to work with Cricut! I couldn’t resist.  I mean I WANTED to love this craft!  I just didn’t want it to be a Love-hate-hate relationship….


Soon after receiving it I began getting closer and closer to it,.. and so since then I have created Patriotic Plank Art 


And I customized a Removable Tray Top I created for an old Eastlake Piece!


And then I created a custom t-shirt that I still absolutely love!! I wear it all the time!

And then the pretty DIY Christmas Sign I created with my Cricut and Blended Paint!

DIY Christmas Decor using blended paint technique and my Cricut | That Sweet Tea Life | Farmhouse Christmas Decor | DIY Christmas Decor | Stencil Art | Cricut Projects | Painted Christmas Decorations | Christmas Decorating Ideas

and I still absolutely love my Nativity Sign! 

wooden nativity sign

The DIY Door Tags were also so easy and fun to do! 

DIY Wood Sign Door Tags Decorations Wreaths Hanger For Home Garland Ideas DIY Swag
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Jody VanBogelen

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

I have been looking at them for about a year now. I started painting furniture, signs, and doing more crafts and would love to make my own stencils as well. It is just a lot of money to buy one and the materials to go with it. So I have been putting it off. I am also trying to decide between the Cricut 2 and the Maker. I also just started looking at the Silhouette but I don't see much or hear much about it other than a couple that I have heard have them. Most have the cricut. I just hear so much about what a learning curve it is to use. I use only Mac computers at my house so maybe it wouldn't be a problem but just not sure what to do as it is a lot of money!

Dee Kost

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

ohhh Thea...I have the same problem. A dear friend got the new cricut and gave me her old cricut...a nd well...not liking it at all! But, I hand paint signs and I keep thinking of this new Cricut and it's scaring me. Now, that I have read this and see other people..YOU...have also "bucked" the thought of getting one...I am now leaning toward giving it a shot! Scared of Cricuts in Upstate NY LOL

Thea Osborne

Wednesday 14th of November 2018

YAY!! Well, stay tuned. I will talk about the maker vary soon too!! I do have to say I love the Cricut and their dedication to ease of use!