What is a dry sink, and how to use it!

What is a dry sink?

What is a Dry Sink you ask? These days a dry sink can fill a variety of purposes! Many years ago, antique dry sinks would have been a piece of furniture used to replace what we know to be indoor plumbing. Today you can often find them gracing the sales floor of antique stores. Now, they can be used as end tables, night stands, foyer tables, or even as you will learn today a dry bar!

If you love antiques at all, one of the first things I will recommend you keep on hand are some sort of furniture salve! This is a wax based product that is able to penetrate the exposed wood grain to seal it and nourish it! (among so many other uses!) If you want to know my favorite one to use it may be Big Mamas Butta by Dixie Belle. (Thats a clickable link which I may earn a commission from if you make a purchase) Orange Grove is delicious!! The sweet and refreshing orange scent with just a hint of mellow and lovely… its perfect! Especially if you have a sho of your own! Its super easy to use.

What is a dry sink? -Furniture Salve

The next thing I tend to recommend to Antique Dealers is the Cricut Explore (OR Maker)! This guy can help you do so much! Today you will see how I was able to use it to create a custom stencil that will suit my piece PERFECTLY! Of course you can buy stencils but often I find its hard to get ones that are the exact size we need! So, I recommend hobbyist and shop owners have a Cricut! Ready to make the leap to buy one? Shop Here!

I present another handsome East-lake piece.  Some may call this a dry sink,  yet others call it a wash stand or a commode.  My assumption is they each have unique traits that may or may not separate them,.. Ill just call it handsome. 😉 
Yep. No top to be found.  I did look around the web though and found this image of what it would look like if the original top were still intact.  Please forgive me for not knowing the source! Normally I save that information.  So,.. in the off chance you know who I can credit please let me know!
Notice the neat little bar that pulls from the side to hang a towel on,.. 
Something I noted about this guy is the wood work.  Often when you come across the wooden details such as these, you will find thin veneer laid over ply,.. This piece is completely solid wood.  Each of those wooden details are around 1/4″ thick and firmly in place.
In its original form, these pieces were used to hold wash bowls, pitchers, and a chamber pot would have been housed inside the cabinet area.
With everything so beautifully intact, I decided I really didnt want to paint this.  There is truly nothing to compensate for.  Instead I would opt to use my Lemon Verbena Furniture Salve by Wise Owl to bring the wood back to life!

The Lemon Verbena Salve is a Hemp Seed Oil product that also has a hint of lavender! The smell is absolutely divine! Its not overpowering at all, more lemon than anything else but so soft!

You can get it Here!

But what about that top??
I would decide to take a page from the markings and build seen from the backside…

  The markings indicate it was manufactured by H.B.Mudge in Cincinnati Ohio.  Because of the semi rustic style from the back I decided to go with a slightly less “finished” look with the top…

The embossed leaves in the trim reminds me of some of the details you will find on many East-Lake pieces,..

Now, cue my Cricut Explore Air 2!  This is exciting because in NO time I am able to make a stencil to mimic the design of the markings on the back!  Rather than buying all sorts of stencils that may or may not fit the next project- I LOVE being able to create one of a kind stencils for each project I am working on!

I am relatively new to Cricut, having used a Silhouette Cameo in the past,.. I have REALLY enjoyed how smooth using the Cricut has gone.  Each project I have come across really took minimal prep and VERY few (if any) hiccups.  I hadnt used my Silhouette in years because of all the little things that would seem to go wrong every time I used it!!  …to each his own but I feel like the Cricut was just made for me…

Buy your own Cricut Explore Air™ Machine + EVERYTHING Starter Set
Using some temporary (631 Oracle) Vinyl, I created the image I wanted to use.  I then removed that image leaving the negative behind,..

Now on to the top.  After cutting it down to size I very carefully cut the trim to fit and glued and nailed it with a brad nailer,.. then I decided to paint it black to accent the Original hardware.

Additionally I decided to distress the hardware slightly revealing some of the details, I then used Stain+Finish to seal and stain the reveal.  On the inner part of the tray top I decided to add the stencil I created with my Cricut.

Using various metallic embellishment products I went in and created a vintage feel,..

Using the Oracle 631 I had no concerns of  the uncured paint peeling up.

I loved seeing how reminiscent the design was of the back side,.. almost reversed.  I sealed it all and went on to put the Wise Owl Lemon Verbena Salve to work on the body!

 Inside and out,.. Applied with a large natural brush and later I would use a lint free cloth to just go over everything to be sure there was no excess.  The wood became vibrant and nourished yet, smooth and non greasy… I’m a serious fan of this stuff,..

 So handsome right?

 Those wood tones severely popping out,..

Aaahhh,…. I really love the idea that the top could now be used as a convenient serving tray.

 Hand towel conveniently placed across the bar,..

 The black top perfectly accentuating those gorgeous black pulls.

Now you dont think this thing lasted long do you?  I should tell you, it didnt, after posting the finished product as being available soon at my favorite local shop, it was claimed for my mother in law claimed it before I could even get it there! The next morning I awoke to messages.  My response would be,..

…well after grabbing my Cricut once again, it would be Happy Birthday!   I quickly whipped up a special card and delivered everything to become a post work birthday surprise!  …so lucky me, I get to see it any time I visit.

On to my crafty friends! AH! I feel like its been FOREVER since we checked in on them!  I know everyone has been INCREDIBLY busy!! Lets see what amazing projects they have to show us this month!

 AND We have a NEW Crafty Girl for you to check out!!

So much happening and they have me COMPLETELY intrigued!! 

 1. Lynn Fern – CeCe Caldwell’s Grand Prairie Sage Dining Room Set

Did you enjoy?? I hope you did!! And I hope you are FULLY Inspired! Until next time! Thanks for joining That Sweet Tea Life!

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