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The Best Wood Craft Cutting Machine: Our Top 5 Picks

Using a wood craft cutting machine is a fun way to create one-of-a-kind art projects out of wood. Whether you’re a novice looking for your first machine or a small business owner in search of an upgrade, there’s definitely an option for you!

Keep reading to learn all about our top five picks for the best wood craft cutting machines.

Wooden tree, butterfly, and other craft embellishments made using a wood craft cutting machine

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Cricut Maker 3

Budget Option
Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraving Machine

Best for Beginners
SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraver

Best Overall

Cricut Maker 3

Cricut Maker 3 - Smart Cutting Machine, 2X Faster & 10X Force, Matless Cutting with Smart Materials, Cuts 300+ Materials, Bluetooth Connectivity, Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

The Cricut Maker 3 is hands down the best wood craft cutting machine on the market! It’s perfect for crafters of all skill levels and for all sorts of materials, including wood.

Part of what makes the Cricut Maker so great is its ability to quickly make designs on materials. You can produce high-quality projects in almost no time at all!

This machine smoothly cuts patterns of all kinds, making it easy to create detailed designs with precision and accuracy. While the machine does move slightly slower when working on intricate patterns, the beautiful end result definitely makes up for the short wait!

One thing to keep in mind is that the Cricut Maker relies on state-of-the-art software that may take some time to figure out when connecting it between the machine and your phone or laptop. However, once you’ve got it going, it’s pretty user-friendly and super simple to customize!

After you’re done using your Cricut Maker Machine, you can pick it up and put it away with no problem! It’s a breeze to move and store, and it even has a built-in cup holder where you can keep extra crafting materials


  • User-friendly for a wide range of skill levels
  • Works well with a variety of materials
  • Sleek and easy to store


  • Tech set-up can be a little involved
  • Slows down with more complicated patterns

Budget Option

Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraving Machine

Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraving Machine 5W Output Power, Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine 24V Compressed Spot 10000mm/min with Eye Protection for Wood Metal Glass Acrylic Leather 15.7

This next wood craft cutting machine is perfect for crafters on a budget! The Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraving Machine is a precise and easy-to-use piece of equipment that gets the job done at a reasonable price.

Assembling and prepping the Comgrow Z1 is a seamless process that will save you the headache that other engraving machines cause. Once in use, you can create lines of a variety of sizes and thicknesses with a laser that creates exceptionally crisp engravings.

As an added bonus, the laser protection is fairly easy to remove, so it doesn’t require much effort at all to clean or replace parts.

If you typically work with thicker pieces of wood, you’ll have to be a little more patient with this specific machine. It occasionally requires a second pass through the machine for more complex details to show up on thicker pieces of wood.


  • Inexpensive
  • Compact


  • Noisy when in use
  • Might have to run it more than once for thicker wood pieces

Best for Beginners

SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraver

SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraver, 90W Effect High Precision CNC Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine, Deep Cutting for 15mm Wood, 0.06mm Ultra-Fine Compressed Spot Cutting Machine, Eye Protection Fixed-Focus

Just starting out on your crafting journey? The SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraver is the ideal wood craft cutting machine for you!

While many engravers have intimidating set-up processes, this particular wood craft cutting machine assembles smoothly without any additional instructions. It’s also compact and lightweight, so you can put it away in between uses without taking up valuable counter space.

As with many electric craft cutting machines that rely on software, the SCULPFUN S9’s software can be a little tricky to figure out when you first start using it. After a quick learning curve, though, you’ll be good to go!


  • Simple assembly
  • Super precise in engraving


  • Slow
  • Software takes a while to learn

Best for Intermediate Crafters

xTool D1 Pro

xTool D1 Pro Upgraded Laser Engraver, 10W Dual Output Laser Cutter, 60W Laser Engraving Machine,DIY laser cutter and engraver machine, CNC Laser Engraver for Wood and Metal, Dark Acrylic, etc.

For crafters who want to upgrade their wood craft cutting abilities, look no further than the xTool D1 Pro! This wood craft cutting machine really packs a punch when it comes to both design and function.

One of the highlights of the xTool D1 Pro is the strength of its laser. This powerhouse of a laser can cut through almost anything with minimal charring. You’ll want to use it for all your crafting projects after giving it a try!

Because this machine is equipped with so much top-of-the-line hardware, you can’t comfortably store it in most cabinets or drawers. However, its design is so sleek and aesthetically pleasing that it’s a beautiful addition to any room it’s in!


  • Intuitive interface once you get started
  • Powerful laser


  • Expensive
  • Too large to store

Most Kid-Friendly

Sizzix Big Shot

Sizzix 660200 Big Shot Manual Die, 6 Inches

For crafters of all ages, we highly recommend the Sizzix Big Shot! This wood craft cutting machine allows kids to participate in the crafting process in a safe and fun way.

Because this machine is a manual craft cutting machine, it doesn’t rely on complicated software or wireless connections to create a work of art. All you have to do is pick a die cut and feed your preferred material through the machine. This makes it less confusing and complicated for crafters of any age to get in on the fun!

While there are huge upsides to a manual die cutting machine like the Sizzix Big Shot, there are certain drawbacks to be aware of.

For example, manually feeding your materials through the machine using the hand crank can be a fun process, especially for kids doing a one-off craft project. However, it can get a little tiring, especially for older crafters trying to complete many projects in a short amount of time.


  • Cheaper than laser or electric machines
  • Portable


  • Manual, so requires a little elbow grease
  • A little narrower than other machines
  • Die cutting machine so much more difficult to customize projects

Wood Craft Cutting Machine Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of our favorite machines, there are a few important factors you should consider to find the wood craft cutting machine that’s truly the right fit for you.


The most detailed wood craft cutting machine can cost thousands of dollars, while you can find simpler models for around $100.

If you’re a more experienced crafter and know exactly what you’re looking for, investing in a pricier unit may make sense.

However, if you’re just starting out with wood craft cutting, it’s probably a good idea to start with one of the less expensive options and work your way up.

Storage Potential

Some of these machines can get pretty bulky with their various attachments and extensions. This means that they aren’t always easy to store in a cabinet or closet. Therefore, you’ll want to think about where you might keep your wood craft cutting machine when it’s not in use.

Before you make your purchase, be sure to measure the area of the space where you’re planning to store your machine.


One attribute that could make or break your crafting experience is how fast a machine can complete your project. In addition, whether or not the machine can complete more than one project at once may contribute to its overall speed.

If you’re working with a large quantity of materials for a small business or an event rather than just making a craft or two for fun, you’ll want a wood craft cutting machine that can do its job fairly quickly.

Pay attention to product reviews, especially from crafters who use wood as their material of choice, to determine the true speed of a machine you’re interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can wood craft cutting machines cut other materials, too?

Yes! Most wood craft cutting machines can handle lots of other materials like paper, leather, and vinyl. They’re a great option if you’re looking to expand your crafting horizons and work with a variety of mediums.

In general, laser cutting machines typically aren’t as versatile because the machinery is specifically designed for cutting wood.

In other words, the laser might be too powerful for more delicate materials. If you’re interested in using a craft cutting machine for all sorts of substances, then a laser cutting machine may not be the way to go.

What are the differences between manual and electric craft cutting machines?

A few key contrasts between manual and electric craft cutting machines may influence your decision to choose one over the other.

For example, manual craft cutting machines usually have a crank mechanism that you turn to get your piece of wood through the engraver. This process requires a little more energy on your end and might not be the best solution for crafters with arthritis and other accessibility needs.

On the other hand, electric craft cutting machines require a power source but do most of the grunt work for you. With electric craft cutting machines, all you have to do is feed your piece of wood in one end, and it’ll come out the other end on its own.

In general, manual machines are much more difficult to create customized art with. This is because manual craft cutting machines can only use dies to create designs, whereas electric machines generally use customizable software.

A table with stacks of wooden Christmas ornaments

Choosing the Best Wood Craft Cutting Machine

When it comes to finding the best wood craft cutting machine for you, there are many great options. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to only the best and made your choice a lot easier!

Hopefully, our round-up will help you find the best wood craft cutting machine to achieve your crafting dreams.

If you enjoyed this “best of” list and want to expand your crafting knowledge even further, check out our Crafting page for tons of inspiration!