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8 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Peacock Blue

Named after one of the most beautiful birds on the planet, the color peacock blue invokes feelings of elegance with a touch of exotic flair. It can create texture in the most unsuspecting places and offer a pop of color where one is greatly needed.

However, using peacock blue in your home can be difficult if you don’t play your cards right. When used in excess, it can overwhelm your space and become tacky. Inspiration is always needed when deciding on using this color, so we’ve compiled a few ideas to help get you pointed in the right decorative direction!

Peacock Blue

Whether you want to use it as a dominant theme or as a minute detail, we’ve got you covered. Check out these chic and stylish ways to incorporate peacock blue into your home. Some of them are even backed by psychology and are both cute and functional! 

Two-Toned Accent Walls 

Two tone peacock blue wall

When paired with white walls, a peacock blue accent wall can be a very striking and elegant color. It is most ideal when paired with a lighter shade of wood, laminate, or tile floor and furniture colors that compliment it and bring out it’s unique green-blue tone. 

If the wall you are painting over isn’t white, you will want to make sure you either find a paint that doesn’t require any priming or paint your current walls white. Since peacock blue is already a complex mixture of color shades, you don’t want any underlying tones getting in the way of your finished product. 

While there are many companies who have created their own version of peacock blue wall paint, the closest match we’ve found that highlights the elegance of this color is by Sherwin-Williams. Their color, Blue Peacock SW0064, was created strictly for interiors. This makes it ideal for living room, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen walls but is not recommended for any type of exterior use. 

Interior Tip: Try to avoid using too many dark colors when using this gem-like blue shade. It is already a very deep and unique color, and its surroundings should be matched carefully. Offsetting it with a lighter color can help you avoid making your space look overwhelming and prevent the color from absorbing too much light. 


Peacock Blue Shutters

Peacock blue is a very bold color, which makes it ideal for being used outdoors. This allows you to play around with the color, or use it in larger pieces, without it looking overwhelming. 

It may not be the best idea to paint your entire house in this color (although if that’s what is appealing to you, then go for it! You should always follow your stylistic desires when it comes to your own home) but it is excellent for accentuating your exterior. There is endless inspiration for painting a fence, garden gate, window shutters, or your front door in this beautiful color. 

Exterior Tip: Find a good acrylic paint that incorporates paint and primer. This can help you save time while producing the deep, mystical color of peacock blue. Sherwin Williams has a close match color called Intense Teal in its Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex brand. It has three available finishes. These include flat, satin, and gloss, so you can decide which works best for your desired look. 


Peacock Blue Furniutre

Using peacock blue for furniture can often be a bit tricky. On one hand, it’s a deeper color, so it is less likely to show any accidental stains or smudges. However, it can be easily overdone. If you want to try this look, consider using an accent chair or an antique-style sofa. You could find tutorials to reupholster a chair or couch with peacock blue cloth, so you can create virtually any style and texture you want and not be left to choose from what designers have already made. 

Another way to incorporate this color is through patio furniture. You can either paint it yourself or you could find some pre-made from an online or brick-and-mortar shop. However, due to its dark and vibrant color, you will want to keep it out of the sun. Leaving darker colors of furniture in the sun for too long can create bleaching and leave your furniture looking old long before its time. 

Throw Pillows and Blankets 

Peacock Blue Decor

Using peacock blue throw pillows and blankets is a great way to break up lighter color schemes. Both functional and chic, it provides a pop of color that you can curl up with after a long day at the office. 

A great way to pull together a look in your home is to layer different shades of blankets. A peacock blue color scheme can easily be found online if you need some extra inspiration, and it will add depth and complexity to your space. 

If you enjoy crocheting or sewing, you could also make your own peacock blue blanket or a throw pillowcase. Try using a color scheme of yarn or cloth to create a gradient of beautiful, gem-like blues that you’ll love to snuggle up with! 


Peacock Blue Artwork
abstract color mix wall decoration

If you don’t want to make a permanent or financial commitment to a peacock blue interior, consider using artwork. Abstract artwork that incorporates a peacock blue color scheme and complementary colors is a refreshing way to break up a solid white wall. 

This is also an excellent choice for those who are living in apartments and cannot paint their walls. Even medium-sized artwork can take away from the traditional white walls that are found in rented apartments. 

If you’re feeling extra creative, consider purchasing some paint and a canvas and creating your own masterpiece to show off to your guests. 

In the Bathroom

Peacock blue is a very popular addition to bathrooms. Whether you add it in the form of bath or hand towels, bath rugs, or a shower curtain, it’s a great way to invoke feelings of cleanliness and tranquility. 

If you want to take it a step further, consider adding some artwork to your walls that have a heavy emphasis on peacock blue. When paired with a towel or bath rug in this color, it can take a boring, drab bathroom and turn it into one that is fit for a Home and Garden magazine!

Office Supplies and Decor

If you work from home, you know how stressful it can be to try to stay on track and continue to stay motivated and inspired. However, there is some color psychology to support using it in the office. 

Blues tend to calm people down. It also promotes creativity and can help to motivate you. Whether you choose to use peacock blue for artwork, office supplies, or even a throw rug, it’s a great choice to use in the office. You could also consider a DIY project for your own pen holder or even sewing your own curtains to use. 

Now you have even more of an excuse to redecorate your office. After all, it’s for productivity! 

Dishes and Cups 

If you want to use a peacock blue color scheme inside of your kitchen, why not incorporate some dishes and cups in this color? There are some great options online that are inexpensive and will give you the opportunity to try out this color scheme without throwing too much money out the door. 

Another creative option is to use a blue color scheme that includes the color peacock blue. In doing this, you can have a few plates of three different colors in the color scheme that will break up the bold peacock blue and allow for even more creative, eye-catching accessories in your kitchen. 

For those who are trying to eat a bit more healthily, it is also widely believed that blue can actually suppress your appetite! This color not only creates a cute and chic atmosphere in your kitchen but can also assist with portion control, too. 

Wrapping it Up: Peacock Blue 

No matter where you choose to use peacock blue in your home, you’ll almost always win. Using it in the office to inspire and motivate you or in the kitchen to help monitor portion control are functional ways to use this color. When used on walls, shutters, or with pillows and blankets, it is a great way to have an eye-catching color scheme that is sure to wow both you and your guests. Go ahead and give it a try. We’re sure you’ll love it!