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15 Blue Furniture Ideas That Prove Blue Can Look Amazing

Blue furniture may not be the first thing you think of when considering how to make a room look more unique or level up your current design, but when integrated well, it can really elevate a space. Blue furniture works best when incorporated with a more neutral palette as a pop of color, or when used as part of a larger color block that runs throughout the room.

Many people are a little afraid of making bold color choices, but even bold color can look elegant when the space is planned out properly and the design all ties together.

This means that all the elements of a space work well together and form a cohesive whole when they’re all placed in the same area. As long as you have that, you have a workable design. In short — don’t be afraid of color!

No matter how pale or dark the shade is, blue is known to be a calming and dramatic color.  Whether you’re going for an airy sky blue or as rich peacock blue, there’s a shade in this color family that’s sure to be perfect for your new project.

Here are 15 blue furniture ideas that prove blue can look amazing.

1. An Accent Chair

A blue furniture accent piece -- a blue armchair in a white living room that ties in various smaller blue items and blue artwork on the walls.
A blue accent chair stands out in this living room.

Using a rich blue as an accent color will quickly elevate any room, especially if the color is also pulled onto the walls or into the room in other ways, such as throws and pillows.

Using only a single chair in this color will help set it apart from the rest of your design, while having all the chairs unified by this color will help bring the shade further into the space and make it more a part of the overall color palette.

2. A Painted Coffee Table

Paint your coffee table as a fun accent to an otherwise neutral room. A statement piece like this can be used to set off the rest of your decor and tie in an accent color.

Blue furniture like a painted coffee table is also a great way to get the entire family involved on a project, since these pieces are most often handmade.

3. A Blue Bedspread

A bedroom with a blue comforter/bedspread, along with various blue accessories -- bedding and accessories can be a decorating alternative to blue furniture pieces.
Bedding can be an easy decorating alternative to committing to a piece of blue furniture.

Blue is often a rich shade and is generally considered to be a calming color, making it a great choice for bedrooms and other spaces designed to be relaxing.

Using blue as an accent color in a bedroom is also a great way to tie in extra pillows and smaller accents and art pieces, or even the wall color.

4. A Blue Cabinet

A rendering of a classic armoire in a bright blue color -- a fun example of blue furniture for home decor.
A bright blue armoire is a fun piece of blue furniture for your decor.

A standalone cabinet in a rich blue shade can do a lot to anchor a room’s furniture and make the space feel grounded.

Small freestanding cabinets are great options for storage and extra table space for knickknacks, as well as being another place you can play with color in your home. Darker shades tend to anchor a room, while brighter shades add a touch of airiness and whimsy.

5. A Blue Sofa

A modern style sofa in navy blue fabric in a white living room with a piece of blue abstract art hung above the sofa -- an example of understate and elegant blue furniture.
This sofa is a striking example of blue furniture that is understated and elegant.

Blue furniture doesn’t have to be anything flashy to be impactful. A simple blue sofa with white accent pillows can make an impressive statement, especially if it only ties in a few other carefully chosen accent pieces throughout the space.

This kind of large blue furniture piece may feel like a risk in terms of design, but you may be surprised just how well you can integrate even large pieces into your space.

6. Entertainment Centers

Blue furniture can really make a room, especially when you consciously make it the focal point, such as placing it under a TV or game center.

A blue entertainment center may even send the psychological message of calm to those playing or watching, helping to keep the noise down during intense matches.

7. Bookcases

Bookcases can do wonders for a space, lining walls to give them a much-needed sense of presence, or otherwise breaking up an area into usable sections.

However you use your bookcases, you can also use them to tie the overall color design of a space together, or pull in an accent color to highlight an area or a specific piece.

8. Kitchen Islands

A white kitchen with butcher block counters, glass front cabinets, and stainless appliances with a kitchen island painted a primary blue color -- a blue island brings blue furniture into the kitchen.
A kitchen island in primary blue is a way to bring blue furniture into your kitchen decor.

Many people overlook the kitchen when it comes to colorful design, but it’s a great place to add pops of color or even commit to a whole color palette. One way to bring blue into the kitchen is through an island.

If your kitchen has space for an island, it’s a wonderful way to not only give your family a place to hang out, and give yourself more counter space, but elevate your design with a cool accent color as well.

9. Desks

A blue desk can be a great way to help your children (or yourself) stay calm and focused when doing work or even when just relaxing with a novel, a coloring book, or a personal project.

Desks can often be places of stress, so introducing a calming shade of blue to the room through your office area can be a great way to cut down on your work-induced headaches.

10. Office Chairs

An office chair in blue fabric.
A chair is an easy way to use blue furniture in a home office.

Office chairs are a great way to add a pop of color to what might be an otherwise drab space. Use a fun blue chair as a way to pull in an accent color to your office and bring a smile to your face whenever you sit down to work.

Blue furniture can be a great way to break up a more monochrome space and make it feel like it belongs with the rest of the house while still being separate and designated for work.

11. End Tables

Closeup of a corner leg of an end table painted navy blue -- a piece of blue furniture with a classic, timeless feel to it.
A painted end table is a piece of blue furniture that adds a classic feel to a room.

End tables can be an easy, unique, and overall unobtrusive way to pull in an accent color and give the space some depth. Painting end tables can also be a good project to get your kids involved in, as many of these pieces are homemade.

Use with white accent knickknacks for a high-contrast, high-visual-interest, and easy to use piece.

12. Curio Cabinets

Looking for away to bring more visual interest into the room? Why not make a statement with a quirky blue curio cabinet? These cabinets are not only great for general storage, but can make excellent statement pieces and conversation starters based off of what’s in them, and how creative you’ve gotten with their exterior.

If you have a lot of same-color knickknacks, consider choosing a well-matched shade of blue and giving the whole thing a good, quality paint job.

13. Dining Room Table

Bringing blue into the dining room is a wonderful way to not only bring some color into an otherwise neutral room, but it may even help keep dinner-time conversations a little more calm.

Blue furniture, especially in lighter shades, is known for being calming, airy, and somewhat whimsical, making it perfect for rooms where there’s typically a lot of noise and energy. Bringing blue in with the dining table also gives you the option of tying it into to even more blue with carefully chosen wall art.

14. Bedroom Sets

A blue bedroom set will bring some calming, grounding vibes into the room, and generally give the whole space a unique and airy feeling. Darker shades will help anchor the space and make it feel solid while lighter shades provide a more vintage, airy feel.

Whichever way you chose to go, a blue bedroom set is sure to help keep you relaxed in the space.

15. A Blue Dresser

An antique dresser painted light blue against a dark rose wall -- a blue furniture statement piece for the room.
This dresser is a blue furniture statement piece for the room.

If you’re looking for a statement piece that not every guest is going to see, then invest in something solid and functional, like a blue dresser. You can go lighter and more vintage, or dark and modern with your design — whatever suits you the best.

Adding in a blue accent piece like this can instantly elevate a room from ‘standard’ to ‘wow’, especially when the color is tied in through other, smaller accent pieces throughout the space.

Blue Really Can Look Amazing

Blue furniture is definitely a bold choice in most circumstances, but I hope you’re starting to see by now that blue really can look amazing in a space. A lot of the trick, if you want to call it that, comes down to the other elements in the room, not the blue piece itself.

How do those other elements play off of the piece you’re thinking of introducing? Will it go well with the established color palette — or the color palette you’re thinking of establishing?

At the end of the day, you’re the one who sees your space every day of the year, so you’re the only one who can decide if blue furniture is right for you and your space.

That said, don’t be afraid to experiment with color in your designs! Many people shy away from using bold color choices because they don’t feel confident in their design abilities.

If this is you, then I really encourage you to start looking around at our other posts, at other people’s posts, at vision boards, etc. so you really get a feeling for how all of these bold, eye-catching elements come together to form a cohesive whole.

If you’re thinking about adding blue into your space, here are a few things you can consider:

Does this go with my color palette?

Clashing colors will make any design feel “off.” If you’re thinking about bringing in a new, blue piece — especially one that takes up a fair amount of floor space — consider the other colors first.

Blues tends to work well with whites, grays, and other neutrals. If you’re not sure a piece will work, take some color swatches!

Does this say what I want it to?

If most of your space is rich and modern, then a light, vintage piece might feel out of place and create a design style conflict.

That’s not to say that you can’t mix and match pieces — just consider what each piece says about the person who owns it before bringing it into your design.

Does this feel like “me?”

A good design should not only be aesthetically pleasing and functional, it should also reflect the personality of the person living in it the most.

What that boils down to is this: If you love a piece instantly, there’s a good chance it belongs in your space.

Not everything will fit or go well together, of course, but that instant emotional reaction is a great indicator of the things you naturally gravitate toward. Follow that, especially when you’re just getting started and aren’t quite sure where to look or what to look for.

Now That You’ve Been Inspired

So you’ve seen 15 blue furniture ideas that prove blue can look amazing in any space. Now get out there and find yourself a true blue design that’ll make you feel right at home.

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