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24 Ideas For Your Kitchen Accent Wall

There are many ways to decorate your kitchen. One great way to do this is with a kitchen accent wall.

White tile kitchen accent wall with light brown floating shelves holding kitchen items.
Tiled kitchen accent wall with floating shelves.

Decorating your kitchen the right way can make a huge difference. It means having a room just for utility versus a room that is comfortable, beautiful, and practical.

Some people want a clean, bright space with minimal clutter. Others prefer an eclectic space full of decor. The good news is that there is no right answer — just a right answer for you! 

Here are 24 great ways to create a kitchen accent wall that will really pop. 

1. Mirror Wall

A mirror accent wall is a great way to add space and brightness to your kitchen. Place them on a wall where they will reflect light. You can choose a set of decorative mirrors like the ones depicted here or do a

mix for a more eclectic feel. This is a great choice for anyone who loves thrifting, since you can find a mix of mirrors at secondhand stores — usually for just a few dollars.

2. Wall Planters

The kitchen is the perfect place to keep your plants, and where better than a whole wall of planters? This keeps your plants within easy reach so you can provide them with plenty of care. 

The best choice to grow in planters on a kitchen accent wall? Kitchen herbs, of course. You’ll have fresh herbs for dinner right on hand.

Try growing herbs like basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, dill, sage, or chervil. It is also a great way to keep your plants thriving throughout the winter if you live in a cold climate. 

3. Turquoise Pallet Wall

This striking accent wall is just one example of what you can do with simple painted wood pallets. You won’t even need any decor, since the wall is a work of art in itself.

This one varies turquoise shades with black, white, and natural wood to make a pattern that is both attractive and one-of-a-kind. If you want a rustic feel to your kitchen, a kitchen accent wall like this is the perfect choice. 

4. World Spice Map

Maps are a great way to add interest to a wall. But this one was obviously made for the kitchen. It’s a cartographical tribute to the spices of the world, many of which you probably have in your pantry.

Every time you take a spice out of the cabinet, you will be reminded of where it came from. Talk about an amazing — and relevant — piece of art for the kitchen. 

5. Fruit Decals

You can find fun, simple decals in countless places on the internet as well as in craft stores. They are a great way to make a kitchen accent wall with almost no effort at all. This style used a hand-drawn pattern of peaches to keep things topical for the kitchen. They also add some brightness and color in a fun, subtle way. 

Of course, this is far from the only decal you’ll find available. Choose a fun theme that sets your kitchen off to perfection. 

6. Glass Bowl Wall

You have probably seen plates mounted on the wall at your Grandma’s house, but this isn’t old-fashioned porcelain. Instead, this accent wall uses eye-catching blown glass to add color and interest to your kitchen. Choose a shade and style that really pops. 

Plus, many pieces like this are made locally and by hand, giving you the chance to support small businesses. Search the internet to find out if there are any glassmakers in your city.

7. Mountain Wall

This accent wall proves that you don’t need much to add interest to your kitchen. Abstract art like this can make the room pop in a unique way. There are lots of ways you can accomplish a look like this. This version uses inlaid wood panels, but you can accomplish a similar look with paint or other materials. 

If you love a minimalist style and want to add an accent wall without making your kitchen feel cluttered, this is just one great idea. 

8. Wooden Wall Art

A large piece of wooden wall art is another great way to make a simple kitchen accent wall. This version uses natural wood interspersed with colorful accents in a geometric pattern. Oversized art can fill a wall and make it stand out with minimal effort. 

A piece of art like this can really make your kitchen shine by contrasting materials and colors. You’ll have the opportunity to play with the shades that pair with your cabinets, walls, and appliances. 

9. Chalkboard Wall

Hanging a chalkboard in your kitchen can look great — but how about making the entire wall into a chalkboard? This provides a point of interest in the room as well as a place to write down whatever you might need to remember — recipes, grocery lists, inspirational quotes, funny sayings, or whatever else you like.

You can make a chalkboard wall with either a layer of chalkboard paint or a special decal. 

10. Kitchen Conversion Chart

The kitchen is the perfect place to have art that is both aesthetic and practical. A kitchen conversion chart is a great example, especially if you are someone who loves to try new recipes. 

Not only does something like this make your kitchen shine, but it will also keep you from having to pull your phone out to do measurement conversions. After all, the main function of the kitchen is as a place to make delicious meals! 

11. Stencil Wall

A great kitchen backsplash can be as simple as using a stencil and some paint. This Herringbone brick pattern is just one example. It is quicker and more cost-effective than putting in a real backsplash, but still offers a way to make one of your kitchen walls really pop. 

Stencils can give your kitchen accent wall the appearance of having extra texture, like brick, stone, tile, or wood. Or if you prefer, you can simply choose one in a pattern that really shines. 

12. Funny Decal

The internet has endless options for wall decals, from patterns to inspirational sayings. If you have a sense of humor, your kitchen might be the perfect place for a decal like this one. Decor like this turns a blank wall into an accent wall in literal seconds. 

If this kind of humor isn’t your style, you can also choose an inspirational or topical saying. It is all up to you and the way you want to customize your kitchen. 

13. Metal Sun Decor

Sometimes a great kitchen accent wall can be as simple as an eye-catching piece of decor. The whole goal is to make a single focal point stand out, after all. An oversized piece of decor like this metal sun art is an excellent choice for doing just that with minimal effort. 

Of course, if you have a specific vision for what you want, you can find it in a store or online. However, if you love a second hand bargain, scout out local thrift stores and yard sales to see if you can find an interesting statement piece. 

14. Floating Shelves

A kitchen accent wall isn’t just about decoration. It can be practical, too!

Floating shelves can add some interest to a single wall while also providing more convenience and storage space. This can be a good place to store spices, baking materials, or staples like flour and sugar. 

Floating shelves come in every style you can imagine, so feel free to experiment with materials and styles to find out which goes best with your existing kitchen decor. 

15. Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Before the days of accent walls, putting up wallpaper used to mean being overwhelmed by a single pattern from all sides. What is more, it used to be a messy affair that involved painting glue on with a brush. 

These days, it is a quick and simple way to make one of your kitchen walls really stand out. Choose a bright, colorful, and interesting pattern, like this one with a watercolor avocado design. 

16. Metal Sign

If prints, mirrors, or paintings aren’t your style, how about some word art? This is a great way to make a focal point for your kitchen simply by hanging a single piece. You can find endless options on the internet — even customizable signs. You can arrange for ones that say a special message or even have your family’s name. 

Signs like these make a kitchen accent wall shine while still leaving you plenty of space for storage and other elements. 

17. Wood Gradient Mosaic

An interesting art piece is one of the easiest ways to make a wall stand out, especially if it is large and colorful. Mosaics are a popular choice, since they are full of color and texture. This one uses wood blocks in a rainbow gradient. It’s sure to transform any kitchen. 

But mosaics come in patterns, styles, and materials of every kind imaginable, so feel free to do some research — or even make your own. 

18. Wall Mural

A wall is the very definition of the place to put a mural, so why not try that in your kitchen? If you have an artistic side, you can try your hand at making your own. This gives you the opportunity to make an art piece for your kitchen that is one-of-a-kind. 

Of course, not all of us are natural artists. If you aren’t inspired, learn about other ways to install a kitchen mural.

19. Herb Printables

A themed set of printables can be a topical way to decorate your accent wall, such as these herbal watercolors. Of course, just because it is in your kitchen doesn’t mean that it has to be kitchen-themed. Feel free to use whatever art you prefer, whether it is on the topic of food or something else entirely. 

20. Food Clock

Making an accent wall can be as simple as adding a unique piece of art, like this food-themed clock. After all, it is all about making a point of interest in the room.

The best part about this is that there is no limit to the art piece you can choose, from clocks to paintings, prints, maps, and other pieces. The only requirement is that it stands out to the eye.

21. Classic Cocktails Print

If you love mixing your own drinks, a classic cocktails print like this one is a great choice. Not only is it colorful and attractive, but it is also practical. This version has the cocktail recipes printed below each picture, so you never have to look up another recipe. 

22. Wall Panels

Extra-large wall panels are a great way to make an accent wall. They really stand out, thanks to their size. Art like this can make a simple statement piece. You’ll find all kinds of art styles and subjects, so it is easy to find something that is perfect for your space. 

Wall panels like these are ideal for the space behind a breakfast table, since they provide a point of interest right by the action. 

23. Farmhouse Wall Art

Farmhouse style decor is popular for every room in the house. But it has a special aesthetic in the kitchen. If you love a rustic style — or if you live in an actual farmhouse — this is the perfect art choice for you. It’s not hard to understand why this style of decor has such staying power. 

24. Vintage Prints

Dining and food-related art have been around for a long time. If you love diving into history, you might like to add some vintage prints to your kitchen. This is a fun, classic way to make a kitchen accent wall, especially since these images have so much interest and detail. 

For the best effect, put it right by your breakfast table so that it draws the eye whenever you’re sitting down for a meal. 

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