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Knitting vs Crochet: Which Should You Choose?

Knowing there’s a decision to make in knitting vs crochet is a great place to start your journey into the world of yarn crafts!

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized they are two different things. Since then, I’ve learned and tried both and have hard-earned wisdom to share to help you figure out which craft to try first.

Read on to learn more about knitting vs crochet and which one is for you!

knitting vs crochet

Getting Started


Knitting is when you use two yarn needles to create interlocking loops of yarn. As you work rows into the item, the project will slowly move from needle to needle.


First things first, you need a set of yarn needles. Check out our guide to knitting needles for beginners to find the perfect set for your first project.

Next, you’ll need yarn, of course.

The type of yarn you use will eventually depend on the project you’re working on, but starting with wool yarn is a good idea. It’s stretchy and soft, making it smooth and easy to glide from needle to needle.

Basic Terminology

Casting On— This is the beginning of your work, the foundational edge you’ll connect all your other stitches to.

Knit— “Knit” refers to when you start a stitch by inserting the needle into the front of a stitch on the other needle.

Purl— “Purl” is the opposite of knit. You purl stitch by inserting the needle into the back of a stitch, coming forward with it.

Binding Off— This is how you end a project and make the stitches unravelable. There are many ways to bind off, and whatever pattern you follow will give you the best way to complete that project.

You’ll come across many other terms, but those few are the foundation of knitting.

Simple Project Ideas

It’s best to start with simple, straightforward projects like scarves or dishcloths on whatever side of knitting vs crochet you land. These will allow you to experiment with different stitches, types of yarn, sizes of needles, and more without having to add or drop stitches or incorporate other, more advanced techniques.

knitting vs crochet


Crochet uses one crochet hook to make a series of chained loops that create something extraordinary like a blanket, sweater, hat, or more.


Get started on your first crochet project after you get some crochet hooks and yarn.

The size of your crochet hook will matter depending on what you’re making, so starting with a set is helpful. We’ve got a guide to the best crochet hook sets for beginners to get you started.

Cotton and acrylic yarn are excellent for beginners, and we’ve highlighted some specific brands that are the best yarns for crocheting.

Basic Terminology

Chain— This is how you start a crochet project. Slip stitch a knot onto your hook, and then get to chaining!

Half, Single, Double, and Triple Crochet— These stitches will make up your crochet project. They all have you insert, loop, and pull through the yarn differently but can be combined to make truly amazing patterns.

Simple Project Ideas

Again, no matter which craft wins in knitting vs crochet, the simpler, the better at first. You could whip up a simple infinity scarf in a day to get started! Even a double crochet stitched baby blanket in a beautiful yarn will be an easy win for a beginner.

Knitting vs Crochet Pros and Cons



  • Knitting will make a stretchier fabric.
  • As you learn and gain experience, there are incredibly intricate knitting stitches you can learn to expand the items you can make. Some stitches turn yarn into lace, while others make it look like incredible basket weaving.
  • If your goal in yarn-crafting is to make clothing, knitting is the winner in knitting vs crochet because it’s much more versatile and can be elastic-like.


  • It typically takes more time than crochet, both in the time it takes to learn and the time it takes to complete a project. The single stitches themselves take just a little longer than in crocheting.
  • When, not if, you make mistakes, it’ll be harder to fix them.
  • Mastering the correct tension in the yarn can be challenging. Uneven tension can lead to twisted pieces or irregular patterns.



  • Crochet moves quicker than knitting. Individual stitches are typically longer than knitting stitches, so projects move along much faster!
  • Mistakes are easier to find and fix because you only work with one hook instead of two needles. You may have to undo some of the work, but you won’t risk unraveling more of the project than you meant to.
  • Crocheting can make so many different textures. Different techniques can create three-dimensional puffs, flowers, and more.


  • Crocheted items tend to be thicker and denser. That’s not necessarily bad for cold-weather accessories like scarves and hats, but the denseness means it’s not very stretchy and doesn’t work as well for clothing like sweaters and socks.
  • There are fewer stitches in crochet, meaning it’s not quite as versatile as knitting can be.
knitting vs crochet

Knitting vs Crocheting FAQ

Which is easier for beginners, knitting or crocheting?

One isn’t easier than the other; they’re just different. Since neither has a high up-front cost, do your own knitting vs crochet experiment by making a scarf with each method. Decide which you enjoy more, and keep exploring that yarn craft!

Is one craft project more time-consuming than another?

Typically, when comparing the time needed for knitting vs crocheting, knitting will take longer. The extra needle and smaller stitches just take more time.

Should I learn to knit and crochet, or is one of them enough?

There’s no reason you must learn both crafts! Crafting should bring you joy and help you relax, so don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to master them all.

Try them both. If you love both, keep doing both. If you hate one, drop it and move on!

Wrapping up Knitting vs Crochet

Now that you know the pros and cons of knitting vs crochet, a whole new crafting world is opening up for you! A crochet hook, knitting needles, and a skein of yarn or two can create almost anything your mind could imagine. It’s time to get crafting!

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