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Unlocking the Beauty of Crochet Patterns: 34 Inspiring Ideas

Crocheting may be frustrating if you take yarn and a hook and tie a slip knot without knowing where you’re heading. Crochet patterns make creating unique items you and your loved ones can treasure for years much more effortless!

Etsy has some of the most fantastic crochet patterns, and we scoured the website to find some of the best. Read on to be inspired to make blankets, hats, stuffed animals, and more!

Woman hands with crochet hooks, yellow and white yarns, and flower crochet patterns

Afghan Crochet Patterns

1. Diamond Isle Afghan

This crochet pattern for a Diamond Isle Afghan is beautiful, no matter how it lays. It’s designed to be double-sided, so there’s no need to lay it just so to enjoy the gorgeous diamond pattern.

CROCHET PATTERN Diamond Isle Afghan Make to Any Size PDF

It’s also a great crochet pattern if you want the look of a knitted blanket without learning to knit.

2. Brickwork Afghan

Bring gorgeous texture into your home with this Brickwork Afghan crochet pattern. It’s simple but will add much interest to your living space tactically and visually!

CROCHET PATTERN Brickwork Afghan Make to Any Size PDF

If you love The Wizard of Oz, you can make a yellow brick road blanket for a cute nod to one of your favorite movies.

3. Double Crochet Afghan

If you’re just starting crocheting, you’ll love the feeling of accomplishment from this Double Crochet Afghan pattern.

Double Crochet Blanket Pattern Easy DC Afghan Pattern PDF

The pattern will walk you through switching colors to make lines, but you could also choose to make it out of a single type of yarn. Use a gradient yarn if you don’t want to mess with stripes but still want some visual interest.

4. Fire Afghan

Keep your toes nice and toasty with this Fire Afghan crochet pattern.

Crochet Pattern Fire Blanket Digital File PDF

It’s written to be easy for beginners to understand, and includes seven pages chock full of pictures and detailed instructions. Depending on your desired blanket size, you’ll know exactly how many skeins of specific yarn to buy.

5. Pinwheel Afghan

If you want the look of a pinwheel quilt but don’t know how to sew, use this Pinwheel Afghan pattern to take a different spin on a classic!

CROCHET PATTERN Textured Pinwheel Afghan Make to Any Size

Depending on your chosen colors, your afghan can be bright and cheerful or sophisticated and elegant.

6. Bobble Afghan

The texture on texture on texture makes up this breathtaking Bobble Afghan! This crochet pattern will leave you with a blanket full of bobble diamonds.

CROCHET PATTERN Bobble Throw Afghan the Dyaman Blanket

Before starting, gather plenty of the yarn you’ll be using because you’ll need a ton.

7. Heart Chain Afghan

The precious interlocking hearts on the Heart Chain Afghan make this the perfect baby or wedding shower gift!

Crochet PATTERN With All My Heart Crochet Blanket Pattern

There will be no guessing what to buy for this throw blanket, as the crochet pattern includes precisely how much of what kinds of yarn to buy.

8. La Vie En Rose Afghan

The La Vie En Rose Afghan pattern is perfect if you want to make precious blankets for the little ladies in your life.

CROCHET PATTERN La Vie En Rose Afghan Make to Any Size PDF

The lacey background is beautiful, and the 3D roses that cover it take it to another level.

Hat Crochet Patterns

9. Simple Ribbed Beanie

For a simple, one-skein project, try this Simple Ribbed Beanie. This crochet pattern is written for beginners and works up quickly.

CROCHET PATTERN Easy Adult Ribbed Knit Look Beanie Hat

You’ll be passing these out as gifts before you know it!

10. Slouchy Witch Hat

Get ready for spooky season with this Slouchy Witch Hat.

Slouchy Witch Hat Crochet Pattern DIGITAL FILE Not a

This hat is worked in the round and can be personalized with stripes or gradient yarn to make it something all your own!

11. Bucket Hat

We all know the 90s are making a comeback in a big way, and you can be a part of the trend with this Bucket Hat crochet pattern.

Crochet PATTERN Sun Days Bucket Hat Crochet Hat Pattern

This pattern comes with instructions to make a bucket hat in five sizes, newborn through adult!

12. Mountain Range Beanie

Nature enthusiasts will love this Mountain Range Beanie pattern. Choose your favorite colors and whip up a beautiful, functional hat!

Mountain Range Hat / Adult Sizes/ Crochet Hat Pattern

Add a coordinating pompom as a finishing touch.

13. Long Stocking Cap

This crochet pattern for a Long Stocking Cap makes the best novelty gifts!

Pattern/super Long Super Easy Crochet Stocking Cap

Make it red and green for a Christmas elf costume or your favorite team’s colors to keep your head warm while cheering them to victory.

14. Beanie with a Visor

If you want a beanie with a twist, check out this Beanie with a Visor. An elongated rim can be folded up and attached with cute buttons.

Crochet Hat PATTERN Boho Beanie Crochet Pattern for Boys

Amigurumi (Cute Creatures) Crochet Patterns

15. Cozy Chickens

If you’re dipping your toes into the amigurumi ocean, start with these Cozy Chickens.


There’s minimal sewing required to finish them, and since the yarn used is so thick and the chicken so small, each shouldn’t take more than an hour!

16. Zebra

Alternating rows of black and white double crochets, with some extra pizazz, will leave you with the cutest Zebra around.

Crochet Zebra Pattern / Amigurumi Zebra Pattern / Crochet Toys

This crochet pattern comes with links to instructional videos and is best for intermediate crocheters.

17. Dinosaur

If you’ve got dino-loving kids (or grown-ups!) in your life, you’ve got to get this pattern for a Sleeping Dinosaur.

Dino Crochet Pattern Dinosaur Amigurumi: How to Crochet

This easy-to-follow crochet pattern will have you snuggling up with your own cuddly T-Rex in just a couple of days of relaxed crocheting. It’s easy enough for beginners to succeed but adorable enough for every level of crocheter to try!

18. Fast Food

Does it get any cuter than smiling soft pretzels and hamburgers? We think not!

25 Fast Food Crochet Pattern Bundle EBOOK PDF Knotmonsters

You can make 25 Fast Food Stuffies with this single purchase. They range from condiments to chips and guac to individual pieces of popcorn!

If you know any kids who love to play with pretend food, you’ve got to make them some with these patterns!

19. Cacti

People say that anyone can keep a cactus alive, no matter the color of their thumb, but that’s not always the case. Thankfully, these Cacti amigurumi can make that idea a fact!

12 Crochet Mini Cactus Garden Patterns EBOOK PDF Knotmonsters

Learn to make 12 unique potted cacti that can never be over or under-watered. And unlike a living cactus, you can cuddle with these.

20. Gnomes

These sweet little Gnome amigurumi make great seasonal decor.

PATTERN: Plush Gnome Pattern Amigurumi Chunky Gnome Pattern

Use soft colors for spring gnomes, bright colors for summer ones, deep colors for autumn, and red and green for Christmastime.

This crochet pattern will teach you how to make a male gnome with a bushy beard or a female with tiny braids coming from her hat.

21. Highland Cow

If you think you, and everyone you know, don’t need a crocheted Highland Cow sitting around the house… you’re wrong.

Crochet Highland Cow PDF PATTERN ONLY Amigurumi Doll Tunnock Haggis & Midge

This pattern is for advanced crocheters and may take some finagling to get just right, but the result is worth every second of work. The “hair” looks like it’s blowing in the wind, and the bright pink tongue sticking out of the mouth is almost too cute to handle.

22. Largemouth Bass

If you don’t want to spend the time fishing to catch a Largemouth Bass worthy of mounting on your wall, just crochet one!

PDF Mini Largemouth Bass No-sew Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Arserendipitydesigns

This crochet pattern is unique because it includes three different designs according to the difficulty level you’re ready for.

Scarf and Shawls Crochet Patterns

23. Two-Toned Infinity Scarf

This simple yet beautiful Two-Toned Infinity Scarf pattern is an excellent place for beginners to start. Straightforward terms are used, and only a little yarn is required to make it.

Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern Scarf Pattern Infinity Scarf

It will also give you experience changing colors since the pattern’s two-tone part makes it unique. These are quick to make, making them thoughtful, easy gifts for family and friends.

24. Cable Scarf

For the look of a cable knit scarf with the ease of crocheting, check out this pattern for a Cable Crocheted Scarf.

Crochet Scarf Pattern Super Saxon Scarf Celtic Crochet

If you follow the instructions strictly, the scarf will end up being nearly 11 inches wide, making it very versatile. You could use it as a scarf, a shawl, or a wrap.

If you want something thinner, the pattern gives options for other types of yarn to choose from.

25. Hooded Scarf

For the ultimate coziness level, whip up one of these Hooded Scarves.

Crochet Pattern Wild Oleander Hooded Scarf PATTERN Hooded

There’s no need to crochet a scarf and a hat if you can crochet one piece that will fulfill both functions! Depending on the yarn you choose, it can be as playful or neutral as you want.

26. Boho Fringe Infinity Scarf

This Boho Fringe Infinity Scarf adds flair to your next cool weather project.

Boho Infinity Scarf / Crochet Scarf Pattern / Scarf Pattern

This crochet pattern is unique in that it can be made with any weight yarn, meaning you’re in complete control over how light and airy or thick and cozy the finished product is.

27. Chunky Blanket Scarf

This massive Chunky Blanket Scarf will make a statement and keep your upper body warm on cold days.

CROCHET PATTERN Crochet Infinity Blanket Scarf Chunky the

Use a super-soft chunky yarn to feel like you’re walking around wrapping in an actual blanket!

28. Shawl with Pockets

This Shawl with Pockets is an excellent transitional piece. It’s great to toss on when the mornings are chilly, and you’d like somewhere warm to put your hands. Once it warms up, you can fold it and store it in a bag.

EASY Crochet Shawl PATTERN Womens Scarf Pattern Crochet Wrap

While the tassels add a little fun, they’re optional. Leave them off if they’re not your style.

Miscellaneous Crochet Patterns

29. Hanging Vines

These crocheted Hanging Vines are more “houseplants” that are impossible to kill!

PATTERN All 5 Vines Easy Crochet Guide Step by Step Make

This crochet pattern will teach you how to make dirt, leaves, flowers, and macrame hangers. There’s also a video tutorial to help with understanding.

Quick tip: When choosing yarn for this project, avoid bright greens. More muted, dusty greens will give a more realistic look to your evergreen plants.

30. Flowers

Create a bouquet of Crochet Flowers to give someone you love!

Bundle 5 in 1 Crochet Flower Patterns Crochet Rose Calla

This pattern will teach you how to make sunflowers, lilies, tulips, and more.

These flowers would also be adorable if used as a corsage or boutonniere to go with a DIY-lovers formalware.

31. Daisy Tote Bag

This precious Daisy Tote Bag is great for taking to farmer’s markets, bringing essentials along on a lake trip, or even as an everyday purse.

Summer Days Daisy Bag Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern connects 15 granny squares to make the bag. You could use the same granny squares for projects like a baby blanket or scarf.

32. Mittens

Keep your entire family’s fingers warm this winter with these simple Mittens.

Crochet Pattern-willow 5 Sizes Crochet Mittens Pattern

The pattern gives instructions for sizes that will fit babies, children, and adults, no matter how large their hands are. The instructions are simple, and there are detailed pictures to make it even easier to follow.

33. Washcloths

Crocheted Washcloths make excellent housewarming gifts and look beautiful in a gift basket, along with other household items.

Set of 4 Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Not only are they beautiful, but they’re incredibly functional. The additional texture of the yarn gives it extra scrubbing power, but it can’t make any scratches!

This specific crochet pattern includes four different dishcloths using cotton yarn.

If you make your own, make sure you wash them often. The added texture gives tiny bits of food space to hide and get gross.

34. Slippers

Your tootsies will stay comfy and warm all winter with these crocheted Slippers. The twisted cable down the front elevates an otherwise simple slipper.

The pattern will fit women sizes 3-10. It’s easy to follow and ideal for intermediate crocheters.

Crochet Pattern Cable Slippers

Wrapping Up the Best Crochet Patterns

With all of these crochet patterns to choose from, you’re ready to go out there and get creative! Remember, this list isn’t exhaustive. There’s a pattern to teach you to crochet almost anything you can think of.

And if there’s not… maybe it’s time to try making your own!

Before you get going, check out our picks for the best yarn for crocheting and top five crochet hook picks.