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Alanna Singletary

Alanna Singletary is a passionate DIY crafting and interior decorating enthusiast, whose roots in the Hudson Valley region of New York have deeply influenced her creative endeavors.

From childhood experiences of tending to lush gardens and making homemade tomato sauce, to her current pursuits in North Carolina, Alanna's early exposure to nature's bounty has fueled a lifelong passion for learning and exploring.

A graduate of a college in the Appalachian Mountains, she's an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying activities like hammocking and kayaking.

Alanna blends her love for the outdoors with a keen eye for budget-friendly bedroom decorating and furniture painting, offering unique insights and ideas to her readers. Her work demonstrates that elegance and style in home decor can be achieved with creativity and resourcefulness, making her a go-to source for those seeking to enhance their living spaces.