DIY Rustic Paint Finish: Rusty Ol’ Blue Chevy

I introduce to you what may be my favorite DIY Rustic Paint Finish yet. Have I ever expressed how bad I am at blogging?  This is where I am supposed to plug some key words that I have worked hard to research and feel you will search for…  Im aiming for DIY Rustic Paint Finish,  so I am supposed to saturate the article with DIY Rustic Paint Finish.  What do you think about DIY Rustic Paint Finishes? Is it hard to get a DIY Rustic Paint Finish? You should really Google DIY Rustic Paint Finish and find this article so Google thinks this is THE GO TO SPOT for DIY Rustic Paint Finish -es. Whew… I just dont know yall.   I simply want to paint pretty stuff and teach you how to do the same! So… I introduce this Desk.

rustic paint finish

DIY Rustic Paint Finish

Not a whole lot to look at, but a solid wood desk, with handles I would almost ALWAYS recommend replacing!  BUT I wanted to try something new… I was inspired by this…

Can we just say,.. ahmazing… I just love the mix of colors,.. you can actually find that and much more inspiration on my Pinterest Boards.  I love to find amazing photos to reference and pull my paint inspirations from… So I decided to take a deep blue-slightly more,.. well a lot more on the navy side, (I just couldn’t help it!) and I worked in some areas of oxidation and added in some rusty goodness…

You can see how I layered in the colors,.. then the rusty effects and even some drippy old oxidation…

DIY Rustic Paint Finish

Those old wooden handles I normally would replace were perfect to take on the rust and oxidation..

Blue Rusty Paint Finish

Then again at the feet… where the condensation would settle over time… the layers of blue fading back from the “sun”….Rusty Blue Paint

These photos honestly do it no justice!! So I guess that means you just have to create it for yourself!  Remember if you ever want to walk through the process, you can join my members only group! We may be past this finish BUT its always available as am I to help walk you through!  I have to say my students have had some amazing success!  You can see what we are up to by going HERE and you can even sign up there.  You can bet this finish will be covered in FULL!  Until next time at That Sweet Tea Life! 






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