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How to Paint Furniture: Your Ultimate Guide

Would you like to know how to paint furniture? Have you decided you are over your dining room furniture and need to revamp it?  Or maybe you enjoy the thought of painting a piece of furniture and this is your first furniture painting project.  You have to decide which of the many types of paint to use! There is “chalk paint” and latex paint,  primer and paint in one, oil based paint and even hybrid paints with oil and water based properties like Benjamin Moore Advance paint!  Are they all good? Which paint is best for furniture?  Here is what I know, all paint is created to stick to your surface.  Which paint you use is  is up to your style.

How to paint furniture,

Are you ready to learn how to create those looks you love?  Painting furniture doesn’t have to be big hard and scary! The hardest part is knowing what to use and when to use it!  Im going to answer all the questions you don’t even know you have!

How to Paint Wood Furniture

If you are a beginner you probably want to start with my Basic Refinishing Guide (Clickable Link) This is a readable, savable, printable, downloadable guide that will tell you step by step all the basics you NEED to know! You’re probably wondering, What kind of paint can you use of furniture without sanding? Or can you paint over varnished wood without sanding? I talk through these as well!

how to paint furniture -Learn how to paint furniture the right way!

How to Distress Furniture with Paint

It’s so tricky sometimes to know where and how to distress furniture with paint. Distressed furniture is always fun and a look that can stand there test of time since you never REALLY know when that distress got there! Ha! Did it already have that scratch on it? Learn how to approach distressing furniture with paint in this article DIY Furniture Projects: Antique Washstand Makeover

how to paint furniture -Before Antique Washstand makeover

How to Spray Paint Furniture

One question I get often is how to Spray Paint Furniture. Chances are if we want to spray furniture with paint it’s with paint that is MADE for furniture. Generally actual spray paints will not give the best results for our indoor furniture so its best to use a sprayer with the paint of our choice. My favorites are Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint and Benjamin Moore Advance. You can find me using Benjamin Moore Advance in Spraying Your Old Furniture: Its Easier Than You Think!

how to paint furniture -How to Spray Paint furniture

How to Chalk Paint Furniture

If we dont want to spray paint furniture we want to know how to paint furniture with chalk paint. Chalk Painting has become a house hold term that simply refers to painting with paint that has mineral style additive which helps promote adhesion as well as adds some texture when desired. My go to brand of chalk mineral paints to use when teaching others how to paint are Dixie Belle Paints (Clickable affiliate Link). You can see how I used their paints to create this gorgeous color chest of drawers and learn How to Chalk Paint Furniture with chalk paint in coral paint colors. (Clickable Link)

how to paint furniture -adding transfers

How do I seal painted furniture?

Now I think one of the first things many ask about are wax.  One of the more popular paint brands is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and generally the go to method for sealing the paint is to wax it using the Annie Sloan Brand Wax.  BUT there are SO MANY misconceptions about wax!  So, I decided to put this together to help you understand just whether or not you should use it yourself.  Read Wax or Nah where I discuss some of the most widely used options.

how to paint furniture -How to protect your painted furniture and how you may not want to.  Wax may not always be best to seal your chalk paints!

Can you paint dark furniture white?

The next thing that typically comes up is painting white furniture.  As with the shabby chic and farmhouse movements most often we want to turn that brown wood white! HOWEVER, as we begin painting furniture we find there are SO many things that can tend to arise when painting white furniture like bleed and yellowing.  Because of that I wrote Painting White Furniture: The Best No Fail Method!

How to Paint furniture -white and No bleeding! No fuss! The easiest sure no fail method!

What do I use to accent and shade?

Decorative gilding waxes have long been used to take our art to the next level!  But which one do you use?? I have compared a few of the most popular ones for you!

how to paint furniture -Furniture Painting Guide Decorative Gilding Wax

What is blending technique?

While painting furniture can be fun, its more fun when you begin to develop techniques you enjoy using.  Blending paint has become all the rage and provides us so much more creative freedom while painting! We can create depth and dimension like never before with single color applications.  While I wrote about Blending Paint on Furniture in You’re Blended Paint Inspiration I recorded everything LIVE on Facebook at my page “Thea at That Sweet Tea Life” and uploaded the entire walk through paint blending tutorial in Blending the Moody Blues Video Series.

How to blend paint on furniture | how to create an ombre effect |
How to blend paint on furniture | how to create an ombre effect | Videos to guide you!

How do you make paint look distressed?

Once we get the hang of putting paint on, we begin to wonder how to take it off! How do you antique painted furniture? (Better yet, how do you antique it without just making it look dirty?) Ive begun having a lot of fun with Rustic Glam styles of painting and I cover lots of my favorite techniques in each of these tutorials.

Rustic Glam: How to Paint the Look

how to paint furniture - Rustic paint finish with the perfect gold touches

Rustic Paint Finish: Rustic Glam!

how to paint furniture -layered and blended paint finishes with the perfect gold touches for a truly rustic glam feel!

What is the best gold for painted furniture? 

With rustic glam we explore how to add gold to your paint finish.  There are so many ways to do this but I tell you all about my favorite no fail method for adding gold embellishment (and without making a mess!) The video shows you how easy it is and everything you need to know about it!

how to paint furniture -Gold Leaf | Using liquid Gold Leaf | Video guide!

How to paint the Best colors on Furniture:

Sometimes we just cant paint the perfect color because we are too afraid to commit! Read on about how I was able to achieve the Best Coral Paint Color on this chest of drawers in “A Dresser in the Best Coral Paint Colors”

how to paint furniture -Best Coral Paint Colors

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  • sharon wilson

    I have some Fushion mineral paint I purchased a while ago and have not used yet. Now I am reading that If I have a piece that has a finish on it that sanding won’t work, I need to purchase Fushion’s gripp it to appy first. Do I have to or could I use something from Dixie Bell instead.? Love reading your stuff and am finally getting up the courage to try some. Have quite a few would be projects.
    Sharon wilson.

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