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How to Make an Easy DIY Clothespin Wreath

Having a beautiful wreath on your front door is a simple way to make your doorstep a more welcoming place. But if you don’t have access to fresh greenery, don’t sweat it. Did you know you can make a gorgeous seasonal wreath out of clothespins? In this article, we’ll show you the basics for how to make this easy and eye-catching clothespin wreath!

How To Make a Clothespin Wreath

A clothespin wreath is exactly what it sounds like — a decorative wreath made out of regular clothespins. This simple craft is surprisingly attractive and easy to pull together. All you need is a base to clip them on and some paint. There is no gluing (unless you want to add decoration) and tons of room for creativity!

Paint Your Clothespins 

The first step is to paint your clothespins. I went with basic craft paints and a brush, but if you want to make the process even faster, feel free to use spray paint. Make sure you cover the sides and the bottom of the pin so that there are no plain wooden parts showing. 

painting clothespins for a DIY clothespin wreath

I wanted to do a fall theme with a kind of ombre effect, so I went one color at a time. I started out with red and painted all the clothespins I was going to use. For a six-inch wreath, I ended up using 38 clothespins spaced very close together. 

After I painted all the clothespins red, I repeated the process with orange in the middle.

adding a second color to your clothespin wreath

I let the paint dry mostly between each color, but not completely, since I wanted a bit of a blending effect. Lastly, I ended with yellow for a nice fall palette. 

clothespins fully painted in red and yellow

Then I set them aside to dry while I got started on the base of my wreath.

Assembling The Wreath

Now it is time to secure the clothespins on a wreath base. If you want to spend a bit more money, you can buy a wreath base made of wire from most craft stores! However, if you want to keep things super simple, there are plenty of household objects that serve almost as well. 

I used the outer rim of an old yogurt container. I cut out the center, then secured the cut with masking tape so that it was a full circle once again. It might not be perfect, but that’s OK — the base shouldn’t show in the final project. It is just there for the clothespins to have something to hold onto! 

yogurt container rim cut off to use as base for the clothespin wreath.

Securing The Clothespins

Now all that is left is securing the clothespins onto the base. This is not a difficult step, but it might take a bit of time, since it is important to make sure each one is lined up evenly! It took me a bit of trial and error to figure out the best way to angle and space them so that they looked attractive. 

Here was my final result:

finished clothespin wreath meant to look like the sun


I decided to keep my final result simple without any decorations — I thought the colors on their own looked really nice without any extra pieces! 

sun clothespin wreath hanging on the front door.

But there are tons of decoration ideas that would be a great addition (some of which I considered for my own wreath!). 

Here are a few fun ideas for finishing off your final project:

A Festive Message

A few simple wooden letters and a bit of paint, and you have a fun bit of decoration that you can glue to your wreath! If you want to keep your wreath up through more of the year, you can also make it so that your message can be swapped out. Consider making different seasonal messages that can be hung over the top of the wreath with some twine so that the greeting is always coordinating with the time of year. Alternatively, you can keep things generic with a message like “Welcome” or your family name. 

Autumn Decor

This is a seasonal wreath after all, so it could use a bit of autumn decor! You can find faux leaves at the craft store in bright colors. These are easy to glue around the edge of your wreath to add an extra bit of seasonal flair. 

Springtime wreaths can include faux flowers, animals, shamrocks, or Easter eggs, while summer wreaths are an opportunity to add flags, sunshine, bees, or tropical plants. Winter wreaths are the perfect chance to add holiday décor or anything winter and snow-themed.

Personalized Décor

If you want your wreath to be a permanent fixture on your door, consider adding some fun personalization that suits any time of the year. Many people include their family name or their house number since the wreath is a prominent piece of porch décor. 

Of course, if personalization means something different to you, this is the perfect chance to get creative and have fun. Love glitter? Obsessed with your pet cats? Add whatever décor you want to make your wreath uniquely yours.


How Hard Is It To Make a Clothespin Wreath? 

It is incredibly easy to make this clothespin wreath. It doesn’t take any special skills — just a bit of elbow grease and time. But you don’t need to have any particular artistic talent to pull it together and make it look great! 

What Do You Need To Make This Craft?

To make this clothespin wreath, you just need a few basic items that you can find at almost any craft store. I used 38 clothespins to make a wreath that was six inches in diameter. 

You will also need:

  • Paints and paintbrush (I used basic paints from the dollar store)
  • Wreath base made of wire or plastic 
  • Any decorations you want


It’s incredibly easy to customize this clothespin wreath in any design you want! Feel free to make it in pastels for Easter, stars and stripes for Independence Day, or a winter theme for the holidays. No matter what you choose, it’s super easy to make this craft look gorgeous on your front door. Have you ever made a clothespin wreath? Tell us how it went in the comments!