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How to Make this Dollar Store Wreath for Christmas

When one holiday passes one of the first things we do is tell the world whats up next by changing up our holiday decor! And what is the first thing we decorate? Our front door! Its like we get to yell to the world, “Christmas is comin y’all!”. What better way to announce Christmas is coming than with an ADORABLE Dollar Store Wreath that wont break the bank? Well this is without a doubt one of my favorite dollar store wreath ideas.

diy dollar store wreath

Learn how to make this Dollar Store Wreath for Your Door

I have shared lots of other Christmas Decoration Ideas including my Adorable Mason Jars but today we are going to attempt to beat our budget with this dollar store wreath tutorial.

I get it, I never had that home growing up where we decorated for the seasons, and now, Im just playing catch up! So who can afford to buy everything each year or even a piece here and there can be overwhelming when you live on a budget. Hmmm.. Christmas decoration or groceries?

For that reason I love trying to invent decorations and such that a super budget friendly! So, how about we make this LOVELY dollar store ornament wreath?

What will we need to make our Christmas Wreath?

Ok, here is everything you will need! Now all the little pieces can be found at the Dollar Store! BUT you have to be quick! When they put out their Christmas Decor, they are bought up fast! So, just in case you need it, I listed everything on Amazon for you and gave you a couple of options for each of your dollar store supplies. You can find it all HERE

  • Foam wreath form: Dollar Tree (Whatever size you like! As long as it fits between your door frame! haha!)
  • Deer ornament: Dollar Tree (or have fun here and use what you like)
  • Candle ring florals or other festive florals: Dollar Tree
  • Pine cone florals: Dollar Tree
  • Sweater: Thrift store or closet -OR I have some AMAZING yarn (at the link above) you could wrap around the wreath form!
  • Scissors: Dollar Tree
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks: Dollar Tree or Hobby Store
  • Floral wire: Dollar Tree
  • Wire cutters: Hobby Store
christmas wreath dollar store

Now How do We Make our Dollar Store Ornament Wreath?

First things first we have to cut our sweater to fit around wreath. *Cutting horizontally along the bottom of the sweater is a great place to start. Now if you DONT have a sweater to spare, check out the gorgeous yarn I included above in the Amazon list for you! You can just use that yarn to wrap the form.

diy dollar store christmas wreath

Once you have your sweater cut out you will want to wrap it around the wreath form and glue it into place. Be sure to keep the seam at the back of the wreath and not visible from the front. (By the way, can I say how much I LOVE my wireless Hot Glue Gun?! I really really don’t like wires and this guy is the best!)

diy wreath dollar store

Once you have all the excess cut away, you can see here how you can just work a little at a time and glue as you go! (If you have straight pins, feel free to use them if it makes your work easier! …that would have been a great idea!)

dollar store wreath form

After everything is in place and secured, cut candle ring florals in half, removing any extra unnecessary plastic. You can keep as much or as little attached to one another.

dollar store wreath form

Take the greenery and tie them to the wreath with floral wire. You can also use your hot glue gun to attach these pieces. *Something super trendy is loading up the wreath on one side or all at the bottom which allows a large area of the lovely sweater to show.

Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations Sweater wreath tutorial

Once all the greenery is in place then layer in deer, pinecones, and additional floral sprigs. HAVE FUN!

Once all the decorative pieces are in place you can create a hanger. Just wrap floral wire around sweater and try to get it in between any ribbing to hide it. *For hanging a wreath that has decorations on one side, hold the wreath on an extended finger and see where it balances so decorations are centered. Tie on hanger at this point.

Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations Sweater Wreath

Now let hang that baby up!

dollar store wreath tutorial

I just love how all the little dollar store decorations came together to make this festive wreath!

diy dollar store wreath

Be sure to let me know if you make your own! I would love to see it! Send an email or you can always find me on Facebook at That at That Sweet Tea Life!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.