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The 5 Best Chalk Paint Brushes You Need In Your Arsenal

If you’re new to DIY and eager to try chalk-style paints, it’s important to know that not just any brush will do. Choosing the right brush is as crucial as the paint itself for achieving your desired finish. While you may have already selected your project piece and chalk paint, remember that there are special brushes designed for chalk paint.

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to guide you through the 5 best chalk paint brushes essential for your DIY toolkit, ensuring you’ll be painting like a pro by the end of your first project.

chalk paint brush with painting supplies

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Staalmeester Brush – J – Oval 2010 Series

Runner Up
Cling On! Oval Paint Brush O35 for Chalk Paint

Best Budget Option
Modern Art Supplies Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Furniture Set

Budget Kit
DIYARTZ Chalk & Wax Paint Brush

Best Overall

Staalmeester Brush – J – Oval 2010 Series

Staalmeester Brush - J - Oval 2010 Series - #45 (48mm) - 1.8 inch

Staalmeester has been making paint brushes for nearly a century, and now they’ve branched into the world of chalk paint. Their line of chalk paint brushes are made of 100% natural boar bristles, have an ergonomic handle, and are designed for low shedding.

Their chalk paint brush set features brushes of every shape and size for all your painting needs. These let you do everything from painting to blending, decorating and waxing.

Their folk art brush set comes with 6 brushes in varying sizes and styles, making them an excellent choice for furniture and crafting alike.

Runner Up

Cling On! Oval Paint Brush O35 for Chalk Paint

Cling On! Oval Paint Brush O35 for Chalk Paint and all Water Based Paint

The Trekkie in me always giggles a little when I read the name of this chalk paint brush brand.

Cling On! Paint brushes are an excellent choice for synthetic chalk paint brushes. This small, angled brush is perfect for getting into small spaces and doing decoration and detailing, especially on furniture.

The nylon filaments are made to provide even coverage while retaining flexibility and shape retention. Cling On! brushes also help reduce the appearance of brush strokes for a smoother finish.

Budget Option

Modern Art Supplies Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Furniture Set

Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Furniture Set- Painting or Waxing - Milk Paint - Dark or Clear Soft Wax - Home Decor Cabinets Stencils Woods - Natural Bristles 1 Small Round and 1 Large Oval Brushes

Modern Art Supplies’ chalk paint brushes come in a variety of sizes to offer options for painting and detail work. These rounded brushes with natural bristles are designed for use on furniture.

Their shape reduces the amount of time it takes to finish your project while providing a smooth, even coat for both paint and wax. They come in a pack of two, one large and one small brush in the set means you will have the right brush for every part of your project.

Budget Kit

DIYARTZ Chalk & Wax Paint Brush

Chalk & Wax Paint Brush (Set of 6) for Waxing & Painting Projects – 100% Natural Boar Bristles, Ergonomic Handles, Minimum Shedding – Smooth Coverage for Furniture, Milk Paint & Stencil

The DIYARTZ kit provides many different styles of chalk paint brush in an affordable kit. If you plan to do more than one piece, you might consider investing in this kit to give you the flexibility you’ll need as you do more varied pieces.

Infiniti Elementz Professional Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Set

Professional Chalk and Wax Paint Brush 2PC Set!!!! Large DIY Painting and Waxing Tool | Smooth, Natural Bristles | Folk Art, Home Décor, Wood Projects, Furniture, Stencils | Reusable (Large Small 2pc)

Infiniti Elements offers high-quality, but affordable chalk paint brushes with natural bristles. They come in a set of two and are designed to work for both paint and wax.

These brushes are perfect for providing smooth, even coverage while reducing painting time, making them perfect for large areas or projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a different brush?

Chalk paint isn’t like traditional acrylic paint. It is a thicker, water-based paint designed to give a matte finish when used. Because it is designed to look aged and weathered, you’ll want to make sure you use a chalk paintbrush designed to give you that finish.

And most chalk paint brushes you will see are round in shape, vs the wide, flat-styled brushes you commonly use for acrylic paints. A round brush helps you achieve the gorgeous hand-painted brush stroke effect that is so popular with chalk paint.

How do I care for chalk paint brushes?

When you’re finished painting, squeeze as much paint as possible out of the bristles. Then wash it under a running faucet. Usually, a rinse under warm water is enough. Be sure to hold your brush’s handle up, with the bristles at a downward angle so as not to get the epoxy holding them in wet. This will help to ensure the longevity of your brushes and reduce the amount of shedding that could occur over time with extended use.

To dry chalk paint brushes, wrap them in a clean cloth or hang them by the handle to drip dry. This will ensure that all the moisture evaporates instead of running into the handle or other components. 

How do I store chalk paint brushes in between coats?

Chalk paint needs to dry completely between each coat, which usually takes around 24 hours. During this time, it is vital that you store your paint brush properly so that it doesn’t dry out. You don’t necessarily need to wash it – in fact, some experts recommend avoiding it. Instead, wrap it in plastic wrap or a plastic bag until it’s time for your next coat. This will keep it moist and pliable so that it’s ready to go.

How do you get rid of brush strokes in chalk paint?

Getting a smooth finish with chalk paint is vital to the final look of your project! As you’re working, brush gently in every direction to reduce the brush strokes. Alternatively, you can brush in a single direction, then switch to the opposite direction during the second coat. Some brands of chalk paint also have leveling agents that reduce the appearance of brush strokes and give a smooth finish. 

chalk paint brush on a can of white chalk paint

Wrapping Up

Chalk paint is a trendy and versatile way to decorate your furniture, walls, or other projects. No matter what you are working on, the key is to have all the right tools, including the right chalk paint brush. This will ensure that your finished project looks as good as it can.

Do you have a favorite brush we didn’t mention on our list? Tell us about it in the comments below. And happy crafting, guys!