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Seamless Cuts: Enhance Your Crafting with the Perfect Quilting Cutting Table

There are plenty of craft and cutting tables on the market. But which one is the best choice for your next quilting project? Not all quilting cutting tables are made the same! There are several things you’ll want to take into consideration to avoid wasting your time and money.

Continue reading to find our top 5 picks for the best quilting cutting table!

quilting cutting table

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Studio Designs Sew Ready Premium 13386

Best Budget
Studio Designs Standing Height Craft Table

Best Premium
Arrow Wallaby Kangaroo Quilting Cabinet and Table K8405

Best Overall

Studio Designs Sew Ready Premium 13386

Sew Ready Foldable Hobby and Cutting Grid Table - 58.75

Complete with a built-in grid design right on the tabletop, this foldable table is perfect for any level quilter! With almost 60” from side to side and 36” across, there’s plenty of room for fabric and supplies. This table also has lots of storage, including 2-slide-out drawers and a lower shelf. The adjustable table height allows the quilter to work while sitting or standing. The table sits on casters for easy mobility.


  • Easy to put together
  • Folds up nicely
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Problems with customer service

Best Budget

Studio Designs Standing Height Craft Table

Sew Ready Mobile Fabric Cutting Table with Storage Drawers and Fixed Height, 36

The Studio Designs Standing Height Craft Table can fold to a convenient 12” wide for easy storage. Included are two mesh baskets, as well as a lower shelf to hold fabric or supplies. Rolling casters are included for easy mobility, four of them with a locking mechanism. The frame is powder-coated for extra durability. Dimensions for this quilting table are 60” x 36” x 30”.


  • Simple set-up
  • Foldable flaps make it convenient and easy to store
  • Lots of space to spread out with your quilt


  • Casters fall apart after a few years
  • Some of the screws were too long for the table

Best Premium

Arrow K8405 Wallaby Kangaroo Quilting Cabinet and Table

Arrow K8405 Wallaby Kangaroo Sewing, Cutting, Quilting, Crafting Cabinet and Table, Includes Storage and Airlift, Portable with Wheels, Teak Finish

Have a quilting cutting table and space for your sewing machine all in one! This beautiful table holds your sewing machine, along with plenty of tabletop space for cutting and measuring. Open the inside doors to reveal lots of options for storing supplies. When not in use, this table folds neatly to resemble a simple cabinet that can be tucked away in a corner until it’s needed for your next quilting project.


  • Helpful video available for assembly
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Excellent customer service


  • Assembly can be challenging
  • Comes in several boxes before assembly

Best Durability

Sullivans 12575 White Portable Sewing Table

Sullivans , White Portable Sewing Table, Yard

Looking for a quilting cutting table with drawers? The Sullivans Portable Sewing Table will accent any decor! It folds up neatly to fit in a corner and looks like any other small chest of drawers. However, the possibilities with this table are endless! With four deep drawers, this table is loaded with storage. This table will work well for tight spaces and smaller living arrangements. Despite its size, this table is durable and sturdy!


  • Can handle a heavy load
  • Great product for the price
  • Helps keep supplies organized with the storage capacity
  • Great compact design for small living


  • Not as wide as other quilting tables
  • Heavier than other tables

Quilting Cutting Table Buyer’s Guide

Features of a quilting cutting table

Several features will make your quilting experience better. Your quilting style and the projects you’re working on will dictate which of these features you should take into consideration before purchasing your quilting cutting table.

  • Height: Some tables are adjustable in height, some are not. Just because a table can’t be adjusted doesn’t mean it’s not the right pick for you. Pay attention to the measurements of the table and consider your height and physical needs when looking to purchase a quilting table.
  • Wide tabletop: This is ideal if you’ve got a large project so you can spread the fabric out. However, it’s not a deal-breaker if you’re able to focus on your project in small sections and don’t mind folding the fabric over to create more room while working.
  • Storage: Not all tables have storage included, and not all quilters want storage in their table. This will depend on the storage you already have available for your quilting projects and if you want to have supplies at your fingertips or tucked neatly away elsewhere.
  • Foldable: Not all quilters have a separate craft room to work on their projects. If you are using your quilting cutting table in a room used for anything other than quilting, you might want to consider a table with flaps that fold down for easy storage while not in use.
  • Stability: If you plan to place your sewing machine on the table you’ll want to have a more stable table than if you’re simply using it for cutting fabric. Consider how you’ll be using the table and just how sturdy you’ll need it to be before you purchase.

Expected cost of a quilting cutting table

The cost of a quilting table depends on the quality and size of the table. Several good quality quilting cutting tables cost between $150-200. However, they may lack what some quilters prefer to have included as part of their tables. A high-end quilting cutting table with lots of storage and a sleek design can cost over $1000.

For the average quilter, expect to spend about $150-500 for a table that will fit your needs and the decor of your house. The cost of shipping is also something to consider.

Before purchasing any quilting table, be sure to check on the return policy of the store and the customer service access for the manufacturer to avoid any problems or frustrations.

Quilting Cutting Table Frequently Asked Questions

What height should my quilting cutting table be?

Regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing, good posture is a must if you plan to spend hours working on your quilting project.

  • For the standing position, begin by standing with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, slightly lower your forearms until they are at a comfortable angle. Set the height of the table so you can keep your arms at about this position for the duration of your work. This should help relieve shoulder and neck pain associated with long hours of quilting.
  • For the sitting position, lower the table and/or raise your stool so your arms are bent and just slightly raised. The table might not be as low as when you’re standing. However, you should not need to constantly raise your arms to reach the table, or you’ll tire yourself out quickly. Constantly using your arm muscles to raise your hands will cause neck and shoulder tension. The benefit of sitting is that you can easily lean on your forearms on the table to give them some relief. This will not cause as much stress on the table as if you leaned against it standing.

Can I use any table as a quilting cutting table?

Quilting tables, also called crafting, sewing, or cutting tables, are a must-have for any creative who plans to work multiple hours a week on their projects. For this reason, a separate table for your quilting project is highly recommended. While the right height and sturdiness table may be available to you, consider the accessibility and ease of use for your quilting projects.

Leaving your fabric, supplies, and quilt on the table when you need to step away for the day can save time and effort when you come back to your project next. This may not be possible if using a dining area table.

If you plan to use the dining table for your quilting project, consider the extra step of having to clean the table off of all items and scrubbing it down before each use, to ensure your quilting project doesn’t get dirty.

Another consideration for using a specific quilting table is to ensure the height and set-up are ergonomically right for your body.

What size quilting cutting table do I need for my project?

Again, this will entirely depend on the quilter. For a beginner or intermediate quilter, or a quilter who plans on only making small projects, a more compact table might work well. However, for the serious quilter who spends multiple hours per day, or for a quilter who takes on big projects, a larger table might save frustration and confusion while amid your quilting project.

quilting cutting table

Time to Choose Your Quilting Cutting Table

That’s everything you need to know to choose your next quilting table! Which table will work best for your next project?

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