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18 Inspiring Ways to Use Blue Chalk Paint That Go Beyond Rustic Chic

Blue is one of the most beautiful colors you can put in your house. Classic soft blue is a beautiful backdrop that fits with many styles; deep navy blue can look dignified and chic, and royal blue is eye-popping and gorgeous. There are so many great ways to use blue chalk paint in your home to achieve any style you like, from farmhouse chic to ultra modern. Here are our top 18 ideas for using blue chalk paint in your home! 

blue chalk painted dresser

1. Royal Blue Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re a person who loves wild, bright, and attention-catching colors, you will love to have kitchen cabinets like these. They definitely make a statement, and they are anything but the basic white cabinets you’ve seen in every rental. These kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to get a bright pop of color in your kitchen. This kind of coverage usually requires several layers of chalk paint, but the result is well worth it. 

2. Deep Blue Side Tables

Blue is wonderful when it comes to chalk paint, because it can mean so many different things! You’ll find blue chalk paint in every shade depending on the paint brand you choose. This ultra-sleek, modern side table is a piece of furniture that stands out and makes a statement. It looks incredibly chic, especially paired with the gold drawer handles. It’s amazing to think that this piece was entirely upcycled, and it’s easy to replicate it in your own home. 

3. Ombre Blue Dresser

Ombre might look difficult to pull off, but it’s easier than you might think. This dusty blue chalk paint Ombre dresser is a one-of-a-kind piece that stands out in any room. Thanks to the Ombre effect, it involves a lot less painting than full coat projects, and you might be surprised at how quickly it comes together! The original creator used a floral design to make the outcome soft and feminine, but you can take it in any direction you prefer.

4. Pale Blue Dresser

This pale blue dresser evokes a classic look without looking like a vintage nursery or your grandmother’s house. Instead, it looks crisp, clean, and elegant, a perfect canvas for almost any design or theme. To keep it looking rustic or “farmhouse” style, do only one or two layers so that it retains a streaky look. To make it chic and modern, apply several layers to get full, even coverage that looks clean and stylish. 

5. Vintage Blue Side Table

In addition to playing with different shades of blue, feel free to mix your colors when it comes to chalk paint! This creator chose to use a dark but vivid royal blue combined with a darker navy. The result is an aged but stylish look that almost looks like it came straight from the pages of a book. This piece is perfect for setting off your dining room or kitchen in style. 

6. Elegant Blue Desk

Don’t think that chalk paint is just for chairs and dressers! This gorgeous desk started out as a dull antique but finished up as a chic and vibrant statement piece. It would look perfect in a country chic house but is also sleek and modern to suit other styles as well. One thing is certain: it looks nothing like a nondescript desk just like a million others. This is a piece of furniture that stands out. 

7. French-Inspired Dresser

This beautiful Parisian-style dresser uses a simple layer of blue chalk paint combined with a gold decal. This creator also added some streaks of color on the sides that give it a slightly vintage look. You can also achieve this by sticking to one or two layers and letting it stay a bit streaky. Or if you prefer a more full-coverage look, add multiple layers to get it looking bright, clean, and colorful!

8. Navy Blue Cabinet

Navy blue is one of those colors that can suit almost any style. You’ll often see it used in beach-style homes, but it’s great for any theme that calls for color and elegance. Full coverage navy blue chalk paint looks clean and modern, while thinner layers, like the ones used on this cabinet, provide a more rustic or vintage feel. The creator here has set the deep blue off with gold accents on the drawers and doors. 

9. Textured Blue Wall

Don’t think that chalk paint is only good for furniture — and don’t think that your only options are one coat or two. This textured wall is a gorgeous way to turn a regular painted wall into something that is eye-catching and one of a kind. This is a result of several shades of white, blue, and subtle maroon. Most walls are easy to overlook, but there is no way you’ll be overlooking this beautiful textured paint job! 

10. Ombre Turquoise Bathroom Wall

Don’t forget that turquoise is a shade of blue, too! This ombre turquoise bathroom wall turns an ordinary space into a comfortable oasis. Here, deep blue has been skillfully blended with turquoise to create a gradual ombre effect. It almost looks like an underwater scene! But whatever it reminds you of, there’s no denying that it’s peaceful and beautiful — perfect for a place to rest and relax. 

11. Duck Egg Blue Chair

Furniture is one of the most popular choices for chalk paint. The matte finish works incredibly well on upcycled or wood furniture as well as many other materials! This particular chair is painted in duck egg blue, which just barely bridges the gap between soft blue and soft green. Sometimes, a simple paint job is the most eye-catching thing you can do, and that’s the case with this beautiful chair.

blue chalk paint with brush

12. Navy Blue Chalkboard Wall

While different from chalk paint, you have probably seen a chalkboard wall before — a whole wall that is made to be used just like a classroom chalkboard. But you might not know that chalkboard walls can be any color, not just black! This navy blue chalkboard wall is beautiful as an accent wall and pairs nicely with lighter blue walls (or whatever other color you prefer). It is a wonderful alternative to the starkness that a traditional black chalkboard wall offers. 

13. Mediterranean Blue Accent Table

The famously blue rooftops of many Greek islands have gained their reputation for a good reason! This color absolutely pops wherever you put it. Even on a small piece of furniture like an accent table, it is just stunning. This is a simple DIY project that you will have done in less than an hour. All it takes is a couple layers of paint and a coat of wax to get it looking amazing.

blue end table with natural top

14. Beach-Inspired Blue Bed Frame

Most bed frames are pretty forgettable. But with the right paint and a bit of elbow grease, you can transform a basic bed frame into something unique and beautiful. This coastal-style bed frame is perfect for any home, even those that aren’t within walking distance of the beach. If you want to transform your old bed into a stylish statement piece, this might be one of the simplest ways to do it! 

15. Unique Blue Garden Bathroom

You’ve probably seen plenty of blue bathrooms before — usually that tired shade of baby blue! But you’ve likely never seen a bathroom like this before. This gorgeous bathroom design relies on deep blue chalk paint as its backdrop and finishes up with a flower design in stencil. This is undeniably unique and looks fresh, attractive, and relaxing — exactly the way you want a bathroom to look! 

16. Royal Blue Kitchen Island

Sometimes a pop of color is all you need to transform a space from basic and tired to dynamic and unique. This upcycled kitchen island has been given a royal blue base with a matching chair and lamp. It is a wonderfully warm but also elegant color in a kitchen — one that you don’t often see. Depending on how much coverage you achieve, you can go for a farmhouse chic look, a vintage look, or an ultra sophisticated, modern look.

blue kitchen island

17. Blue Fireplace Wall

If you have a fireplace in your home, it’s a wonderful opportunity for using some color and making it unique! Designers and DIYers have made a trend of painting naked brick around fireplaces, with some amazing results. Blue is a great color for a fireplace wall, and it is one you probably won’t see anywhere else! You can either match it to the color of the surrounding walls, as this creator has done, or paint it in a complimentary color. 

18. Royal Blue Front Door

They say that your front door is the greeting card to your home. It makes the first impression as your guests come over the threshold. So it makes sense that you want your front door to be vibrant, beautiful, and welcoming. You won’t see very many royal blue front doors around — which is exactly why this is such a lovely and eye-catching choice. It’s the perfect way to show just how unique your home is! 

royal blue front door


How Do You Make Blue Chalk Paint Darker? 

Sometimes as you are completing a DIY project, you might find that the paint isn’t the exact shade you’re looking for. In the case of blue chalk paint, you can actually use paint wax to your advantage! 

You should always seal chalk paint after finishing a paint job and letting it dry. But you can actually find tinted wax as well. This will darken the paint color slightly depending on how much you use. 

If you prefer to darken as you paint, you can mix chalk paint colors just as you would with any other type of paint! 

What Can You Use Chalk Paint On?

Chalk paint is popularly used on walls and wooden furniture. But believe it or not, it works well on many materials! You will find people using chalk paint on everything from metal to ceramics and even fabric. Bear in mind that some types of chalk paint are made for a specific material. 

Do You Need to Sand Before Using Chalk Paint? 

Chalk paint adheres very effectively to many surfaces. In general, you don’t need to sand before you use chalk paint. The exception would be if you are painting on a very uneven or rough surface. For most purposes, however, you won’t have to sand or prime before starting to paint. 


If you have ever searched for chalk paint ideas, you know that the internet is full of them. When it comes to a versatile color like blue, there is virtually no end to the ways that you can use it. From furniture to walls, doors, and other fixtures, the sky’s the limit for making your home look unique and beautiful. What’s your favorite way to use blue chalk paint? Let us know in the comments!