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12 Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Is your bathroom looking a little shabby or outdated? Luckily, it’s easy to do something about it without spending a lot of money on a total bathroom makeover! Even simple things like a fresh coat of paint or a new shower curtain will revitalize your bathroom decor.

Keep reading to learn about 12 of the best bathroom decorating ideas on a budget.

Bathroom counter with towels and plants, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

Making Small Additions

While it’s true that the best bathroom decor doesn’t have to be expensive, it also doesn’t have to be large to make a big difference! These next few bathroom decorating ideas for people on a budget show that size doesn’t matter when it comes to the perfect upgrade to your bathroom.

1. Bring in Plants

Introducing some greenery into your bathroom is the perfect way to freshen up a room that’s a little dull or unexciting. As an added bonus, in the winter, when things are gray outside, you can enjoy a tropical vacation in your very own bathroom!

When selecting plants to decorate your bathroom on a budget, it’s important to choose types that can withstand the humidity, warmth, and other temperature changes that may occur in your bathroom.

With this in mind, plants like bamboo, philodendron, and pothos are great solutions that will thrive in your bathroom environment.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, adding artificial plants into your space is a great alternative with the same effect. Plus, it’s probably one of the best ideas for decorating a bathroom on a budget because fake plants are so long-lasting!

This set of three fake eucalyptus plants would provide some stunning greenery in your bathroom without the hassle of caring for a plant. For something a little larger, this artificial hanging plant will bring the beauty of the outdoors into your bathroom without the hassle of watering.

2. Repurpose Spare Furniture

This next idea in our line-up of the best bathroom decorating ideas on a budget is one that you won’t even have to spend any money on!

Most of us have some piece of furniture sitting around the house that isn’t working where it is or that we simply don’t use anymore. Have you ever thought about moving it into your bathroom?

Relocating an unused storage cabinet or an under-loved chair into your bathroom can do something new and fun with something old.

If you’re looking to go a step further and want to really revamp your bathroom furniture, check out our super handy guide to repurposing furniture.

3. Color Coordinate Your Shower Curtain and Towels

Color coordination can turn any bathroom into an elegant and relaxing space when done well. If you want your bathroom to seem more like a spa, one of the best budget bathroom decorating ideas is to match the color of your towels to your shower curtain.

The best way to color-match your towels with a shower curtain, or vice versa, is to do it yourself! Try bringing your towels into a home goods store and use your own fashionable eye to pair it with a shower curtain that fits.

Reeple Ombre Textured Shower Curtain Set with Rugs for Bathroom 72 x 72 Inch Waterproof Fabric Gradual Color Shower Curtain with 12 Hooks (Navy Blue)

If you want to take color coordination to the next level, you can find plenty of matching shower curtains and bathroom rugs online, too! This  Ombre Textured Shower Curtain Set is a fun and inexpensive way to color-coordinate your bathroom without being overwhelming.

Even if you already have color-coordinated linens in your bathroom, this tip may still work for you!

Consider purchasing a second, inexpensive set of towels and a matching shower curtain that you can rotate in during certain seasons or holidays.

4. Introduce a Fragrance

Signature scents aren’t just for people! Finding a fragrance that complements your space is a great way to keep your bathroom fresh and inviting.

There are multiple ways that you can introduce a fragrance into your bathroom. For example, you may want the ease of a room spray or prefer a diffuser’s aesthetic touch.

You might prefer the classic Poo-Pourri. On the other hand, if something a little more spa-like is up your alley, a eucalyptus and mint room freshener spray is a perfect idea.

If a diffuser is more your preference, a product like the Cocod’or Preserved Real Flower Reed Diffuser will provide the long-lasting scent you need.

When decorating a bathroom on a budget, there are plenty of options to make your space smell great without hurting your wallet.

Freshening Up Walls

Bathroom walls are often a seriously underutilized space for decor, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Decorating a bathroom on a budget means making use of every available space.

From wallpaper to paint to framed photos and art, there’s so much you can do to freshen up the walls in your bathroom.

5. Create a Mini Art Gallery

This next idea for decorating a bathroom on a budget really lets you indulge your creative side! Turn your bathroom into a mini art gallery by putting up a small collection of framed photos or inexpensive artwork.

Even if artwork isn’t in your budget, you can take this bathroom decorating idea on a budget to the next level and print out photos of artwork or images you like from the internet.

6. Apply Removable Wallpaper

If you want something that will cover your bathroom walls a little more fully, removable wallpaper is the product for you! Removable wallpaper comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, from florals to faux wood to

NuWallpaper NUS3830 Navy Secret Garden Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Blue

For example, this NuWallpaper Navy Secret Garden peel-and-stick wallpaper would make a beautifully detailed addition to your bathroom walls.

However, if you’re looking for something a little simpler, you can’t go wrong with a removable wallpaper like this Abyssaly Peel and Stick Wallpaper comes in a variety of solid colors that will brighten any wall.

In addition to being renter-friendly, removable wallpaper is a great budget bathroom decorating idea.

Specifically, the beauty of removable wallpaper is that it’s so easy and relatively inexpensive to change. If you get bored with it, it’s no problem to swap it out with another color or pattern!

7. Make Your Own Wall Collage

To really bring your artistic talent to a bathroom makeover, consider creating your own wall collage! This is a great bathroom decorating idea on a budget because you can complete this project using materials you already have.

For example, try cutting photos and graphics that you like out of magazines or make a collage out of old personal items like movie tickets or photographs to make a life-sized scrapbook.

For other ideas on how to decorate your walls in a crafty way, take a look at our article 11 DIY Wall Art Ideas You Can Make for Your Home.

8. Paint the Ceiling

While it may be a no-brainer to repaint your bathroom walls, painting the ceiling will actually make a huge difference! With the right ceiling paint color and type, you can make the room seem brighter and more open while also protecting against mildew and other types of mold.

Painting your bathroom ceiling is also a great solution when it comes to bathroom decorating ideas on a budget because you only have to buy enough paint to cover one surface rather than multiple walls.

For paint that will refresh your bathroom and provide the protection you need, we recommend Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint.

Updating Hardware

Making changes to the hardware in your bathroom can totally transform your bathroom from outdated and mismatched to a modern and cohesive space.

While it might seem like this is one of the more expensive ideas for bathroom decorating on a budget, it doesn’t have to be! You can easily find items like cabinet knobs and handles at thrift stores, and products like heated towel racks are fairly inexpensive online.

9. Replace Cabinet Knobs and Handles

Switching out the knobs or handles on your bathroom cabinets is a small but super impactful way to improve your bathroom decor! It’s easy to get creative with the different sizes, shapes, and styles of available hardware.

10. Switch out Overhead Lighting

Lighting can significantly impact our own moods and the mood of a space. If you get annoyed every time you turn on your bathroom lights, it may be time to upgrade the overhead lighting in your bathroom!

However, switching out your overhead lighting doesn’t have to mean making a big purchase, especially when it comes to bathroom decorating ideas on a budget. Even just swapping out the light bulbs is a massive improvement.

Vintage LED Edison Light Bulbs would make your bathroom lighting warm and inviting.

For something colorful and a little wacky, try some color-changing lightbulbs. With their handy remote control, you can change your light bulb color to whatever suits your mood.

11. Make Sink and Toilet Handles Match

This might seem like a random upgrade, but when it comes to bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, the smallest changes are the most important. For example, updating your sink and toilet handles so that their colors or finishes are the same is a great way to create a visually clean and sleek space.

12. Install a Heated Towel Rack

Just because these are bathroom decorating ideas on a budget doesn’t mean they can’t be luxurious! Installing a heated towel rack will make your bathroom feel like a spa when you need something cozy on those cold winter days.

This electric towel warmer is the perfect solution for people looking to upgrade their bathroom on a budget. With its automatic timer function, you can wake up to warm towels every day of the year!

Tangkula Towel Warmer, Home Bathroom 100W Electric 5-Bar Towel Drying Rack, Freestanding and Wall Mounted Design Towel Hanger, Towel Heater, White (23

To make things even easier, a freestanding towel warmer will give all the benefits of a heated towel rack without the pain of installation.

Finding the Best Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

If it’s time for your bathroom to get a makeover, look no further than our 12 best ideas for decorating a bathroom on a budget! It’s so easy to make your bathroom look like a completely new space with only a few dollars in your budget.

Looking for more project ideas to take your home decor to the next level? Check out our DIY page for tons of inspiration!