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21 Steampunk Decor Ideas: Adding a Touch of Industrial Elegance to Your Home

With rich dark colors, plenty of metal, and an overall flair for the dramatic, steampunk decor has a unique design style that’s unlike anything else. This one-of-a-kind style incorporates Victorian-era elegance with touches of industrialism and futurism. The result is a quirky, whimsical aesthetic that really stands out from the crowd.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate this unique style into your home, this article is for you. I’ll go over the elements of steampunk, where to find pieces to decorate with, how to incorporate the style into your home, and give you plenty of specific steampunk decor ideas. Let’s get started!

Examples of steampunk decor, a hat with gears, old lamp, binoculars, and clock

The Elements of Steampunk Decor

Steampunk style is a very unique aesthetic that includes a lot of dark wood, brass, leather, and specific symbols such as gears and steam trains.

A hallmark of the steampunk style is combing history with the future. Victorian-era elements are mixed with futuristic and industrial components creating a unique style that is completely its own.

Steampunk Symbols

Gears, cogs, pipes, clocks, goggles, and blueprints are some of the industrial symbols often seen in the steampunk aesthetic.

Owls, ravens, top hats, hot air balloons, and steam-powered machines such as trains and ships are common Victorian-era symbols.

Science and exploration also play a big part in the steampunk aesthetic. Things like microscopes, magnifying glasses, submarines, and airships also feature prominently.

Color and Texture

The steampunk style mostly centers around dark, earthy colors such as brown, rust, green, and gold. Rich, deep colors like purple and maroon can be used as accents, but you typically won’t see bright or pastel shades.

The texture of steampunk tends to be hard. Metal, wood, leather, and bricks are common elements. Rich fabrics like velvet are sometimes used as well.

Examples of Steampunk Decor

Although the style is pretty specific, steampunk decor can be incorporated in many different ways. You might see an entire steampunk room or just a few steampunk accents in a space.

Dark wood and neutral shades of brown are often the base of steampunk decor. By starting with these base colors, you can easily add other steampunk elements to create your own version of the steampunk style.

How to Incorporate Steampunk Decor into Your Home

Using steampunk decor is an easy way to add some personalized style to any room in your house. Here are some ideas for incorporating the steampunk aesthetic into your home.

Add Steampunk Elements

Adding a few elements is a great way to express the steampunk style in a subtle way. Light fixtures, wall art, and knick-knacks are simple ways to incorporate the style without letting it take over the room.

You could decorate a mantel, add fun pieces to a bookshelf, or create a gallery wall of steampunk-inspired art and photographs.

Unique pieces and subtle touches like these create interest and add style. This may be enough for you! If you’d like to feature steampunk more prominently in your home, check out the next section.

Create a Steampunk Themed Room or Area

To make a more dramatic statement, why not create an entire steampunk–themed room or area? A basement or bathroom are two areas where it’s easy to play with design. These spaces don’t have to match the rest of the house to look great.

To take it even further, you could turn your living room, bedroom, or kitchen into a steampunk-themed space.

To create a steampunk room, start with a neutral color scheme in shades of brown, then go crazy with as many steampunk elements as you want.

Blend Steampunk Style with Your Existing Decor

You don’t have to create a whole new design scheme to incorporate the steampunk style into your home. It’s possible to find steampunk decor that blends well with what you already have.

For example, if you already have some dark furniture, build on that by adding steampunk decor with a similar color scheme. If your room has primarily light furniture, choose accents with similar colors to create a cohesive look.

Steampunk decor includes a lot of neutral colors like brown, beige, and gray, making it easy to blend with other styles.

Steampunk Decor Ideas

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get to the steampunk decor ideas!

1. Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7220500 Barnett 48-Inch Barnwood Indoor, Dimmable LED Light Kit with Cage Shade, Remote Control Included Ceiling Fan

Changing out light fixtures and ceiling fans is a great way to add a bit of steampunk style to your space. This ceiling fan in the steampunk style is both functional and attractive.

2. Edison Steampunk Lamp

Next up is this Edison Steampunk Lamp from Etsy. Several color and finish options are available so you can get the perfect customized look for your room.

3. Steampunk Airship Wall Art

iHAPPYWALL 3 Pieces Space Theme Canvas Wall Art Steampunk Airship Fantasy Picture Starry Night Sky Abstract Artwork Stretched And Framed for Kids Bedroom Classroom Ready to Hang 12x16inchx3pcs

Here’s an example of steampunk wall art. This set’s whimsical and colorful design would look great in a kid’s bedroom or playroom.

4. Vintage Brown Wall Clock

clock with gears is the perfect way to incorporate steampunk style into any room.

5. Pipe Shelving

Industrial Pipe Shelving Wall Mounted,11.8in Rustic Metal Floating Shelves,Steampunk Real Wood Book Shelves,Wall Shelf Unit Bookshelf Hanging Wall Shelves,Farmhouse Kitchen Bar Shelving(3 Tier)

A floating shelf like this one adds steampunk style wherever you decide to hang it.

6. Steampunk Mural

To really make a statement, why not go with a steampunk mural? This beautiful mural is available in many different sizes. You can cover an entire wall or just a small section.

7. Coffee Table

Drifton Travel Trunk Cocktail Table

This travel trunk coffee table’s dark wood and brass accents perfectly exemplify the steampunk style.

8. Train Wall Art

Wall art is one of the easiest ways to incorporate steampunk style into a room. This futuristic steam train is as mysterious as it is beautiful. The print is available in multiple sizes, so you can choose what works best for your space. It comes in either a canvas or a photo print.

9. Industrial Barstools

Topower American Antique Vintage Industrial Barstool Solid Wood Water Pipe Fire Hydrant Design Cafe Coffee Industrial Bar Stool Set of 2 (Red Bronze, 2)

Steampunk decor that serves a practical purpose is easy to incorporate into virtually any space. These industrial barstools add just the right amount of steampunk style while being functional at the same time.

10. Custom Steampunk Portrait

To get a more personalized look, check out this custom steampunk portrait. Send in a photo, and the artist will create a completely customized portrait in the steampunk style.

11. Tripod Floor Lamp

Decoluce Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp,Nautical Teatre Retro Spotlight,Industrial Decor Wooden Light Fixtures,Cinema Movie Props-Without Edison Bulb

steampunk floor lamp like this tripod model is the perfect way to brighten up your space. The height and angle of the lamp are adjustable, making it easy to incorporate this lamp into your current decor.

12. Owl Cell Phone Stand and Pen Holder

This cell phone stand with a pen holder adds a touch of steampunk style to your desk or nightstand.

13. Hanging Rack

MyGift Brown Cast Iron Metal Wall Coat Hook with Steampunk Gear Design, Wall Mounted Key Rack with 3 Hooks

A simple cast-iron gear coat rack to hang coats, hats, or keys subtly adds steampunk style to your entryway or mudroom.

14. Steampunk Bookshelf

Furniture is a great place to start when incorporating the steampunk style. An industrial-style shelf makes a great base for displaying more steampunk decor.

15. Steampunk Throw Pillow

HGOD DESIGNS Steampunk Throw Pillow Cover,Rusty Steampunk with Clock and Different Gears Metal Machine Gold Bronze Decorative Pillow Cases Linen Square Cushion Covers for Home Sofa Couch 18x18 inch

Even your couch or bed can get some steampunk style with these throw pillow covers.

16. Outlet Cover

Steampunk outlet covers are a unique way to add a touch of steampunk style. These covers provide the perfect finishing touch if you have a steampunk-themed room.

17. Pipe Bookends

MyGift Dark Brown Industrial Pipe & Rustic Wood Bookends, Set of 2

Industrial bookends are the perfect complement to steampunk decor on a bookshelf. These would look great next to a set of leather books.

18. Steampunk Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box Steampunk

This steampunk jewelry box is the perfect place to store your treasures. It even includes a secret compartment.

19. Hourglass with Gears

PTC 6.13 Inch Red Steampunk Inspired Sand Timer Hourglass Statue Figurine

An hourglass embellished with gears makes an attractive steampunk accessory.

20. Shower Curtain

Ambesonne Fantasy Shower Curtain, Surreal Sky Scenery Steampunk Airship Sci Fi Stardust Space Image, Cloth Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks, 69

For a steampunk-themed bathroom, this shower curtain would look amazing.

21. Ferris Wheel Photo Frame

MLADEN Retro Vintage Family Photo Frames DIY Ferris Wheel Rotatable Windmill Plastic Picture Frame Vintage Decor Gift Nostalgic Style

Capture some memories or add some steampunk-themed photos to this Ferris wheel photo frame.

Where to Find Steampunk Decor

Etsy is a great resource for unique handmade and vintage steampunk items. Just type “steampunk decor” into the search bar, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of items that come up. You can find anything from shower curtains to furniture and even customized portraits.

Amazon is another online retailer where you can find a lot of steampunk accessories and decor. They have pretty much anything you could want!

If you like shopping in-store, Hobby Lobby is a good place to look for unique decor items, including steampunk. Secondhand shops like thrift stores, antique shops, and vintage stores often have a good selection of steampunk items as well.

Time to Get Some Steampunk Decor

Are you ready to start decorating? Whether you want to create an entire steampunk-themed room or just add a few accessories, steampunk decor is a great way to express yourself and create a personalized space. Which of these steampunk ideas did you like best?

For more decor ideas, check out our decorating page. There you’ll find tons of ideas in all different styles to help you create the perfect look for your home.