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The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking Storage Solutions

Scrapbooking is a hobby that keeps on giving. What better way to flex your creativity than by preserving special memories? Plus, the finished project will be treasured by family and friends for years to come.

But what happens to all those scrapbooking supplies? Special papers and embellishments can get torn, wrinkled, and even lost between projects. You need scrapbooking storage that makes sense for you.

Whether you need tons of paper storage or extra room for your tools, we have solutions! Read on for the details on our favorite storage tools.

scrapbooking storage

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Slim Portable Project Case

Best Paper Storage
Storage Studios Expanding Paper Folio

Best Photo Storage
Storage Studios Photo Keeper

Best Overall

Slim Portable Project Case

IRIS USA 10 Pack 12

We all know the struggle of being called away in the middle of a project. Don’t risk losing photos or stickers before you can complete your scrapbook page. Keep your project supplies all together in this handy portable project case.

These project cases are versatile enough for other uses, too. Use them to house similar materials together, such as metallic papers, stamps, or stencils. Or, group your materials by subject. One project case could hold beach-themed paper and embellishments, for example.

However you prefer to sort your supplies, these slim portable project cases are ideal for scrapbooking storage.


  • Clasping lid keeps small tools and papers from slipping out
  • Hard case keeps delicate paper supplies from being wrinkled
  • Set of ten cases can be stacked for easy storage


  • Not as easily accessible as open drawers or shelving
  • Not large enough to provide bulk storage of large supplies.

Best Paper Storage

Storage Studios Expanding Paper Folio

Storage Studios Expanding Paper Folio for 12 x 12 Sheets, 15.75 x 13 x 3 Inches, Color May Vary, CH93391

Here’s our favorite scrapbooking storage tip: store your paper vertically to maximize space. It’s much easier to flip through and find the exact pattern you’re looking for. Keep them together in a vertical file to minimize bent edges and wrinkles, too.

The Storage Studios expanding paper folio is the best paper storage around. It’s sturdy enough to protect edges and corners from wear. When full, the folio stands up easily on a shelf. On the go? The built-in handles make it easy to transport.


  • Sturdy, protects edges from wear and tear
  • Freestanding
  • Convenient carrying handle


  • Dividers must be made or purchased separately
  • May not be freestanding when empty or half-filled

Best Photo Storage

Storage Studios Photo Keeper

Advantus Photo Keeper, 5.25

Many scrapbookers get into this hobby because they’re the de facto photographer of family events. Invest in a scrapbooking storage solution that makes it easy to organize all your photos!

Keep your printed photographs sorted and fingerprint-free in a Storage Studios Photo Keeper. This handy set will work for you even if you print photos in a variety of sizes. Each of the six interior cases fit about 100 4×6 photos.

If you have larger sizes, simply use the exterior case. It’s perfect for storing 5 x 7 prints.


  • Clear case makes it easy to view contents
  • Each sturdy container has a snap closure
  • Can also be used for stickers and other embellishments


  • Some users have found that the plastic cracks too easily
  • Cannot store 8x 10 photos and impractical for cut wallet-sized photos

Best Tool Storage

Everything Mary Craft Bag

Everything Mary Craft Bag Organizer Tote, Blue - Storage Art Caddy for Sewing & Scrapbooking - Crafts Supply Carrier w/Handle for Supplies & Tools - Organization for School, Medical, Office

If your scrapbooking style is all about variety, you’ll love the Everything Mary Craft Bag. This organizer has plenty of different-sized compartments, perfect for storing all your must-have scrapbooking tools!

Use the large interior compartment for bigger tools, such as rulers and bottles of paint and glue. It’s big enough to hold a large water tumbler or even an iPad! The roomy, adjustable inner pockets allow you to keep your supplies neat and organized, too.

A variety of smaller pockets around the outside are especially useful for scrapbooking storage. No more fumbling around the bottom of your bag for miniature containers. Your stamp pads and rolls of washi tape will be easily accessible, even when you’re on the go.


  • Easily portable with two sturdy handles
  • Adjustable inner pockets to fit any size tool
  • Quality construction


  • No outer cover or flap to protect items when traveling outdoors
  • Only one zippered pocket for secure items

Best Sticker and Embellishment Storage

Adjustable 15-Compartment Storage Box

Adjustable 15-Compartment Grid Slot Plastic Storage Box Jewelry Bead Tool for Washi Tape, Art Supplies and Sticker Container Organizer Case

Many scrapbookers use embellishments to bring their scrapbook pages to life. Stickers, buttons, lace, and washi tape are fun to use but easy to lose! Crafters need scrapbooking storage solutions that keep these tiny details from getting lost in the shuffle.

This adjustable 15-compartment Storage Box by BeatBasic is the perfect solution for all kinds of embellishments. The slide-in dividers can make up to fifteen two-inch compartments. However, if you have larger items, you can always remove dividers to make a larger space.


  • Adjustable compartments
  • Easy to view contents
  • Secure lid with snap


  • Plastic material can snap or crack
  • Very small items can slip under compartment dividers

Scrapbooking Storage Buyer’s Guide

Favorite Supplies

When you take care of organizing your favorite supplies first, it’s easier to find simplified storage solutions for the rest.

For many scrapbookers, that’s paper. Others may have extensive stamp collections or decorative scissors. Keep your favorite items front and center to inspire your creativity!


Where do you work? If you have a dedicated crafting studio, you can build permanent scrapbooking storage. Check out the best crafting cabinets with tables on the market!

However, if you work at the kitchen table or computer desk, you’ll need portable storage solutions. Choose a storage area that’s close to where you normally work. For example, repurpose a buffet drawer near your dining table or a closet shelf in your office. Measure your storage area carefully and choose organizers that are easy to grab and go.


Scrapbookers need their supplies to be easy to find. Many storage options are clear so the contents are easy to see. Otherwise, use labels to mark the contents.

Keep often-used supplies in open drawers or containers rather than under lids. Store your pens, tape, and scissors in a desktop organizer for easy access.

Finally, keep materials for long-term projects together between work sessions. Use a rolling tote, bag, or drawer to corral your supplies for specific projects.

scrapbooking storage

Finding the Best Scrapbooking Storage

The best scrapbooking storage system is one that’s easy to maintain. Choosing the supplies that work for your particular needs will make set-up and clean-up a breeze. That means you have more time for the fun part: crafting your scrapbook pages!

Keeping your supplies organized also makes it easier to take your crafting on the go. Find the best rolling tote to take your projects to a friends’ house or scrapbooking class.