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15 Painted Table Top Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

Check out these painted table top ideas to get inspired for your next DIY project.

A fresh coat of paint can transform a drab and boring table into a fresh statement piece. There are countless ways to update an old table with paint, from bold geometric designs to delicate floral patterns and everything in between.

Not only is painting a table top a fun and rewarding project, but it’s also a sustainable way to give new life to an old piece of furniture.

Instead of tossing out that dated table, give it a second life with one of these painted table top ideas. So grab your paintbrush, and let’s get started!

Painting supplies laid out for painted table top ideas


Looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your dull living room? Try replicating this mosaic-style painted table top!

The unique and eye-catching design will create intense visual interest to any space. It adds a touch of ancient Mesopotamia with a modern colorful flair.

If you love curating your home with eclectic, bohemian furniture, why not add this mosaic-style table to your decor?

If you’re intimidated by the amount of detail, try using an outline or stencil then fill in the gaps with paint like a coloring book!

Black and White

Do you want a statement table top that will instantly transport you back to an era of flappers, jazz, and prohibition? Check out this sleek black-and-white table top idea.

You’ll love the sheer amount of sophistication and elegance this design will add to your home. The geometric design combined with the black and white color scheme pays homage to the Art Deco style.

If you want to include a swanky accent table in your home bar or kitchen, this design is hard to beat. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to paint- even the most amateur artists can create this work of art.

Patterned Pastel

Are you a sucker for pastels? If so, you’ll obsess over this patterned pastel-painted table top idea.

The light colors emit a feeling of peace and tranquility, but the unique geometric pattern keeps things visually interesting.

The touches of navy help anchor the pastel color scheme, creating a wonderful contrast that really makes a statement.

Whether you use this idea as a nightstand, coffee table, or dining table, you’ll love how well this work of art blends in with a variety of decor styles.


Are you tired of your boring old table? Do you want to add some pizzazz to your dining or living room? You can’t go wrong with the classic checkerboard design pattern.

With this idea, you can transform your plain Jane table into a stunning accent piece that will pull your attention to the fine lines and contrasting shades.

This idea works especially well with gold accents. Consider painting the table legs with a metallic gold color for further sophistication.

Plus, with some handy painter’s tape, you can easily create this design without much effort. You don’t have to be the next Bob Ross to try this painted table top idea.

Abstract Colors

Transform your living room into a contemporary art exhibit by trying this unique abstract color-painted table top idea.

With unique color combinations, geometric designs, and interesting patterns, this table top idea doesn’t really make any sense, but that’s the point.

The funky design lights up a room and scores huge points in the cool department.

The epoxy finish creates a glossy sheen that glistens from the surface, sealing the deal on this work of art.

Psychedelic Swirl

Wanna amp up the groovy meter in your home? Check out this pastel psychedelic swirl-painted table top idea for some far-out design.

It’s the perfect balance of hippie and sophistication, complete with unique swirling undertones and blissed-out blues. It takes inspiration from the tranquil ocean as much as it does from an oozing, bubbling lava lamp.

Plus, this might be one of the most fun painted table top ideas to craft. You create this look by pouring paint layer after layer until you have the desired look. No paint brushes here!


Let’s go back to basics with the classic two-tone color scheme. It’s one of the simpler painted table top ideas, but one that conveys elegance and grace.

Two side tables painted green with white legs

A deep green table top blends beautifully with the light white legs, creating a subtle clean contrast. It creates a quiet accent piece that adds slight color to a space without sucking all the air out of the room.

This simple design would work wonderfully with boho-chic and cottage aesthetics. It’s also one of the easiest painted table top ideas on our list.

Upcycled Rainbow

Wanna enhance the color in your life? Check out this rainbow-painted table top.

This idea is perfect for anyone who yearns for more pigment in a given space. If you have a bland room that’s full of beiges, why not shake things up with this exciting table?

The large checkerboard design is easy to replicate with some painter’s tape and a ruler. It’s a great way to use up all those extra paint cans you have lying around. Feel free to mix up the color scheme with whatever leftover paint you have on hand.

Distressed Blue

Are you about to toss that old table to the curb? Instead of letting your furniture meet its fate with the garbage truck, try revamping it into something new with this distress-painted table top idea.

This method works especially well with older furniture since it highlights the wear and tear, transforming it into a statement piece with lots of character.

Even if you consider your painting skills to be akin to a preschooler, you can still easily accomplish the distressed look. You want the imperfections to show up in the final results, so you don’t have to spend painstaking hours trying to get the paint job right.

With some blue paint, sandpaper, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can create this beautiful table top. Read our guide on distressing furniture with chalk paint for more information.

Distressed Multicolor

Here’s another distress-painted table top idea to turn your furniture from drab to fab.

While this example uses blue, white, and red tones, you can use any paint you have on hand to create a stunning distressed table top.

The final product will blow you away with subtle colors and natural undertones.

Retro Stripes

Simple yet sharp, this retro-painted table top offers a vintage look using three stripes of paint.

The combination of pastel orange, blue, and pink creates a stunning table top with a 70s aesthetic.

This is one of those painted table top ideas that require very little work for a huge payoff. If you like the look of natural wood but want a little pop of color to keep things interesting, add this idea to your DIY inspiration board.

Nature Fantasy

Now, this might be one of the more intricate painted table top ideas, but if you have the artistic chops, you can definitely create this nature fantasy tabletop.

Any nature lover will appreciate the vast array of detail in this table top, from the colorful mushrooms, glowing butterflies, and the expressive fox central to this work of art.

This table top idea fuses a gorgeous work of art with a functional piece of furniture. Think of all the nooks and crannies where this accent piece could shine.

Ocean Wave

Do you want your living room to feel like lounging on the beachside?

Bring a slice of the ocean to your home with this imaginative table top idea. With a couple of layers of paint and resin, you can create a realistic 3D wave on your side table.

The texture is incredible and will amaze anyone who goes to place their glass on the surface. This might be one of the more difficult painted table top ideas to undertake, but the results are breathtaking.

Retro Flower

Simple and chic, this retro flower table top idea is sure to please.

Start with a pre-existing white table, or give that thrifted table a fresh coat of paint.

Then, using a stencil (or freehand if you have the skills), paint a flower using the color of your choice. The key is not to make it perfect, which gives it a retro amoeba effect.


We wanted to end our guide on painted table top ideas with a bang, and what better way than this bold, red painted table top?

It’s sharp, eye-catching, and adds incredible warmth to space. Combined with the bamboo trimming, black legs, and triangular design, this mid-century table adds a vintage touch to a space.

Painted Table Top Ideas: Summed Up

There’s no better way to upcycle that old, dated table into something new and chic than with a fresh coat of paint. And whether you want to don your space with retro decor or add an abstract statement piece, you can’t go wrong with one of these painted table top ideas.

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