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How to Make Macrame Earrings: Fun, Easy, And Beautiful

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite crafts is macrame. I love the ability to create multiple pieces of art, decor and fashion accessories it gives me. While you can create everything from macrame necklaces to bracelets, in this article I’m going to be discussing how to make macrame earrings.

Because macrame is so unique aesthetically, your friends and family won’t know you made these earrings yourself; they’ll think you purchased them from a boutique! I’ve included two guides below: one for creating a basic pair of macrame earrings and another for making an intricate pair. So, read on to learn how you can make macrame earrings!

Everything You’ll Need to Make Macrame Earrings


The materials you’ll need to make macrame earrings include:

Tools & Equipment

Here’s some tools and equipment you’ll need:

Pair of Macrame Earrings

How to Make Intricate Macrame Earrings

Although I listed hoop earrings in the materials above, this technique for macrame earrings does not require them. All you will need are some jump rings and a fishtail earring back. You will begin by cutting 3 pieces of twisted cotton macrame cord; one of these pieces should be 12 inches in length and the remaining two should be 6 inches. 

Once you’ve done this, you can fold the longer piece in half with the loop at the top and then fold one of the 6 inch pieces in half and tuck the loop you just made under the top of the longer piece (from right to left). This will be Piece #1.

Adding a Cord

Take your other 6 inch macrame cord and fold it in half. You can now tuck this loop up through the loop of the other 6 inch cord (in the same left to right direction as before).

Knotting Across

Once this has been done, you will pull this 6 inch cord across the center of the long 12 inch macrame cord and insert the ends of the first 6 inch cord you created through this loop.

Tightening The Knot

Make sure you pull with enough force on both ends of the cords to ensure the knot is nice and tight.

Repeating These Steps

It’s now time to repeat the steps listed above by adding two more 6 inch loops and tying a knot. Make sure to alternate the sides where you inserted the first loop; this means you will insert the first loop underneath the center cord (from the left) and the second loop from the right. 

Trimming The Ends

Using your pair of scissors, carefully start to trim your ends (I suggest doing this in a leaf shape as it makes for pretty earrings that look as though you’ve bought them from a boutique!).

Fraying The Strands

Using a wire comb and your fingers, start to separate and fray the twisted strands of the cord and then carefully take your comb and brush through. You can then trim once more to create any shape you desire and brush with your wire comb. 

The final step is to add an earring back and jump ring to the top loop of the macrame cord to finish the earrings off and make them wearable!

Making Macrame Earrings

How to Make Macrame Earrings For Beginners

If you’re a beginner, this technique for how to make macrame earrings is ideal as it’s simple and quick, due to only using one type of knot (called the “˜lark’s head’ knot). The first step is to take a hoop earring and place it on a flat surface. Then, you will cut a 4 inch piece of your macrame cord and fold it in half. Once this has been done you can place the loop under your hoop.

Pill Through & Tuck

Once you have the loop under the hoop earring, bring it over the earring and tuck the cord’s ends through the loop. Pull tightly to ensure the cord stays around the hoop firmly. 

Repeat The Process

This process should be repeated with more macrame cord in order to fill the lower third of your hoop earring the lark’s head knots. Tightly pull the cord through the hoop, while pressing the knots together to ensure they cover the hoop entirely.

Time to Trim & Fray The Ends

Once you have covered the lower third of your hoop earing with lark’s head knots, it’s time to trim each of the ends of the cord (make sure to do this so it is an even length). You can now separate the twisted strands of the cord using your finger to fray the ends. 

When the ends have been frayed, you can trim once more to ensure the line of edges is even and clean. Now, using your comb, carefully brush through each of the fibers to separate them even more and give them a neat and finished look.

Repeat These Steps With The Other Earring

The entire process listed above should be repeated with the remaining hoop earring and wa-la! You’ve just learned how to make macrame earrings that you, your friends and your family will adore.

Enjoy Your New Macrame Earrings

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to make macrame earrings, using two different methods. Stay tuned to our blog for future guides on making other macrame fashion accessories.