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How to Turn a Dresser Into a TV Stand in 10 Easy Steps

Furniture lasts a long time, but you may eventually find yourself with a piece that you no longer want or need. Getting rid of furniture can be cumbersome, so perhaps you’d prefer another solution. For example, consider learning how to turn a dresser into a TV stand! Although the process takes a lot of work, you’ll be glad to have done it.

How to Turn a Dresser Into a TV Stand

Why Turn a Dresser Into a TV Stand?

Of all the ways to repurpose a dresser, why transform it into a TV stand? If you think about it, there are lots of benefits. Here are a few examples.

Saves Money

Maybe you’ve needed a new TV stand or entertainment center for a while, but you haven’t bought one because of the expense. After accounting for the tools and paint, turning a dresser into a TV stand costs less than buying something brand new. That money could go toward other things you want or need.

Inspires Creativity

Everyone needs a creative outlet to relax, express themselves, and explore their own mind. Since it involves painting and choosing knobs or other accessories, turning a dresser into a TV stand could be a surprisingly fun way to release your artistic side. You may feel more self-confident and emotionally balanced as a result.

Hones Useful Skills

When you learn how to turn a dresser into a TV stand, you develop skills that may come in handy for other areas of your life. For example, drilling and sanding the dresser could prepare you for doing the same with your deck or porch. Painting it is good practice for painting the interior or exterior of your home. The list goes on.

Supports the Environment

When you throw away old furniture, you worsen local landfills, which is harmful to the environment. One solution is to cut down on unnecessary waste is to recycle or repurpose your items whenever possible. Turning a dresser into a TV stand is a great way to be an eco-conscious citizen of the world.

Materials You’ll Need

The first step to turning a dresser into a TV stand is finding the right materials. Although there is room to choose them based on personal preference, certain items and criteria apply for every project like this one. We’ve put together a useful list for you!


Successfully turning a dresser into a TV stand requires prepping the wood. That means you need sandpaper or a sander to get rid of scratches and other minor blemishes. The process also roughs up the wood just enough to hold paint or anything else you want to put on the address. Both sandpaper and sanders can be found on Amazon.


Leaf Blower

The process of turning a dresser into a TV stand can be messy. When you need to clean up, a leaf blower can assist. Something small and moderately powerful would be sufficient. You can get a good deal for one on Amazon.


Many kinds of paint can work well for painting a dresser, and you can find most of them on Amazon. Wall paint comes in the widest variety of colors, so it’s easy to find one you like. Chalk paint guarantees a smooth, glossy finish, while acrylic latex paint is prized for its durability and level drying. These are just a few examples.


Paint doesn’t always adhere well to surfaces. If you want to know how to turn a dresser into a TV stand that won’t fade or chip easily with time, then you need find some paint primer on Amazon. The primer will hold the paint reliably to the wood and ensure that it lasts a long time.


Even the best paint won’t last forever, but it will last much longer if you have enhance it with sealant. Get glaze or polyurethane from Amazon; both work well with a variety of materials, including metal and wood.

Paintbrush/Paint Sprayer

To apply the paint and primer, you would need either a paintbrush or paint sprayer from Amazon. The former is a classic and reliable option; soft bristles are best for preventing brush marks. However, paint sprayers are gaining popularity because they get the job done faster and with less effort. They also tend to leave fewer lumps.

Paint Sprayer

Painters Tape

There may be certain parts of the dresser and/or your work area that you don’t want to paint. In that case, get a few rolls of painters tape from Amazon. Use the tape to cover any area that you’d prefer to keep free of paint, and then just peel it off when you’re done.


You’ll need to create holes in the dresser so that the TV cords can extend through them to be plugged into an outlet. A drill works best for this task, and you’ll have a variety from which to choose on Amazon.

Jigsaw/Table Saw

Perhaps you’ll want to make major changes to the structure to your dresser. In that case, a jigsaw or table saw could be convenient to have nearby. A jigsaw is versatile and well-suited for simple projects, but a table saw gets the most exact cuts possible.

Wood Filler

Your dresser may have been worn down over time, or you may decide to remove some nails and staples for cosmetic purposes. With wood filler, you can conceal lots of blemishes, and it’s available on Amazon as well.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Your next question is how to turn a dresser into a TV stand using the tools that you’ve gathered. The process calls for close attention to detail, but it’s absolutely doable. We’ll break it down step by step for you.

Starting With a Dresser

1. Remove Drawers

Depending on the type of TV stand you want to make, you could either keep the drawers or set them aside to become something else, like shelves or trays. Either way, you must remove the drawers first.

Dresser with Removed Drawers

2. Expand Space

This step is only necessary if you want lots of open space in your TV stand. A table saw or jigsaw would be helpful for cutting off any shelving that had contained the drawers. If there are slides, stops, or nails, you may need a lever or pry bar to disconnect them.

3. Sand the Wood

Take your sander or sandpaper and apply to every inch of the wood. That way, all the wood will be ready to handle any ideas you get for turning a dresser into a TV stand.

4. Make Electronic Cable Holes

You’re not successfully turning a dresser into a TV stand if you can’t plug in the TV. Drill two to three holes in the back of the dresser, roughly 1.5″ to 2″ each. If you’re keeping the drawers, take care to drill in an area where the holes won’t be blocked.

5. Clean Up

Once you’re done sanding and drilling, use the leaf blower on a low setting to clear the shavings. It could also blow away dust and debris like lint, pet dander, or rodent feces. If anything remains, get some warm water with a gentle detergent to scrub it off.

6. Fix Blemishes

Here’s where the wood filler comes in. By the time you’ve gone over the whole dresser, you’ve probably noticed some blemishes or holes that couldn’t be resolved with sanding. Cover or fill these areas with the wood filler.

7. Apply Primer

Now that the wood is ready to be beautified, get your paint primer with a sprayer or brush. No matter which tool you use, opt for at least two coats to be thorough.

Dresser With Primer

8. Paint

When turning a dresser into a TV stand, nothing makes it like newer like a fresh coat of paint. With your sprayer or brush, paint the dresser in whatever colors and patterns are most appealing to you. If you’d like special designs, paint over stencils or chalk transfers. Two coats should be enough to hold the color and protect the wood.

Painting the Dresser

9. Seal the Paint

The increase the longevity of your paint job, a sealant onto the dresser as soon as the paint is dry. Glaze would be quick and easy because it often comes in a spray container, but polyurethane is more commonly used on wood furniture.

10. Accessorize

Fashion enthusiasts say that accessories make the outfit, and the same is true when turning a dresser into a TV stand. Add personal touches, like decorative door knobs, decals, potted plants, framed photographs, etc. If you plan to put the drawers back to hold movies, game consoles, or other items for your TV stand, consider lining the insides with attractive paper or interesting stickers.

Finished TV Stand

Are You Ready to Transform Your Dresser?

Now that you know how to turn a dresser into a TV stand, we hope you’ll figure out a design that you love! Get started as soon as you have everything you need.

If you want to explore other options first, or if you want to give new life to other old dressers, we have some ideas for that as well. For example, check out our article on transforming your home with farmhouse dressers!

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