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Using Pure and Original Classico Paint with a White Wash

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“Hello, my name is Thea.”
**Hello Thea….**
After trying Pure and Original Classico paint for the first time
I had an itch to continue my addiction… 
Thankfully I have amazing clients to save me.. 
My “Tin Kettle & White” love affair would continue..  I just love Tin Kettle,.. its the truest grey I have used.. earthy but not brown..  Fresh but not stark.. 
And the White is so crisp and lovely.. 
Mrs C, my gracious client, seriously needed a media stand for her new home,.. 
and the challenge would be also matching up to Mr C’s aesthetic…
That can be SO tricky! So,.. when I sent her a picture of this guy,… 
I really had no idea how it would go,.. 
I had to disclose that we had missing hinges and the ones that were, well partly intact, had screws that were stripped from the holes…
The doors may or may not have to be tossed…
I could just picture Mrs C, lightly touching Mr Cs hand and just saying,..
“Its ok! Dont worry! It will be fine!”
Little did she know, I was worried! … A LOT!
They wanted doors! These guys would HAVE to be repaired! AND later I would notice a missing shelf I would have to replace,.. thats not always as easy as it seems it would be..
But ok, worst case scenario that would be money out of my pocket..

I felt inclined to take on the challenge!
Have you ever heard the saying blessing in disguise? Well, after checking Lowes and finding there were absolutely no matching hinges (are the dimensions and finish really that odd?? Let me answer that with a firm YES.)
I took to Amazon and ordered what I needed. …so I thought.
Once the hinges arrived I found they were too wide!

And they were my only hope,.. so now what?? Back to Lowes…
Where it occurred to me that I could go with an entirely different style of hinge!
Therefore no stressing over those stripped holes I had already Bondoed (Yes, thats really a verb,.. at least to me) was no longer an issue. After all, once I found the replacement hinges-the screws may have never bit into the existing holes anyways! ….blessing in disguise..
By the way.. notice the pegs to the non existent shelf?

I had the base coat down and no sanding was needed,..  Seriously, it was flawlessly laid, I was able to concentrate on details. Using my white in a wash, I brushed it on and used my sponge to strategically wipe it away.

You can see so much of the texture coming through,.. Swoon. I continued to work the white in where I wanted using an artists brush,.. As I let everything dry- its was time to focus on the hardware.  Originally I thought we were going for a completely different look,. so I looked to D. Lawless Hardware, for these awesome finger pulls! But,. now with this scheme they didnt quite fit.  So, I sprayed them silver, hand painted them white, then brushed them with Black Wax,..
..they were perfect.
After realizing just how user friendly and AWESOME the black wax was, I began going back and hitting suitable places all over the piece to add a bit more interest.
So what do you think? Should Mrs C be happy? 
What about MR C??

…and what do you know,.. they loved it. 🙂 You didnt have doubts did you?  This is perfect idea of what you can accomplish with a Pure & Original Classico Sample Set or their chalky-package deal!

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 Happy Painting Yall!! 

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Thea Osborne

Monday 13th of March 2017

Thank you so much Vanessa! xoxo


Monday 13th of March 2017

That is a beautiful piece. I love the color and the texture.