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14 Amazing Teal and Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

Whether you’re moving into a new house or upgrading your current one, your living room is often the focal point of your home. It will see more visitors and activity than most other parts of your home. For that reason, it’s vital that you carefully consider how you want it decorated. 

Teal and Grey Living Room Decorating Idea

One of the most popular color schemes and themes in homes today is to mix a combination of teal and grey. If you want to be up with the current trends but don’t know where to start, this article will look at some of the best teal and grey living room decorating ideas. Let’s get started! 

Go the Traditional Route 

Regardless of who you are or where you live, traditional styles are still relevant and remain one of the most popular living room styles today. However, you’re probably wondering how on earth you can have a traditional living room with teal and grey living room decorating ideas.

Fortunately, grey is much more traditional and muted than teal, which means grey will be the focal point. Everything from your walls to your ceiling to your furniture should be grey or a similar neutral color if you want to go this route.

Teal then gets incorporated in subtle and complementary ways to not look out of place but still add a little flair to your living space. 

Throw pillows, blankets, lamps, and other smaller accessories are great options to incorporate teal into the mix for these teal and grey living room decorating ideas.

Grey Furniture With Teal Accents 

This next teal and grey living room decorating idea is similar to the previous, but with subtle differences. Where the traditional route can include grey, beige, and similar neutral colors, this version features almost exclusively grey furniture.

Your couches, recliners, end tables, and ottoman should all be grey and will act as the living room’s focal point. 

Once you have your furniture picked out, look specifically for teal decorations and trim pieces to complement the grey. Throw pillows and rugs are a great place to start, but you can also include teal candlesticks, plant holders, and similar items. 

Let Teal Walls Set the Tone 

Teal walls

I promised we’d look at many different teal and grey living room decorating ideas, and this concept goes squarely against the first two we’ve mentioned. Rather than having teal sit in the background and play second fiddle to grey, teal becomes the focal point. 

Contrary to what you may think, there are many ways to have teal walls and not have your living room stand out. By using a darker shade of teal rather than a bright one, you can have your living room feel cozy but bright.

You should then look for furniture, rugs, and accent pieces that are various shades of grey to blend in with your teal walls. 

Light Teal With Grey Accents 

If you want your teal walls to stand out and lighten up your living space, you can also opt for a lighter shade of teal for your teal and grey living room decorating ideas.

Going this route will definitely make your living room stand out a little more, but light teal can also look soft and inviting if you use the proper primer and finish. 

As with the darker teal walls, you can use grey furniture and accent pieces to bring the room together. The shade of grey you choose for your furniture will determine how bright or subdued your living room ultimately is. 

The Scandinavian Teal Living Room 

When designers and decorators envision Scandinavian-style living rooms, they think of modern, clean, and crisp colors. Whites, greys, and other neutral colors are most commonly associated with the Scandinavian style.

However, when utilized correctly, you can incorporate teal and grey living room decorating ideas into your modern living room without having it look out of place. 

By choosing a duller and almost pastel shade of teal for your teal and grey living room decorating ideas, you can accent your other living room colors, specifically your greys.

Scandinavian-style living rooms revolve around the furniture, decor, and architecture rather than the color of the walls. Keeping this in mind, you can use teal for your walls, your accent pieces, or your area rug and offset it with various shades of grey. 

Mix Teal and Grey With Yellow 

Teal, gray, and yellow

For the next teal and grey living room decorating idea, when you hear the trio of teal, grey, and yellow in your head, you probably think that there’s no way to combine them harmoniously.

However, when you use the right shade of each and see them for yourself, you’ll be blown away by the color scheme. 

The best way to combine these three completely different colors in your teal and grey living room decorating ideas is to use grey for your wall color and teal and yellow for your accent pieces. A light teal couch or recliner with grey walls, yellow accents, and wall decorations make for a beautiful living room. 

The main thing to remember with teal, grey, and yellow is that yellow is there to lighten things up for this teal and grey living room decorating idea.

Grey and teal should set the tone, and yellow should be incorporated wherever practical to give your living room some life and character. 

Get Creative With Your Patterns 

Most of the teal and grey living room decorating idea we’ve looked at include using them separately to offset one another. However, you can also use teal and grey living room decorating ideas together in the same pieces or the same area if done correctly.

For example, a grey couch with teal pillows or vice versa makes for an excellent combination. You can also find area rugs that mix various shades of teal, grey, yellow, and blue. 

Several other patterns that will look great in your living room include floral, abstract, or animal prints. Antique, floral prints are commonly used in the living room and could be your best bet, but ultimately, it’s all about your personal sense of style. 

Additionally, using teal wall art selectively and in the right places can also bring life and character to your living space. While teal may be the focal point of your art, it’s best to outline it with grey, yellow, or white shades. 

Teal Furniture With Grey Walls 

We’ve looked at several teal and grey living room decorating ideas where you can incorporate grey furniture and accent pieces with grey walls, so now let’s look at the opposite version.

Grey is one of the most common and neutral wall colors used in modern living rooms. This color allows you to have clean, crisp walls that bring light and life to your living space. 

Adding teal furniture into the mix, however, is a game-changer. Couches, sofas, recliners, coffee tables, and end tables are available in various shades of teal and are one of the best ways to add character to a grey living room.

You can use a single piece or go all-out with a completely teal furniture set. The shade you choose will determine if teal is the focal point or merely complements other pieces of your living room. 

Leave Teal and Grey in the Background 

Teal and gray living room

Rather than making teal or grey the focal point of your living room, another option is to use them in a complementary manner. We’ve already discussed that yellow and blue look good with teal and grey, so why not choose one of these as your wall color? 

Dark blue walls are a great option if you want your living room to have an austere and dramatic vibe. Your living room will feel open and inviting as long as you have enough lighter grey and teal accents and furniture pieces to lighten things up. 

Grey Walls With Long Teal Drapes 

If you already have grey walls and want to spice up your living room without repainting, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Teal drapes are especially stunning if you have floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, but they will look good no matter what. Long, wall-sized drapes are a great way to add a dramatic flair to your grey living room. 

The shade of teal that you choose for your drapes will depend on the shade and finish of your grey walls. You want drapes that stand out without looking out of place. They should add drama, beauty, and character to your grey living room but shouldn’t look like you’re trying too hard.  

Grey Living Room Plus a Teal Rug 

Teal rug

Another excellent idea for mixing teal and grey is to use grey for your walls and furniture pieces while having a teal rug as the highlight. By incorporating various shades of grey for your walls and furniture, your living room won’t look drab or boring. Adding a large, teal area rug will make those odds even slimmer. 

The best way to pull off this teal and grey living room decorating idea is to have light grey walls with steel or dark grey furniture. This way, the furniture isn’t muted by the walls. Top it all off with a solid teal rug, and your living room is complete! 

Grey and Teal Living Room With Red Accents 

In the same way that most people don’t envision yellow or brown going well with teal and grey living room decorating ideas, red is also an underrated option.

Certain shades of teal and grey can make your living room feel cold and uninviting. However, incorporating warm shades of red in accent pieces, paintings, or decorations will go a long way toward offsetting that feeling. 

Red is a color associated with love, warmth, romance, and many other cozy feelings. Adding subtle shades and hints will subconsciously make people feel calm and at ease in your otherwise teal and grey living room. 

Go Coastal With Teal and Grey 

Teal and grey living room decorating ideas

If you live by a river, lake, or ocean or simply love the coastal look, teal and grey are great colors to feature in your living room. These two colors are typically the focal point of a solid coastal look.

The most popular styles include using lighter shades of teal for your wall color and adding grey furniture and accent pieces

The main thing to consider is the shade of teal you use for the walls. Using too dark of a shade won’t bring out the coastal theme you’re going for. However, using too light of a shade will have the same effect. You can also add teal accent pieces into the mix and light shades of blue or grey. 

Quirky Teal and Eclectic Grey 

Most of the teal and grey living room decorating ideas we’ve looked at so far are safe, subtle, and traditional. However, maybe quiet and safe don’t describe your personality or your taste in interior design. If you fall into this category, there are plenty of quirky and eclectic ways to use teal and grey in your living room. 

By using a bold shade of teal, subtle hints of grey, and mixing in a splash of accompanying colors, your living room will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Teal is generally thought of as a bold color, so why not let it shine like it’s supposed to? Adding in alternative styles and colors of furniture and accent pieces is a great way to make your personality shine forth while keeping teal and grey as the foundation.  

Wrapping Up Teal and Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

As you can see, there are seemingly unlimited teal and grey living room decorating ideas. You can go the traditional route and use muted colors, the Scandinavian route with light grey, or the quirky route where you allow your personality to blossom.

Regardless of what you decide, teal and grey living room decorating ideas make for an excellent color combination and would be perfect for your next living room makeover. 

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