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11 Beautiful Spring Decorating Ideas

When spring arrives, the breeze doesn’t just blow in April showers to water May flowers—it also brings the urge to start spring cleaning, and part of that process involves some serious décor overhauls! Christmas is past, the sun is back out, and it’s time to start dreaming up some spring decorating ideas.

Luckily, I’ve gathered a list of my favorite ones right here for you. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

False Florals

Spring Decorating Ideas

Fake flowers can feel tacky if scattered throughout a home without intentionality, but they can also make for the most beautiful arrangements—and best of all, you never have to worry about them dying off! You can turn false flowers into wreaths, garlands, bouquets, or even refrigerator magnets!

For these, I suggest choosing flowers in pastel color palettes to really show off that spring vibrancy. But if pastels aren’t your thing, that’s all right—vivid shades of green, pink, yellow, sky blue, and other lighter colors are also great choices. Avoid darker tones like black, deep purples, darker blues, or reds. If you’re looking for specific types of false flowers for your spring decorating ideas, I suggest peonies, daisies, lilacs, lavender, and other springtime flowers.

Crisp Candles

Spring candles

I have to admit, when it comes to this spring decorating idea, I am definitely biased—candles are my favorite addition to my home for any season’s decorating, and spring is no different. They can sometimes be lumped into the colder seasons and the colder seasons alone, but sweet-scented candles in pretty pastels are one of my favorite things about spring! Crisp, clean scents are usually best here—I suggest anything floral, anything labeled as a “linen” type of scent, something herbal or otherwise plant-based, or even something sugary! Spice isn’t really the name of the game when it comes to this spring decorating idea; you want to lean into softer, sweeter notes.

Delightful Diffusers

Essential Oil Diffuser

Candles aren’t the only way to infuse your home with springtime smells; essential oils are growing in popularity these days now, too! Whether you buy into the health benefits of these oils or not, their scent appeal is undeniable, and the diffusers themselves are often beautiful enough to count as a piece of décor in their own right.

As far as diffuser design, I suggest something neutral to play off other spring color palettes in your home, or something with etchings of floral pieces or greenery. When it comes to scents, I suggest choosing oils such as basil, geranium, jasmine, bergamot, chamomile, or any others you might prefer yourself!

Generous Greenery

Greenery spring decor

Flowers aren’t the only spring decorating idea you can play around with—greenery can be just as beautiful and elegant! Don’t think that just because greenery is one-note in terms of color that it can’t be as dynamic as florals—there are dozens of different types you can mix and match to turn your space into a springtime sanctuary. I suggest eucalyptus, sprigs of rosemary, various ferns, and ivy. You can also scatter sprigs of kitchen herbs throughout your cooking space to add a springtime touch to every mealtime!

Thoughtful Throws

Spring throw blanket

Throw pillows and blankets are another cozy bit of décor many associate more with fall or winter, but hey, springtime can be chilly, too! For those who live in areas where spring may be a bit slower to show its face, you can absolutely snag a throw blanket or two and drape them over your couch or chair. You could go the neutral route here if you like, but I personally prefer using decorative blankets and pillows to throw in a pop of color or an exciting pattern or interesting texture. Generally, your furniture is considered a blank canvas, and I believe it’s best enhanced with a spring decorating idea that really catches the eye!

The nice thing about throw pillows is that they can double as some sort of “signage,” too, in a way. If you can find throw pillows with cute art on them or a springtime saying instead of simple color, that’s just an added bonus to the artistic factor for this spring decorating idea!

Brilliant Blooms

Fresh flowers

Though fake flowers certainly last longer, I have a soft spot for a vase full of fresh flowers brightening up a space every now and again. There’s just something about a sweet-smelling bouquet that brings joy to a room. Though this may not be a spring decorating idea that you can commit to for the entire season—unless you have the budget to continue replacing your flowers every week or two—it’s a nice treat to indulge in every now and again.

While you can’t always be picky about the sorts of flowers you find unless you specifically go to a florist, I suggest keeping an eye out for bunches of lavender, pink or white carnations, baby’s breath, daisies, pink or white roses, and other soft-colored flowers.

Pastel Paints


I know, I know—we’re back to the pastels. But I can’t help what colors show off spring the best, and it’s inarguable that spring is a time for pastel shades. While you might not want to commit to a project as large as repainting a wall every season, if you tend to be someone who loves celebrating springtime all year long, there’s no harm in adding an accent wall in your favorite pastel shade to bring out the sunny disposition of any space for the whole year.

I personally lean towards pastel green or pastel pink, but any pastels will brighten up a room and show off the rest of your springtime—or simply spring-themed—décor. This is a more permanent spring decorating idea, but if you’re not afraid of a little extra commitment, it can be a wonderful way to carry the warmth and light of spring with you throughout the entire year.

Quaint Quotes

Spring quotes

Quotes aren’t just for throw pillows—there’s plenty of signage you can use for your spring decorating ideas, too! I personally like to swap out the signs and art I have hanging up in my space every season to reflect the change, and springtime is no different. Spring is a romantic, whimsical time of year, so this is a great time to find art pieces featuring poetry, classic romance novel quotes, bits of writing about spring, and really any quote that happens to include floral or nature-themed patterns around it. Implementing quotes into your spring decorating ideas will help keep you in that springtime mindset every day!

Dainty Dishes

Spring dishes

Spring decorating ideas don’t stop at your living room or kitchen—the dining room deserves some love, too! When setting your table for spring, you can add a touch of elegance and floral influence by finding dishes that sport a floral or otherwise plant-like pattern, napkins in colorful or floral designs, tablecloths embroidered with spring-themed designs, and even some flower or leaf-shaped tableware. You can find bowls in the shape of leaves or flowers, plates with curling vine designs and blooming buds, and all kinds of other things. This is also a great place to throw in one of those false flower bouquets…or the real thing, of course!

This could also be a fun time to take a trip to your local pottery shop and paint your own dishes for the season. This can be a wonderful creative outlet as well as a hands-on spring decorating idea, and you can choose your own color palette, your own patterns, and your own style!

Refined Romance

Spring romance books

As I said, spring is the season of romance and new beginnings, and your library can absolutely reflect that! Setting out a stack of classical romance novels—or whatever your favorites are!—are a perfect addition to get yourself in the springtime mood. I personally suggest anything Regency-era, but everyone’s preferences are different. This spring decorating idea will not only help you show off your library, but it will also lean into the romantic air spring brings along with it!

Sweet Seedlings


If fully grown plants or false plants aren’t in your wheelhouse, or you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, this is a spring decorating idea that can double as a fun project for you! Setting up an indoor herb garden or a flower-heavy window box is a great way to challenge yourself, and once the seedlings begin growing into their own, you can feel a sense of pride knowing you helped bring them up yourself. This is also a fun way to set yourself up for summer or fall cooking later on in the year, and it adds a bit of natural plant life to any sunny window you choose to take advantage of.

Wrapping Up Spring Decorating Ideas

There you have it: all my favorite spring decorating ideas! This is hardly an exhaustive list of all your options, but I hope this gives you a good starting point to launch your own creative brain. Spring brings such beauty with it, and you deserve a living space that reflects the same!

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