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Illuminate Your Projects: The Wonders of a Light Box for Quilting

Whether you’re new to quilting or have been quilting for years, you know just how vital accurately measured and detailed patterns are to your quilting project.

But nobody’s perfect! It’s easy to make mistakes when doing things by hand.

Tracing your patterns is helpful, but sometimes, you might need a bit more support. In this case, using a light box for quilting can really come in handy.

To learn about a few of the top picks for light boxes for quilting, how to choose the best option for you, and how a light box can help you with your quilting needs, keep reading!

light box for quilting

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
ART SUPPLY Lightmaster LED Light Box

Best Budget Option
HSK Light Box

Best Magnetic Light Box
Artcraft Magnetic Light Box

Best Overall Light Box for Quilting

ART SUPPLY Lightmaster LED Light Box

US ART SUPPLY Lightmaster 32.5

Taking the top spot on our list of best light boxes for quilting is the ART SUPPLY Lightmaster.

The working surface of this light box model is 17×24 inches, providing you with plenty of space for all your crafting needs. Across the light box, the white light distribution is even and bright.

However, if you want to adjust the brightness, the energy-efficient, flicker-free LED lights are completely dimmable and adjustable with the touch of a button, though this interface is a bit tricky to get used to.

While this light box is super thin and designed to be portable, it’s heavier than many other models on the market.

This lightbox comes with an overlay grid and protractor for accurate quilting pattern measurements. But unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a protective case or cover. Despite that, the ART SUPPLY Lightmaster is still a top-tier option for your light box for quilting.


  • Bright
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting


  • Awkward light-dimming interface
  • Heavy
  • It doesn’t include a protective case

Budget Light Box for Quilting Option

HSK Light Box

HSK B4/A3s Artist tracing Light Box Copy Table,USB Power Dimmerable 6000 Lux Lock Button Artcraft Light Pad for Tatto Drawing, Sketching, Animation,Diamond Painting

For a more affordable light box for quilting, you can’t go wrong with the HSK Light Box. This light box comes in a bunch of different size options to meet your quilting needs, all framed in sturdy aluminum. The lights are bright, easily adjustable, and flicker-free.

But, unlike some other light boxes for quilting, the hue of these lights is more yellow than white. While some people don’t mind this, some prefer a whiter hue.

Included with your light box are a protective carrying case and a USB cord for easy on-the-go charging.

The light box lies flat on the table and has small rubber feet to keep it from moving or sliding as you work. To avoid accidentally dimming or turning off the light while you work, you can lock the light settings by holding both light adjusting buttons for 3 seconds until the light flashes.

Because it’s so lightweight and easy to move around, this light box for quilting isn’t super durable.

It bows under heavier materials and is easily scratched and banged, which is a common issue with more affordable models. Another flaw with this light box is the flimsy charger. It dies easily but is also easily replaceable. The surface will also heat up after extended use.


  • Affordable
  • Bright, adjustable lights
  • Stable worktop


  • The work surface is too thin
  • The charging cable is flimsy
  • Easy banged up and scratched

Best Magnetic Light Box for Quilting

Artcraft Magnetic Light Box

Magnetic A4 LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad 4 Light Box Ultra-Thin Physical Buttons Control with Memory Function USB Powered Pad Animation,Sketching,Designing,Stencilling X-ray Viewing W/USB Adapter

When using a light box for quilting or other crafts, you might want a magnetic one so your fabrics, paper, and patterns stay put. If so, the Artcraft Magnetic Light Box is the light box for you.

It comes with magnets, a USB charger, and an adapter. The lights are consistently bright and easily dimmable to your preference.

Unlike other light boxes that use touch sensor buttons to control the brightness, the Artcraft light box has physical buttons on the side to prevent you from accidentally changing your settings while working.

The Artcraft will also remember your light settings from the last use, so you don’t have to fumble around to get your brightness just right every time you turn it on.

However, the buttons and charging port are low-quality and sensitive. After extended use, they break and recess into the light box frame. So you have to be extra careful when charging and adjusting your settings!

Compared to other light boxes on the market, the actual illuminated surface is a bit small. But overall, the Artcraft Light Box for quilting is bright, affordable, and easy to use, with a magnetic surface as a bonus.


  • Magnetic
  • Affordable
  • Bright


  • Cheaply made
  • Small
  • Fragile buttons and charging port

Light Box for Quilting Buyer’s Guide


When finding a light box for quilting, the size you need will be pretty subjective.

While a smaller light box will be easier to take with you and transport, a bigger one will give you more opportunities for different crafts and projects.


Depending on the type of material you’re working with and its color and opacity, you’ll probably want different brightness levels.

Light boxes that are too dim won’t be helpful to you, but ones that are too bright can also throw a wrench in things.

Ultimately, your best bet is to find a light box with dimmable brightness settings. Only one consistent brightness level won’t allow you to use your light box to its fullest extent.

Ease of Use

Most light boxes for quilting are pretty self-explanatory and easy to use, but some have a tricky interface for changing the brightness settings.

You may have to hold a certain button for several seconds to adjust your settings, so be sure to read your manual closely!

If you don’t feel confident using a light box with a touch sensor, find one with physical buttons instead.

Light Box for Quilting FAQs

Why do I need to use a light box for quilting?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to use a light box for quilting!

Anything you need to trace, from appliques to foundation piecing to basic quilt square patterns, can be done easily using a light box.

Do efficiency and wattage matter with my light box?

Depending on how often you use it, efficiency and wattage can matter when using your light box for quilting.

The biggest issue with light boxes for quilting is the temperature.

The surface can heat up quickly with inefficient, high-wattage bulbs, which is not ideal when working with fragile or easily flammable materials.

Luckily, most light boxes are designed with LED lights, which are safer, longer lasting, and more efficient.

light box for quilting

Final Thoughts on Light Boxes for Quilting

For the best overall light box for quilting, try the ART SUPPLY Lightmaster LED Light Box and see how it works for you!

But no matter your quilting needs, a light box is surely out there that suits you.

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