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Learn How to Spray Furniture with Thea

Have you wanted to learn how to spray furniture?  Are you scared of the cost or the unknowns of spraying furniture??

Learn how to SPRAY Furniture with ME in an ONLINE class!

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Would you like to take painting up a notch to get a flawless professional finish but you dont know what equipment to buy or how to spray furniture? 
Just look how fast and painless it can be…

I have found the Homeright Sprayers (No Air Compressor Needed) are the absolute BEST introduction to spraying.  And you may never move on! (I havent!)

This is a  OnLine class! 


You do not have to be present during the live class! You can ask questions before or after. The group will be available to you forever!   

We will cover loading your sprayer, preventing clogs, troubleshooting splatter or other variables, differences in each sprayer, differences in products sprayed, cleaning your sprayer, and any questions you can think of!  Please note though that this will be a water based class.  No oils or enamels covered.  
We will Feature the Homeright Finish Max during class but but the information covered will apply to each sprayer!

Homeright Finish Max (aff link):

Home right Super Finish Max (aff link):

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint ( You can buy here-> )

Benjamin Moore Advance Paint: You can find this is select stores found HERE

You do not HAVE to have these paints! I am using them for demonstrations purposes as one is latex and the other is a chalky style paint.
spray furniture
Learn how to Spray Furniture in a LIVE class!

Perfectly Sprayed Furniture: Your Number One Tip!
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.