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12 Fall Craft Ideas for the Whole Family to Enjoy

When the seasons start to change and the days turn crisp and begin to shorten, you might start feeling the itch to do some fall crafting. But with so many various autumn crafts to choose from, how do you choose the best ones for you and your family?

We’re here to help! Check out our roundup of some fun and inclusive fall craft ideas for the whole family and folks of all ages to enjoy!

The Best DIY Fall Craft Ideas

1. Handmade Fall Wreaths

A person making a fall wreath with berries and pumpkins, fall craft ideas

Making a homemade fall wreath is probably one of the most popular fall craft ideas—and for good reason! This kind of craft ticks off just about everything on the list that you would want for a fall craft, from aesthetic to cost effectiveness and so much more.

A handmade fall wreath can be a simple 5-minute craft or an elaborate venture enjoyed with a group of friends or family while sipping your favorite hot beverages. You can make a handmade fall wreath out of all sorts of materials, from cork to burlap to using just about any fall decor or craft items you have lying around.

Dollar store finds or repurposed materials will both work in this fall craft idea. And, best of all, a handmade fall wreath is not a single-year craft! The wreath you make can be used to decorate your home, hearth, front door, or just about anywhere year after year.

As a base for this fall craft idea, you will likely want to buy a plain wreath for decorating. From there, you can add all sorts of fun items, such as harvest-colored sprigs, mini plastic pumpkins, and more. Using a thin but sturdy, dark-colored sewing thread to weave items into place will often do the trick to secure everything on your handmade fall wreath.

You can also incorporate items like artificial leaves, sunflowers, large bows, berry sprigs, burlap, and ribbon…just about anything that speaks to your aesthetic and warms your heart.

2. DIY Fall Signs

Front porch decorated with a door wreath and welcome sign

Autumn porch signs are such a popular fall craft idea, you will often find folks making these and selling them at craft fairs and DIY sites during the autumn season. But why purchase them premade when you can turn these signs into a fall craft idea for the whole family?

As a base for these kinds of porch and yards signs, you will need a tall, narrow piece of wood–which you can usually purchase inexpensively at a lawn and garden or even a home goods store. From there, you can transform the sign into whatever fall craft idea suits your aesthetic and vision!

For some inspiration, you might aim for lettering with words like “fall”, “autumn”, or “harvest”. You can freehand both lettering and designs if you feel so inspired, or invest in some fall sign stencils. Another option is to paint scarecrow figures on your signage and attach some straw or autumn sprigs to add dimension to the final product.

Can’t decide on which design you like best for your DIY fall sign? Then make a reversible one! Just be sure to protect the completed side with painter’s tape before you start on the second side, in order to avoid bleeding over.

3. Pumpkin Carving – Classic and Modern

A pile of carved pumpkins

There might not be a more iconic fall craft idea than carving pumpkins! This makes for a great family, solo, or friend-group craft, and nowadays there are lots of ways to enjoy pumpkin carving for folks of all ages and skills.

Pumpkin carving is another fall craft you can either freehand or use stencils for. A pumpkin carving kit can help either way, providing all the tools you need for a fantastic time with this craft. These kinds of kits are particularly helpful with classic pumpkin carving, which takes a bit more effort and manual strength to pull off.

It used to be that pumpkin carving was reserved for the classic approach–using a real pumpkin. But now, DIY crafters of all ages can enjoy pumpkin carving with the use of a plastic or foam carving pumpkin! While little crafters should still do this craft with adult supervision, there’s much less arm work involved in carving these faux-pumpkins.

4. Pumpkin Painting

A bunch of pumpkins with painted faces

For a fun family fall craft idea that foregoes sharp tools and hours of strenuous, detailed work altogether, you can opt for pumpkin painting! This craft is great for families with young kiddos, or for differently abled folks who want to participate in the fall craft fun without using tools.

Grab some non-toxic paints and have a blast making memories with this fun fall craft idea. You can also paint foam or plastic pumpkins if you want them to last year after year.

Just be sure to make time for the clean up afterward, as this one can get pretty messy.

5. DIY Fall Potpourri

Fall potpourri display with pinecones and bows

Potpourri is a wonderful and classic way to add a signature scent to any space, without having to worry about remembering to blow out candles or unplug fragrance wafters. Even better, potpourri tends to forego the kind of artificial fragrances that can be especially harmful to children, pets, and folks with lung conditions.

For a unique and wonderful fall craft idea, you can even make your own fall-themed potpourri! To start with, you will need dried flowers, which you can grow yourself or purchase from a florist and then dry out. For fall scents, consider flowers such as lavender, rosebuds, chrysanthemum, calendula, or geranium.

Other elements you can add for a kick of fall scent include cinnamon sticks, star anise, nutmeg berries, whole cloves, small pine cones, and dehydrated orange peels. You can even use coffee beans! Adding whole vanilla beans will also help the scent of your potpourri last longer.

Mix all of these together, add a dash of complementary essential oils if you so desire to enhance the scent, and then place your fall potpourri in a display dish for everyone to admire and enjoy.

6. DIY Autumn Welcome Mat

Autumn themed welcome mat

If you’re looking for a DIY fall craft idea that puts the season on prominent display, there’s nothing better than a homemade autumn-themed welcome mat.

You will need to start with a plain doormat, but with that as your canvas, the sky’s the limit for what you can do with this fun fall craft! This is another craft you can either do stenciled or freehanded. You might use an adhesive to attach faux leaves, or other trimmings such as burlap or a waterproof ribbon.

Think about how personalized you want the mat to be, too. You can do a fall motif with your family’s name, for example, or use a specific fall-themed phrase that fits your household aesthetic.

The Best Premade Fall Craft Ideas

7. Fall Picture Frame Kit

Winlyn 12 Sets Fall Craft Kits Fall Thanksgiving Picture Frame Decorations Art Sets Tree of Thanks Turkey Owl Smile Face Pumpkin Autumn Leaf Foam Stickers Arts and Crafts for Kids Party Activities

If you are looking for fall craft ideas that help capture timeless memories in a personalized way, you might go for this fall picture frame kit! This kit comes with everything needed for a fun fall craft, including the frames, some adorable, decorative fall-themed edgings, a crafting marker for personalizing the frame, and more.

This is a wonderful premade craft kit that’s great for kiddos to practice their crafting skills solo, or for adults and littles ones to do together.

8. Autumn Masks

Dvbonike 16Pcs Fall Maple Leaf Mask Craft Kits for Kids Make Your Own Foam Woodland Animal 3D Masks DIY Autumn Stickers Mask Fall Harvest Thanksgiving Party Favor Art Project Family Classroom Activity

Want a fall craft idea that’s great for parties, holiday dinners, Sunday school, or just about anywhere kiddos might like to do crafts? You can’t go wrong with this kit for making autumn masks! This is the perfect premade fall craft for slightly older kiddos with slightly advanced motor skills.

Young imaginations can run wild as kids decorate their autumn masks with the stickers contained in this kit. Once they’ve designed their masks to their liking, all that’s left to do is thread the mask rope through the holes (adults can do this step for the littlest crafters).

These cute, fall-themed masks are a fun activity kids can enjoy anywhere, and they’ll love wearing their masks all season long.

9. Color Your Own Autumn Tablecloth

Gatherfun Disposable Fall Thanksgiving Color-in Paper Tablecloth Decoration,Turkey Thanksgiving Day Paper Table Cover for Autumn Children School Party Decor-54 x 88 in

It’s no secret that folks of all ages are embracing their love for coloring these days. That makes this color your own autumn tablecloth so appealing for whole families! This can be a great fall craft idea for the kid’s table at Thanksgiving, but it can be just as appealing for a group of adults as they sit around the table, chatting about life.

With this tablecloth’s blank canvas, you can color it entirely to your aesthetic, or let your imagination run completely wild. That’s what makes this tablecloth a great fit for people of all ages and all coloring talents.

As an added bonus, this tablecloth is sturdy enough to serve as your holiday tablecloth through Thanksgiving and beyond. This is a great way to show off the coloring skills of the whole family and the memories you made while putting them to use.

10. Crochet Pumpkin Kit

Crochetta Crochet Kit for Beginners, Crochet Starter Kit with Step-by-Step Video Tutorials, Crochet Animal Kits for Adults and Kids, DIY Craft Supplies, 3 Pack Halloween Pumpkin Family (40%+ Yarn)

If you are on the hunt for a cute fall craft idea that’s a little more involved and a lot longer lasting than most, you don’t want to pass up on this crotchet pumpkin kit! This easy-to-use kit comes with all the tools necessary to use it. And it produces some truly adorable results, with step-by-step written and video instructions so DIY crafters of all ages and preferences can learn how to crochet these sweet pumpkins.

Best of all, the end result of this crochet pumpkin kit is something you can display year after year. This makes it more than just a fun fall craft idea…you can think of it as an investment of time and heart into your overall fall decor.

11. Diamond Art Gnome

Fall Diamond Art Painting Kits for Adults - Gnome Round Full Drill Diamond Dots Paintings for Beginners, Pumpkin 5D Paint with Diamonds Pictures Gem Art Kits DIY Adult Crafts Diamond Project Kits

Though the diamond art phase of crafting has become less popular in recent years, it’s by no means any less of a fantastic fall craft idea. And this diamond art gnome is no exception! This vibrant, cheerful diamond art design will look great with all sorts of different autumn decor aesthetics.

This makes for a great fall craft to indulge in while you listen to your favorite fall movie or show in the background. It’s overall such a relaxing, leisurely crafting pursuit that’s great for folks with a steady hand and good motor skills. And you’ll love displaying the finished result in your home for many fall seasons to come!

12. Thanksgiving Seating Arrangements

Kate Aspen Rustic Pumpkin, Thanksgiving Table Décor, Fall Themed Weddings, White

If, like many families out there, you have a big Thanksgiving dinner to look forward to, then now’s the time to combine your fall craft ideas with holiday gathering prep! These homemade Thanksgiving seating arrangements are a great way to be both crafty and thoughtful about your holiday get-togethers this year.

This kit comes with classy pumpkin place card holders and stamped gold foil cards that are ready for some beautiful hand-lettering. It’s a great opportunity to slow down this fall as you script out the names of each person who will be seated at the holiday dining table. This personal touch is sure to put smiles on their faces at your gathering!

Wrapping Up Fall Craft Ideas for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Feeling inspired by these fun fall craft ideas? It’s time to stretch your creative mind even further! Check out these 11 Creative Fall Decorating Ideas to really help bring your space together in a fun, aesthetic, and appealing way for the autumn months.