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15 Door Decorating Ideas: Simple and Budget-Friendly Ideas for Sprucing up Your Home’s Entrance

Do you feel underwhelmed whenever you come home and see your plain, boring entryway? It might be time for sprucing up with simple door decorating ideas to make your entrance more inviting!

When you want to update your home, draining your bank account is never a requirement. There are plenty of budget-friendly decorations and ideas you can utilize. And you won’t even need a contractor to get the job done! Simple things like wreaths, hanging decorations, and accents can easily spruce up your home’s entryway while staying within your budget.

Keep reading to get a look at some unique finds that’ll help liven up your front door!

Orange front door with green wreath is a great option for door decorating ideas

Wreath Door Decorating Ideas

Wreaths aren’t only for Christmas and other winter holidays! Neutral, year-round wreaths can make the perfect addition to your door.

1. Monogrammed Wreath

Wreath for Front Door Year Round Burlap Wreath With Initial

monogrammed wreath with thick burlap ribbon is a beautiful yet simple door decorating idea! It gives your door a rustic feel and offers a decoration you can use all year rather than specific seasons. Burlap is very neutral and will match most houses, making this wreath a versatile choice. It could even make a nice housewarming or wedding gift!

Customizing your decor like this gives your door a more home-like feel and offers some personality.

2. Metal Floral Wreath

Metal Floral Door Wreath  Porch Decor  Spring Wreath

If you want a more eye-catching look, a metal cut-out wreath could be a perfect door decorating idea for you! Something like this brings attention to your door with its shiny finish and bold lines. And this material looks nice on every kind of door!

It still incorporates flowers like most traditional wreaths but in a flatter and less bulky manner. This is a great wreath option for those who have a screen door on the outside of their doorframe. The wreath can’t get squished!

3. Rustic Greenery Wreath

Rustic Eucalyptus Front Door Wreath Year Round Greenery

Traditional flower wreaths aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. So, if you’re looking for a bright, beautiful door decorating idea without the blooms, try a greenery wreath!

A wreath like this offers gorgeous shades of green, which work for all seasons. This one uses eucalyptus leaves, ferns, and a few other plant varieties. So there is a mix of light and dark greens to create depth and draw your eye in.

Some greenery wreaths use preserved leaves, but this one uses all fake foliage. Getting a wreath with fake leaves is better, as they will stay strong and intact throughout the seasons. Preserved foliage wreaths are beautiful too. But they are better for indoor decorating, as humidity and rain can ruin them.

4. Wooden Plaque Wreath

Front Door Decor Front Door Wreath 3D Lettering

Wood is another sturdy material to make wreaths out of and gives your door a rustic appeal. It also creates a warm and inviting feeling. Most front doors are wooden, so a wooden plaque wreath will accentuate this cozy and welcoming feel.

This is one of the best door decorating ideas if you’re going for the farmhouse style. It’s simple, handmade, and has a charming natural look. The customized three-dimensional letters are a nice touch, as they help create some depth. And the foliage brings the nature-like vibe together, while the bow wraps it all up into a cohesive piece!

5. Minimalist Hoop Wreath

Year Round Wreath All Year Wreath Hoop Wreath Modern

If the above wreaths are too flashy for you, this door decorating idea focuses on minimalism! Remember that decorations don’t always need to jump in your face to make your home look good. Sometimes simplicity is the key to decorating success!

The idea of minimalism is to use natural colors, only a few design elements, and sometimes a pop of color. To depict this style, this wreath uses fake foliage, flowers, and wooden beads to decorate a thin metal hoop. The wreath is simple yet offers elegance and creates a bold, beautiful look without going overboard.

Hanging Decor Decorating Ideas

If wreaths aren’t your style, you can use other decorations for your revamped entryway. Think along the lines of signs, baskets, or even a decorative house number!

6. Greeting Sign

Metal Hello Sign Front Door Decor Vertical Outdoor Metal

Greeting signs are small door decorating ideas that make a massive difference in the look of your home’s entrance. Something like this hello sign gives an inviting vibe to your guests, letting them feel like they’re welcome. And signs like these are very versatile! It’ll look great on your door or even hanging on your doorframe. You can put it wherever your heart desires!

Signs like this are easy to hang up, so decorating will take less than five minutes. You’ll need a nail or a screw to hang it on, and you’re all set!

7. Door Basket

Beautiful White Cabbage Rose Door Hanger Basket

Do you like the idea of flowers but dislike the typical circular wreath? A hanging flower basket might be more your style!

A door decorating idea like this can easily bring beauty to your otherwise boring door. The pretty flowers look real, but they will last for many years! It’s the perfect greeting for your guests when they visit, as flowers bring happiness along with them. And it’ll put a smile on your face at the end of each day too!

Sticking to fake flowers in your basket might be wise, as they’ll last much longer than real ones. But, some people do switch out fresh flowers in their baskets throughout the warmer months as flowers begin blooming.

8. Personalized Acrylic House Number

Blue Peony Personalised Acrylic House Door Number Sign With

House numbers are important to your entryway, as they help your guests and delivery drivers find your home. But most hardware stores and websites only offer plain house numbers that are uninteresting to look at. So, an intricately designed house number could be an easy way to spruce up your doorway!

Acrylic signs like these are durable, vibrant, and overall gorgeous to look at. The clear acrylic is a cool twist on your typical house number options. It offers a three-dimensional and sleek look. While this door decorating idea may be small, it’s an eye-catching piece that’ll make your entryway more personalized.

9. Monogram Letter Sign

Metal Floral Monogram Porch Sign  Wall Decor  Door Wreath

Similar to the metal wreath, this monogram letter sign is an excellent flat option for those with screen doors. It offers the customization you want with an appealing design. And it won’t take up too much space.

This door decorating idea essentially takes something simple and turns it into a little piece of artwork for your door! The cut-out design of flowers is much more unique than a plain painting of them. And not only is the design pretty, but it’ll stay that way for years as it is powder-coated steel!

10. Faux Stained Glass Sign

Dragonfly Wreath Sign Faux Stained Glass Sign Metal

Your door signs don’t always need to have a greeting on them! Think about your favorite animal, favorite flower, and other images that don’t need words. You can find a sign for almost anything! In this case, it happens to be a dragonfly in a faux stained glass design.

The look of stained glass is always eye-catching, but it can get rather expensive. So, to keep you within your budget, a faux stained glass design is the perfect door decorating idea! This design looks exactly like real stained glass but is a flat piece of weather-resistant metal. Its vibrant design will have your guests in awe as it brings elegance and beauty to your door.

Accent Decorating Ideas

Sometimes small accents and details on your door or doorframe can be enough to liven up your home’s entrance. Combining a few of these accent ideas will step it up even further!

11. Starburst Peephole

Atomic Starburst Door Peephole Viewer 7.5 Mid Century

One of the smallest pieces on your door that you can decorate is the peephole (if you have one). It might not seem like much, but dressing up this tiny hole with a shiny frame is instantly attention-grabbing.

Most doors only have a skinny circular frame around the peephole, which often goes unnoticed. Using something like this starburst peephole immediately draws attention to your front door. You can even choose the finish of this door decorating idea to match your door’s hardware. The cohesiveness will make it look like it was always there!

12. Bee Door Knocker

Bee Door Knocker for Front Door  Polished Solid Brass Bee

If you don’t already have one, a door knocker can make a nice addition to your front door! But don’t go for some plain door knocker from your local hardware store! Look for something unique that displays a little bit of your personality, such as this bee door knocker.

A charming door knocker is a door decorating idea that offers beauty with functionality. You can use it like a decorative door charm and refer guests to your doorbell. Or you can have your guests physically use the knocker instead of them hitting their knuckles against the door. Either way, this little bee will surely put a smile on everyone’s faces when they visit!

13. Doorframe Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign  Custom Door Trim  Welcome Home Corner  Door

Maybe you’re not fond of putting something physically on your door out of fear of ruining it, and that’s okay. But what about putting something on the top of your doorframe? A doorframe welcome sign is an excellent corner enhancement to your front door! You won’t even need nails or screws, as it rests on top of the frame.

Something like this welcomes you and your guests into the house subtly. It’s a minimalist door decorating idea that still gives off a friendly vibe! The material is also wood, so it’ll pair perfectly with your wooden doorframe.

14. Vintage Door Knob

Brass Door Knob Set-antique Cast Iron/brass Door Rim Sash Lock

Finding a striking door knob is challenging as most stores only sell plain metal knobs and handles. They don’t have designs on them and generally have an underwhelming look. A vintage knob set is a door decorating idea that can instantly give your door some character!

This particular knob mimics the intricate designs you’d find in the Regency period from 1811-1820. It has a beautiful brass finish to it, giving it an old and tarnished look. The detailed design is stunning, and it even has the old lock style that these knobs would have had. And it works with the help of provided skeleton keys!

15. Decorative Above-the-Door Molding

Shabby Chic Rose Bouquet Furniture Appliques Architectural

Does your doorframe look a little dull? You can fix this issue quickly with an above-the-door molding piece!

Architectural moldings like this typically have an intricate design that’s hard to miss. You’ll usually find that they use filigree, lace, floral patterns, and vines. These beautiful pieces almost create a type of crown on top of your door, providing a more finished look.

While it’s a simple accent, this door decorating idea adds a hint of elegance to your front entrance. And it goes well with almost any style, ranging from farmhouse all the way to modern.

Start Decorating!

Decorating your front door doesn’t always need to be challenging or expensive. With a bit of digging, you can find plenty of decor that’ll keep you and your wallet happy. These door decorating ideas should give you a great head start in your door-revamping journey. So, pick out your new decorative piece (or pieces), grab some nails, and get to work!

Are you looking for more decorating ideas for your home? Check out our Decor section for other great ideas to help inspire your next decorating project!