A Cricut Comparison for Buying Your First Cricut

Can I see a Cricut Comparison?

I made it easy with this Cricut Comparison Chart Below. Let’s face it, we JUST WANNA GET OUR CRAFT ON! So, lets find the best Cricut deals and get on with the making!  Below you will find a Cricut comparison chart to make choosing machines a little easier in case you need some direction. As I come across a Cricut Promo Code or Cricut Deals I will share them for you in the comments section at the bottom of this article! Be sure to read through this post to find a few different reliable options for purchasing as well so you can do what is going to work for you!

Cricut Comparison
Cricut maker air joy

Cricut Comparison

I love my Cricut Maker! I have people ask me often which machine I recommend and this is the answer I give them,.. If you can swing it, and the purchase price is not a burden, just get the Maker! Ok, so you may not think you need the added benefits of cutting balsa wood, leather, felt, or fabric! BUT if absolutely nothing else it is a stronger machine. This means you can craft away and its going to handle the work that much better.

Otherwise I totally feel like the Cricut Explore Air 2 is awesome! You wont have the strength of the Maker, or be able to cut, emboss, or etch some of the material the Maker can but its still an amazing machine! I have both and happen to use both quite often! At this date though I do suggest at least trying to get one of these (The Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2 *Edit OR the Cricut Joy for sure!) and not an older model as the Cricut Air 1 and older models are being phased out.

March 2020: The Game changer however, is the Cricut Joy! Review Coming soon BUT I have it included in the chart below!

You should find the Cricut Maker starting at around $399.00 before discounts. The Explore Air 2 will be found starting around $249.00 before discounts. (January 2020)

With each of them I will usually recommend finding a basic bundle to start with and learn with. One of the hardest parts for each of them, just may be choosing your color!

Cricut Comparison Chart

Cricut Comparison Chart

Now, have you made up your mind? Where will you get yours?? There are a few options. Amazon is always a reliable spot. You can find the Cricut Machines and other products HERE. (aff link) What is cool about that is friends and family can give you Amazon Gift Cards that you can use toward it! So, you can sort of save for your machine over time.

Another option for purchasing your Cricut is the Cricut website! Whats nice is they are always running deals on discounts and shipping. I recommend checking it out HERE (aff link) so you can sign up to receive emails with the latest Cricut Promo Code and news regarding their latest and greatest products!

You can also check out your local Joannes or Michaels craft stores, however what stinks is their amazing coupons generally do not apply to Cricut Machines or products. And lastly,.. do you remember or better yet still watch Home Shopping Network?? Or QVC?? You can also find them there sometimes and maybe even take advantage their payment plans!

Have questions? Are you scared? Im happy to add any guidance you need so, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you!! Im happy to help you make this decision. I switched from a Silhouette to Cricut and its one of the best things I ever decided to do!! You can read about that in Introducing my New Love! when I got the Air 2!

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  1. Through 1/21, Cricut is featuring a Cricut Access Exclusive Sale! The sale features 40% off all Accessories and Materials, 30% off Machine Totes, 20% off Bulk Supplies, and snag $30 on a Maker Machine.
    http://shrsl.com/226wz (afflink)

    Cricut.com is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $100+ Use code JANSHIP.

  2. Victoria Hernandez

    Hi there!

    Thank you for the information on the Cricut machines. I’ve been wanting to purchase one for awhile now. I only have an IPad. Will I be able to use all the functions of the Cricut with just using an IPad?


    1. Hey there! You may want to open in a different browser, however I just updated with a new chart (Including the VERY new Cricut Joy) that should be easier to see. Let me know if you still need any help!

      *Also, I edited your website url a tad. Be sure to share the secure version of your links in comment threads! <3 Happy Blogging!

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