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Coastal Inspirations: Experiencing Saltwash

**This post contains sponsored product HOWEVER their generosity does not sway my honest opinion, those are all my own…**
Throwback to when I got to try out Saltwash for the first time!

Have you ever seen furniture at a beach house deck that appears to have been repainted each summer,.. battered and beaten over time by sun, salt, and wind.  Layers of colors peaking through from the years before.. Well, Saltwash™ helps you achieve that look!  

Saltwashâ„¢ is a Real Sea Salt additive for your paint! It provides thickness and texture without changing your paint color.

Heres a great how to video on how it works!

(Not to mention great soothing meditation material…) 


And there is also their Sister Company “Saltwater Salvage Design” where you can find all sorts of great Coastal Inspired Decor!
(Yes, those are links! Go check them out and order your own!)
On to the official “Before”
Oh sweet little side table.. what to do with you?  My dear client said, “Have fun with it!”  I honestly take this as an affirmation from God.  When I doubt where I am or my gifts,.. I get a client that just wants me to “Work my magic”… It reminds me that He’s placed these gifts in me.  And I push ahead.  It just so happened that this client has all sorts of coastal inspired decor in her home already!  
So, this was a perfect opportunity!  I had used Saltwashâ„¢ before and knew just how durable it was!  This time though I wanted to spin it a little bit.  Rather than the glob technique they tell us to use,.. I wanted to adventure a little bit by using a wood grain tool.  I wanted the white underneath to mimic wood grain,..or possibly WAVES,..  Saltwashâ„¢ I pray I have your blessing… 
As you can see I went straight over the wood.  I mixed my Saltwash™ with white paint, then used the wood grain tool to apply and work it over the flat surfaces.  I chose to go straight over the wood since I actually wanted to see the wood come through as I distress later.  Once it dried,.. like immediately,.. I began painting over it.  I chose a couple teal blues to blend over it with small hints of yellow as well.  
I allowed it all to dry over night then I went to sand and distress. Using 120 Grit I knocked down a bulk of the texture.  Then I went back in with artist brushes to add color where too much had been removed.  Last, I took 320 grit sand paper and I sanded again to reveal more of the color layers where I wanted… and I landed here… Was it a hit or a miss??

What a fun piece!! Im hoping my client agrees! I even worked in some adorable hardware from D Lawless Hardware to take it a step further! Using a basic Ring Pull, I painted and added gold gilding wax. With their hardware being so inexpensive, I dont feel bad taking it and making it my own!  I get quality hardware with a personal touch! Lovely right? Definitely a fun one!  As always thank you for stopping in at That Sweet Tea Life! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.