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21 Chalk Paint Colors for Furniture That You Will Love

Do you want to transform a drab thrifting find into something exciting? Check out this list of the best chalk paint colors for furniture.

Below, you’ll find 21 different options to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you prefer Tuscan Red, Elegant Teal, or Farmhouse Beige, you’ll find your new go-to hue on our list.

Keep reading this guide on chalk paint colors for furniture to get inspired.

Chalk paint colors for furniture sample colors, brush and roller on a white background

Popular Chalk Paint Colors for Furniture

Without further ado, let’s showcase 21 different chalk paint colors for furniture to help inspire your next homemade masterpiece.

1. Elegant Teal

Folk Art’s Elegant Teal chalk paint offers a way to add relaxing color to your furniture. Filling a space full of blue hues can help emote peace and tranquility.

This paint is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or any area where you want to amp up the chill factor.

One glimpse of this paint will transport you to the Azores coastline, with the deep teal color ocean spread as far as the eye can see. You may even start to smell the salt water.

2. Bees Knees

This chalk paint for furniture is certainly the bee’s knees. After one glimpse of the creamy light color, your mind will fill with all the painting possibilities.

The nice thing about Bee’s Knees by Country Chic is that it fills that desire for a nice yellow color. Too often, yellow can appear too bright, pale, or greenish. Bee’s Knees offers a deep warm hue that glows off any surface.

This color works with white, sage green, and natural wood. Let this paint lead the way if you want to create a cozy atmosphere.

3. Barely Pink

This chalk paint is pink, but just barely.

Sometimes pure white can be a bit plain and boring. If you like the look of neutrals but want to avoid a blinding white finish on your furniture, try using Folk Art’s Barely Pink.

It’s bright with a subtle touch of warmth to create a nice pastel hue. Try mixing this color with other neutrals such as beige, gray, and sage to create calming space.

4. French Quarter Green

Have you ever visited New Orleans and seen Creole-style mansions lined with a rich green color? Bring a little taste of the French Quarter to your home by painting with this sophisticated color.

Bright, bold, and deep all at once, French Quarter Green by Jolie will convert any drab furniture into a statement piece. Purchase gold or brass accent pieces to add even more elegance to your room.

5. English Lavender

Are you someone who dreams about lying in an endless field of purple lavender? Bring this reality to your home by painting your furniture with Folk Art’s English Lavender.

It’s one of the best chalk paints for furniture because it brings an elegant touch of color to home decor. If you’re a fan of pastels, you’ll appreciate this option.

6. Cottage White

Have you ever seen a white seaside shack and admired its shabby-chic aesthetic? If you want to add this style to your home, consider buying Folk Art’s Cottage White chalk paint.

You’ll love the distressed, uber-matte finish this paint provides. Whether you want to brighten up a breakfast nook or transform a thrifted coffee table into something farmhouse chic, this will be one of your favorite chalk paints for furniture.

7. Cranberry Sauce

Are you looking to add more warmth to your home? Consider painting your furniture using Country Chic’s Cranberry Sauce. And before you start smearing your sideboard with Ocean Spray, we mean the paint color.

Country Chic makes a dark purple-red chalk paint called Cranberry Sauce, and the deep glowing color will help liven up any living area.

If you want to paint a bold accent piece, this color will help you achieve your design dream.

8. Savannah

Savannah by Folk Art is a neutral color that won’t demand too much attention in a space. You’ll find that this shade blends in well with every design scheme.

It also helps brighten up furniture without being too loud. If you’re a big fan of rustic decor, you’ll think this is one of the top chalk paints for furniture.

9. Fiddlehead Fern

Do you live for the first days of spring? Fiddlehead Fern by Folk Art will make you reminisce about stepping outside on a warm April day with budding trees and flowers surrounding you.

This color is a breath of fresh air and helps bring a refreshing quality into your home. If you want to transform your furniture into a statement piece, this is the chalk paint for you.

10. Secret Garden

Would you rather paint your furniture a darker green color? Check out Country Chic’s Secret Garden chalk paint.

The deep sage color reminds you of a lush bed of foliage sprouting from your garden. This color would work perfectly independently, or you can try mixing it with other accent colors for a more eccentric look.

11. Swedish Grey

If you’re deep down the home design rabbit hole, you’ve probably heard a lot about “greige” by now. It’s a combination of gray and beige (like the Brangelina of the color wheel).

Jolie’s Swedish Grey is the perfect marriage of these two shades. It’s creamy, bright, and goes easy on the eyes.

12. Truffle

Painting furniture with Truffle by Jolie adds rustic coziness to your space. The color is a medium brown with hints of red undertones.

There’s an undeniable richness in this paint, which transforms boring surfaces into something warm and inviting.

Combine Truffle with complementary colors like red, white, or pastel green for the best results.

13. Tuscan Red

Do you dream about basking in the Tuscan sun with a glass of vino in hand? If you want to bring a little taste of the old country to your home, try painting your furniture Folk Art’s Tuscan Red.

The deep red color will pull you in, bringing rich warmth to any space. The distressed finish helps create a rustic look, reminding you of ancient Roman art.

14. Tranquil Tide

Tranquil Tide by Folk Art will turn any space into a seaside oasis.

If you want your room to convey cottage-chic, try painting your furniture with this bright blue color. It will help bring an oceanside state of relaxation into your space.

This bright hue will pull your eyes in and become a focal point in an area. Pair Tranquil Tide with neutrals to prevent overwhelming your room with color.

15. Opulence

Create the feeling of fortune in your home by painting with Country Chic’s Opulence.

This color conveys richness with a dark purple hue that dazzles. Opulence is especially perfect if you prefer to fill your space with darker, moodier colors.

If you want to give your living room a touch of luxury, this will be one of your favorite chalk paints for furniture.

16. Turkish Tile

Folk Art’s Turkish Tile transforms your furniture into something vivid and eye-catching. It’s the perfect compromise between navy and teal since the hue lies somewhere in between.

This paint is subtle enough to work with neutral tones but colorful enough to hold its own against bright decor.

It’s named appropriately since this color will remind you of a dazzling blue mosaic.

17. Silver Shadow

Since chalk paint usually has a matte finish, it’s hard to find metallic colors. That’s where Silver Shadow by Folk Art comes in.

This paint may not be shiny, but you’ll be impressed by the bright gray color that illuminates your home decor. It helps create a lovely light sheen on dressers, headboards, and tables.

18. Sage Shadow

In keeping with the shadow trend, let’s move on to our next listing in this guide to chalk paint colors for furniture.

Folk Art’s Sage Shadow has a subtle hint of green to keep things visually interesting. It’s not quite brilliant as other light greens on this list, but the touch of color adds a relaxing feeling to this paint.

You can mix Sage Shadow with white and natural wood for a tranquil home office or bedroom.

19. Peacoat

Peacoat by Country Chic is a lovely navy blue that’s as comfortable as wearing your favorite jacket.

The color is muted, dark, and easy on the eyes. This hue has a relaxing quality to it and doesn’t demand too much attention.

Peacoat pairs well with gold, white, and gray. Avoid pairing this color with black-shaded hues like purple, green, and maroon since they’ll fade against the bold dark hue.

20. Farmhouse Beige

Farmhouse Beige by Jolie isn’t just another plain neutral color. Upon further inspection, you’ll find a medium-dark shade with slight green undertones for visual interest.

Any boho-chic furniture will welcome a coat of Farmhouse Beige, especially with other neutrals in the room like white, pastel pink, and sage. You can even compliment this shade with a bold red for a warm color scheme.

21. Antique White

We wanted to finish our list of chalk paints for furniture with a simple stunner.

Jolie’s Antique White is anything but boring. It resembles a bold white that has aged over time. The result is cream-colored ivory that shines from any surface.

This shade plays well with warmer colors, especially magenta, purple, and brown. If you want to preserve the historical beauty of a furniture item, Antique White is the way to go.

What is Chalk Paint?

Because you’re looking for chalk paint colors, chances are you already know what chalk paint is. But, just in case you’re not sure, here’s a brief overview.

If you’ve ever caught sight of a piece of rustic home decor and wondered how it got that matte, distressed finish, chalk paint is likely the culprit.

This unique type of paint creates a chalky finish on furniture surfaces and lends itself well to the shabby-chic, vintage aesthetic.

It works with many home decor styles, such as farmhouse, bohemian, and minimalist. Chalk paint is a versatile, easy-to-use option for DIY projects.

Chalk Paint Colors for Furniture: FAQ

Now that you’ve found the perfect chalk paint for furniture, let’s cover some of the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

How do you choose the right chalk paint color for your furniture piece?

It can be hard to decide which is the best chalk paint color for furniture, but here’s a tip. Examine your space and see if you have any accent pieces that boast a bold color.

If so, try painting your other furniture something neutral so it doesn’t overwhelm the room. Or, if your space lacks color, paint your furniture a bold hue.

How do I get a distressed look with chalk paint?

Chalk paint makes adding a distressed look to your furniture very easy. You can accomplish this aesthetic in many ways, but here are the three easiest methods:

Sandpaper Method: Apply two coats of your favorite paint, then allow it to dry. Use 180-220 sandpaper and go to town on the furniture’s surface until the wood starts to show through. Be careful not to sand off too much paint, or you’ll have to do touch-ups later.

Color Wash: Thin your chalk paint by adding water. Paint the piece, then allow it to dry. Remember that this method works best for unfinished wood since the grain will show through.

Dry Brush: Lightly dip your dry brush into the chalk paint, then lightly paint your furniture, trying to use as little as possible. This way also works best for unfinished wood since the grain will peak through the paint.

Chalk Paint Colors for Furniture: Summed Up

Any DIY project requires the right paint, and hopefully, you found your new go-to color in our guide.

Whether you want to paint your boudoir Tuscan Red or color your table with Turkish Tile, you can’t go wrong with these chalk paint colors for furniture.

Now that you’ve found the best paint check out our Painting Furniture page for helpful how-to guides and more DIY inspiration.